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Sugar Scrubs Recipes. *December 13, 2012 Update: I have had many of you wanting the labels to download…Great News!

Sugar Scrubs Recipes

They are now available and you can get them by clicking on this link: Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Labels You will notice that you have to Like my Face Book page to get it. This is now where I will be placing all my free downloads so that they are free and accessible to my fans. I LOVE to share with my fans but am getting tired of some people sharing my stuff all over the internet or on their own sites, without linking back or mentioning the true source of my content. As always I really appreciate the loyalty of my fans! Guess what? Sugar Scrubs are a great way to add some moisture and soften up winter-dry skin. I simply took two cups of white granulated Sugar and mixed in a 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup Almond Oil (Coconut Oil will work too).

Once you have it all mixed together you will want to divide the scrub into two equal parts and in separate containers. Frankincense Sugar Scrub Myrrh Bath Salts. Beauty. Literally Inspired: picture perfect. *** I recently did an update post with a full photo tutorial as well as frequently asked questions.

Literally Inspired: picture perfect

Please view this post for more information on the project. Thank you so much for all the love I have received on this post! *** remember the photo canvases i wanted to make awhile back? I finally got around doing them! We have lived in our house for over five years and we finally have photos on our walls. besides the bits of clutter strategically placed around the house you wouldn’t know anyone lived here. until now… i love the way they turned out and they were so easy my two year old helped! After extensive pinteresting, err, research, i found this tutorial to be the most in line with the look i wanted to achieve. i followed it about 80%. i painted my edges black verses using paper and MOD podge. i also did not modge podge the top of my photo. i was scared of ruining the photos. i’m a total chicken. materials: photos acrylic paint ok, so be ready to be amazed at how simple this is.

Superhero Party Masks. **Edit: I'm so glad everyone likes my superhero masks!

Superhero Party Masks

I hope you will take a second and click here to subscribe. I've got lots of other templates/tutorials on my blog and more on the way! ** Evan and Audrey's birthdays are coming up, and since they are only a week apart, we just have combined parties for now. This year's chosen theme is Superheroes and Princesses! They are just made of craft felt, thread, and 3/4 in elastic. First, cut out two of the overall shape in the main color. Next, cut your elastic to be about 14 inches long. Now sew around the whole outer edge of the mask and eyes with thread that matches the fabric. And here is the finished back. And of course Evan was SO happy to pose for the camera. Audrey, on the other hand, was more than willing to cheese it up for me and be Spidergirl.

Going along with the superhero theme, we bought Evan this awesome Look and Find: Marvel Heroes book for really cheap on . Superhero Bins {Tutorial and Printable} To say my son is obsessed with superhero's right now is an understatement.

Superhero Bins {Tutorial and Printable}

He can spot anything and everything superhero wherever we are. . . which is not always a good thing. I am running out of excuses of why we can't buy every superhero thing he sees. So, we are in the process of transforming his room into, of course, a superhero room and making space for his little brother while we are at it. Here is another sneak peek into his decor: What you need: Logo Printout with the font, Hall of Heroes (click on images to print) 4 Fabric Bins from Target & Lowe's Scrap Felt Paper Scissors Fabric Scissors Hot Glue Gun This font has every superhero logo and more.

Cut out the each layer/color of the logos. Build a Camp Loft Bed with Stair, Junior Height. Before we get to a plan, I simply must warn you.

Build a Camp Loft Bed with Stair, Junior Height

Do not build this bed if you want any of the following to happen: Your kids to play independently in their room for hours and hours and hours ... if you build this bed, you will see your kids 30-40% less ... Do NOT build this bed if you want your kids to take a nap, all by themselves ... It's like a protected nest up there, with rails on all sides, and easy access with stairs. They just climb up there and go to sleep. If you build this bed, you will miss out on lots of smiles and laughter and pretend play.

The only reason I built this bed was because the room is so tiny (8x8 with small closet) it was very difficult for the kids to play, and then put their things away in a space the size of a short hallway. So we needed a loft bed WITH STAIRS that is sturdy and easy to access in a TINY room. The window was previously the obstacle in the way of building stairs. Under the bed, no storage is lost. Now it's your turn!!! For the Home / Spray Paint over Spray Paint.