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Jean-François Amadei

Kimchi, Hareng & Rock'n Roll. Really Cute Asians. PC INpact - L'environnement informatique. Clubic : Informatique et Multimédia. France Wide Web. Neteco : Le rendez-vous des acteurs du e-business.

Latest Songs From MP3 & Music Blogs / The Hype Machine. BOULE à FACETTES. Asian Dan. TechCrunch. TechCrunchIT. News About Tech, Money and Innovation. GigaOM. Engadget. Gizmodo FR. Le blog des Gadgets. Boing Boing. Scobleizer — Exploring the 2010 Web. How to Change the World. Amazon start selling the paperback edition of my latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

How to Change the World

APE explains how to publish a book by breaking the process down into three stages: Author explains how to write a book. Publisher explains how to produce both ebooks and printed books.Entrepreneur explains how to market and sell your book with an emphasis on social media. You can order APE here: There are 204 Amazon reviews for it: 181 five stars, 21 four stars, and 2 three stars which averages to five stars! Here are three of the blurbs: “Nuts, bolts, and inspiration too. Seth Godin, author and founder of The Icarus Project “Guy’s book is the perfect companion on the journey of independent publishing and great reading for the millions who aspire to become authors.” Chris Pirillo. Loic Le Meur Blog. Seesmic. Hot internet stories, pictures, & videos in China. ChinaGeeks. An adam j. schokora production.

Chinese media, marketing, advertising, and urban life - Danwei. Shanghaiist: News, Music, Nightlife, Restaurants, Events and Mor. China expat and traveller community blog. Food No CNY is complete without a few plates of jiǎozi, particularly if you're in the North.

China expat and traveller community blog

And while you can certainly just hop down to the supermarket and pick up a package of frozen dumplings, making your own is a whole lot more rewarding. If you're not fortunate enough to have Chinese in-laws to lend a hand, constructing the suckers can be a bit of a challenge. Jen at Tiny Urban Kitchen has a great step-… I danced and filmed all over, including: Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'An, Lhasa (Tibet), Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Feng Huang, and Hong Kong. In some locations I had 100+ people gathered around my camera taking pictures and videos on their phones. The video is somewhat reminiscent of Matt Harding, who pretty much remains the be-all/end-all dance-around-the-world guy. The 47-year-old Briton turned himself in to UK consular officials in Beijing last April after his appearance on BBC's "Crimewatch" drew attention to the former international scho… Don't get me wrong.

Gabyu, le blog de Gabriel Jorby. (web)design, etc. Jean-François Amadei (Tortue)... JF_Amadei. Jean-Francois' posterous - 簡體字禁止. YellowBridge Chinese-American Guide. Nciku - Online English Chinese Dictionary, Learn Chinese Mandari. News. Last week, on the same day President Ma Ying-jeou accepted the resignation of a minister who made some drunken lewd remarks at a w? Iyá (year-end office party), Ma was joking to the media about blow jobs. Classy . Taiwan Mag, le portail d'informations de Taiwan. Taiwan Matters! The View from Taiwan. F. VARGA. David on Formosa - a blog from Taipei, Taiwan. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato. China Post Online - Taiwan, News, Breaking News, World News, and. Taiwan News Online.

Presse-citron - Le blog geek et high-tech de référence (méfiez-v. OurielOhayon. Every or nearly every single new service coming out to consumer has some sort of social layer where you need to "follow" people or topics in order to get fresh content updated all the time.


That's how the web works today. It's not just about a frame and static content but a content stream of news and information coming your way: Facebook, twitter, pinterest, Flipboard, Pulse,…obviously but also all the new generation of games with social integration. Show me who you follow and i will tell you who you are. There is a major problem though: all the follow mechanisms in place are just dumb pipes with little intelligence.

They present you a set a people (longer and longer as our graph grows) and you have to make a decision on who to follow at a moment where you don't even know yet the service How many times after joining a service you thought to yourself "Man, i have no idea who to follow here. ok let's follow all. or let's skip for now! " 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. Lâm, un mec qui tient un blog de fille. Jeremie Berrebi Blog – E-commerce , Shopping, Internet & Judaism. Gamasutra. MobileCrunch. - The Appstore Search Engine. FrenchiPhone : la communauté iPhone en France.

Android Phone. News. The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About. MacGeneration - L'actu Mac et Apple. Mac 4 Ever, toute l'actualité Apple : Mac, iPod et iPhone. Actualités à la Une. Le Point : actualité internationale, économie, actualité Françai. Site d'information et de débat sur l'actualité, indépend.

The Dark Side - the other side of Hong Kong.