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Mobile Applications: Changing the Way Flights Take Off. Ever since WhatsApp was accepted worldwide as the most ideal and biggest medium of social and professional network, several entrepreneurs have come up with innovatively programmed packages, particularly in the aviation sector of African countries. The UK-based global and analytical monitoring and rating agency, OAG had observed that despite the menace of Ebola disease, the business of air travel and air traffic in Africa has witnessed encouraging signs. On their part, the Flight Support Services Companies in Africa like the globally recognised Jet Xpress have risen to the occasion with the offering of an easy and intuitive mobile application, made by the pilots and for the pilots, in catering to the diverse requirements such as authentic and latest information on: Air CharterJet FuelAircraft Handling FacilitiesAssorted Services A pilot can download the Fuel Finder App for iphone and instantly register to avail the numerous flight support facilities.

Optimise Performance and Profit with Good Flight Support Companies | Optimise Performance and Profit with Good Flight Support Companies. Flight support services refer to the entire gamut of activities carried out to ensure a safe and hassle business operations for aeroplane operators. It is organized around the way airlines do business, designed to augment the overall performance and productivity of the aeroplanes and their operations. Quality Flight Support Services Companies have the requisite knowledge and expertise to provide highly customised service that closely matches the needs and specifications of their clients. Some of the important services offered by a good service provider are enumerated as following: Computerised flight planning and weather monitoring Experienced service providers make use of the latest flight planning software to generate customised flight plans to ensure that you take the shortest, convenient and most cost-effective way to your destination.

How does Fuel Finder App for iPhone Work? Differentiating the Fuels Used in Jets and Other Vehicles. By Jet Xpress Jet-Xpress Corporate (Gold) Needless to say that aviation fuel is not quite the same as what is utilized as a part of other common vehicles. Plane fuel A1 and Jet A are the most well-known lamp-oil based mixes utilized all through the world. The United States utilizes the Jet A evaluation while the remaining nations depend upon Jet fuel A1. The point of solidification is the main distinction between the two sorts. Given the financial issues, numerous carriers see themselves today purchasing JP54 fuel through experienced representatives as the best choice they could make. A fuel dealer can take after the business sector and the fluctuating cost of fuel, keeping in mind the end goal to make an agreement with the fuel supplier.

Evaluated as FOB in Rotterdam, a well-known method for deciding expense, there are numerous costs to consider along with the cost of plane fuel costs. About Jet Xpress Jet-Xpress Corporate (Gold) 0 connections, 0 recommendations, 9 honor points. Comments. Some Premier Characteristics of Great Cargo Handler Services. Philharmonic Music to Fund a Philanthropic Cause. Indeed any deed, be it voluntary or commercial through which one pays back to the society is regarded to be the noblest act. Thus the civil society has witnessed inspirational philanthropic contributions by doyens and experts to their respective professions as well as other arenas. One such accomplishment has been in the aviation sector too in which a team of dedicated pilots struck a chord of unity by making the best use of ITES (information technology enabled services) to set up a consortium, aptly named The Jet-Xpress. And this forum has programmed the Best Pilot Apps for iPhone.

This has been successfully launched with the aid of ace professionals in Web-based project management and bug tracking system TRAC, the EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) and the 75-year old US-based National Air Transportation Association (NATA). Air CharterFuel Supply Services in Airport including Jet FuelAircraft Handling FacilitiesAssorted Services. Read to know the Latest in Global Flight Handling Services. Apps for Pilots: Streamlining the Way Aeronautics Function. Needless to say, Information Technology has streamlined the working of various professions including aeronautics. Organizations occupied with this section of flight industry and their innovative methodologies have advanced various uses of the IT for the advantage of the pilots.

One such administrator has concocted the best Apps for Pilots for iPhone with which the pilots would have the capacity to have admittance to information on no less than 4000 airplane terminals over the globe. These subtle elements range from correspondences, frequencies, handler points of interest and fuel suppliers and in addition the overarching rates among others at each air terminal. The information, likewise, empowers handler rating framework by pilots of diverse airplane terminals in every one of the nations barring USA, Canada and Mexico.

All that the pilots need to do is to download the applications and initiate it through the email. Like this: Like Loading... Apt iPhone Apps for Pilots and Airlines. The cost of fuel accounts for over 40 per cent of airlines operating expenses. With this aspect in view, the Montreal-headquartered International Air Transport Association (IATA), has mooted campaigns to ensure fuel supply services in airport are unhindered and also cost-wise economic too. Commenting on these trends in the context of Asian scenario, Tony Tyler, the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of International Air Transport Association (IATA) had opined that all governments in the region should be considering is how to link their economies to each other even more efficiently through aviation. In a paper titled "Asia's Aviation Infrastructure Challenge", this former Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific observed that though there is no off-the shelf solution, there are some strategies which have been proven effective.

