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Jewellery Garden Pvt Ltd

Jewellery Garden Pvt. Ltd., is a leading jewellery company in Durgapur, known for innovation and beautiful hand-finished Gold Collections, Diamond Collections, Silver Collections, Certified Gems and Stones.

Khoyeri Pola.

Very beautiful range of necklaces… I went there to buy a diamond set and was so impressed by the range. – jewellerygardenpvtltd

Ladies Gold Wedding Ring. Dola Haar Dul. Mokor Dul. PataHaarDul copy. Pata Full Haar Dul. Victoria General Locket. Gold Solid Bangle. Gold Necklace (Pata Haar Dul) Grill Chur. Byapok Necklace. Gold Bracelet. Pola Necklace Bangle Set. Dola Jhumko. Gold earring. Gold Pendent ( Fish)