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Men’s Watches – The Perfect Accessory You Should Be Wearing Right Now – Jewellerykings. Posted on January 30 2020 A vintage Casio watch or those iced out watches might just be the perfect addition to your collection!

Men’s Watches – The Perfect Accessory You Should Be Wearing Right Now – Jewellerykings

Without a doubt, a watch is the most indispensable accessory any man should ever have in his jewellery and accessory box. Be it for a rocking a casual, everyday look or for a smooth stylin’ at a more formal event, a watch is simply a necessity as well as a fashion piece. You’ll want to feel and look your best at all times, and a watch definitely will do its job to add to that. And it's no longer viewed as just a device to tell the time, the watch has become a fashion accessory and statement you can express yourself with. Casual Vibin' with a Vintage Casio Watch. Cuban Link Chain. Weekly Hip Hop News Round-Up – Jewellerykings. Because it’s the New Year, we’re bringing you a new format on our blog, wherein we curate the latest news from reputable sources in the hip-hop industry, which we will feature every Monday in a weekly round-up post.

Weekly Hip Hop News Round-Up – Jewellerykings

Here you will read about what’s fresh and new in the music, fashion, and culture fronts of hip-hop to keep you up-to-date on your favorite rappers, hip-hop jewellery trends, streetwear looks, what’s hot and what’s not! Let’s get started! 1 – Young Thug Launches Own Fashion Brand Photo by: Scott Dudelson/Getty American rapper, singer and songwriter, Young Thug just launched an online shop for his very own streetwear fashion brand, SPIDER. Cuban Link Chain. Craziest Hip-Hop Jewellery Chains in 2019 – Jewellerykings. 2019 has been a pretty epic year in the chain game when it comes to all the bling and iced-out jewellery pieces we’ve seen rappers sporting.

Craziest Hip-Hop Jewellery Chains in 2019 – Jewellerykings

From oversized chains with crazy pendants to spinning globe pieces, this year is by far one of the best we’ve seen on the bling forefront. With the ton of pieces artists have bought, commissioned, flossed and flaunted, we’re bringing you a closeup of 4 of the best ones we’ve seen to date: Tyga’s Archangel Michael Chain & Pendant Photo from: Taking over 3 months to make is Ben Baller’s pendant and chain diamond masterpiece of Archangel Michael crushing Satan, which is estimated at around $400K USD. Blueface’s Kryptonite Bandana Choker Definitely one of the year’s exceptional pieces is the Kryptonite Bandana Choker Chain of California rapper, Blueface. French Montana’s Insane Zipper Chain Photo from: Men's Jewellery, Watches & Accessories. A Newbie’s Basic Guide To Bling & Hip Hop Jewellery – Jewellerykings.

A nice ensemble is never complete without any jewellery or accessories to complement the outfit, and this holds true in any fashion runway around the world.

A Newbie’s Basic Guide To Bling & Hip Hop Jewellery – Jewellerykings

And while a piece or two is more than enough to complete any look, the rise of rappers and the world of hip-hop created a whole new subculture wherein the larger and more ostentatious the jewellery, the better to make a statement. And so hip-hop jewellery or bling jewellery was born. Hip hop jewellery came from rappers and other celebrities whose fashion styles became so popular and followed by many that it was pushed into the mainstream fashion scene. Remaining at the forefront of this subculture, we often see the likes of Jay Z, P Diddy, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Lil Uzi sporting blinged out chains while out and about. But what is Hip Hop Jewellery? Characterized by large gold or silver chains encrusted with diamonds galore, these expensive yet ubiquitous pieces are considered a status symbol for one’s success. Chains Bracelets Rings.

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