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Married, father of 4 boys, and finishing up last semester of Lubbock Christian University's Family Nurse Practitioner program. I'm a huge fan of "good" music! After a long 12 hour shift at the hospital, i will grab my acoustic guitar and "noodle" and hang out with my wonderful wife and kids!

Job Description and Certification. Family nurse practitioners (FNP) are advanced practice registered nurses who work autonomously or in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to deliver family-focused care.

Job Description and Certification

Given the rather broad nature of the “family” patient population focus, FNPs offer a wide range of healthcare services that revolve around the family unit; from health promotion and disease prevention to direct care and counseling across the lifespan. Because FNPs possess a graduate-level education, as well as clinical training in family medicine, they are qualified to diagnosis and treat complex health conditions of the body and mind. Their advanced training and education also often qualifies FNPs to serve as hospital and clinic administrators and policy makers.

FNPs may work in a variety of settings, including conventional doctor’s offices, clinics, private homes, schools, or hospitals. AmberMaulCV. Sample CV C. Pellam. Sample CV. Curriculum Vitae. CV 1 revision suggestions. CV 1. Laura atkins resume 2013. Sample CV. NGA Nurse Practitioner Paper. The Best Acoustic Guitar Brands. Submitted by Alexander on Tue, 05/17/2016 - 03:49.

The Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

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