To a great extent, what he said is true, evident being the best pilot apps for iPhone which have been a sort of boon in the aviation scenario. Innovative iPhone Apps in Aviation. Major iPhone Apps for Pilots At a Glance. With the demise of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who was instrumental in making the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad gadgets, we make exploration into a portion of the top applications outlined particularly for pilots. Numerous pilots are awesome aficionados of the iPad and use applications for route, checking climate, velocity and aircraft fuel suppliers' services.

AeroWeather- This free application gives you real-time and exact climate conditions, climate estimates for flight arrangements, in addition to overall airplane terminal climate stations from an implicit database by either name or ICAO code. Information is appeared in its unique configuration or completely decoded into simple reasonable writings. When you get to FltPlan on your iPhone utilizing Safari, you can see Airport/FBO data on your PDA without being associated with the Internet.

Jet-Xpress- It is one of the most used and recommended apps for Pilots. iPhone Apps for Refuelling of Aircraft. Pilot Utility Services of Jet Express in Aviation. iPhone Apps for Hassle Free Aircraft Refuelling. By Jet Xpress Jet-Xpress Corporate (Gold) There is an adage in English: It may be easy to reach the top but difficult to remain there. Likewise, it may sound simple to book a chartered flight but how far it will be a successful operation is a wild guess.

In most cases, such a situation used to arise for a non-scheduled service since several factors like the status of the destination airport including fuel supply services in airport were uncertain. Fortunately, instances like these have become a thing of the past, courtesy the pioneering initiative of a professional agency founded by pilots for the pilots and other stake holders in the aviation industry. With its headquarters in the USA, this agency named Jet-Xpress has conceptualised the unique Apps as a ready reckoner for every pilot round-the-clock with valuable information on about 4000 airports around the world. About Jet Xpress Jet-Xpress Corporate (Gold) 0 connections, 0 recommendations, 9 honor points. Comments. Boon of Apps for Pilots on iPhones. The 20th Century was initially dubbed as the Jet Age when turbo props and turbo jets literally became the driving force in both civil and military aviation. Later the successful launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union in late 50s and the subsequent numerous other space missions by both the USSR and the USA including the Apollo-11's maiden landing on the moon gave a new twist the phenomenon of the era, renamed as 'space race'.

Consequently, it came to be known as the Space Age and the words of astronaut Neil Armstrong 'This small step is a great leap for the mankind' have proved to be true. From 70s onwards great strides were witnessed in the field of computers that came to be known as IT (information technology). Thus the present 21st Century earned the tag as the age of access to 'Information and Communication', thanks to the most outstanding developments in the IT segment.

It is an easy and intuitive application that has been programmed by pilots, for pilots. Apps for Hassle Free Flight Operations. Thanks to a group of committed pilots and a few others engaged in the business of aviation, today flight operations practically around the world have become hassle free. Under the banner of Jet Express Corporate, they have launched an exclusive Apps for iPhones with which the pilots as well as airliners and operators of chartered flights can plan all their operations at any hour of the day. It is a handy guide covering over 4000 airports worldwide with latest information including detailed pictures on: CommunicationsFrequenciesHandler DetailsRefuelling Provisions, Fuel Suppliers including prevailing chargesLounge Facilities, Hotels, Transportation etc. Thus through this Apps (free with certain conditions as well as paid), the pilots or the operators can ascertain the status of flight support services companies at an unknown or less-known airport around the globe.

Presently Mexico, the US and Canada do not feature in this though soon they would also be listed. A Handy Aviation Aid Network for Pilots. Unique iPhone Apps for Pilots and Flight Operators. In almost all parts of the world, 'fly-by-wire' has become the order of the day in aviation. Thus currently pilots rely on ITES (information technology enabled services) as the means of communication.

This medium also includes numerous other formalities related to flying as well as ground handling and allied facilities. In particular, the technology of iPhone Apps has created a remarkable impact for aviators. Amid these trends and other developments, a consortium of pilots has joined hands with providers of web related solutions to evolve suitably illustrative programmes of Pilot Apps for iPhones. These enterprising flyers have floated a global company, aptly named Jet-Xpress to render these highly technical multi-fold services. Reportedly, the number of airports covered in dispensing the ICAO and IATA approved information is 4000 across theworld, exception being the USA, Canada and Mexico. The modes of scorecard to assess the handlers include both critical and appreciative remarks. African Airports Meet ICAO & IATA Norms.

Until a couple of decades ago, for the rest of the world, there existed a misconception about aviation services being inferior in Africa since most of the countries here were deemed to be backward and underdeveloped. However, today, such views have been literally eclipsed and the flight handling services in Africa are par with any other airport or operator elsewhere in the world. Indeed, there has been miraculous turn around in the image of the aviation sector in this second largest continent on the globe.

The credit for this is attributed to a team of enterprising pilots who have joined their hands and minds to provide integrated services in the air as well as on the ground. Under the banner of Jet-Xpress, they have charted out versatile and handy turnkey packages for the pilots including a system of Apps that is a storehouse of vital information. It boasts of complete illustrated data of 4000 airports around the world. Aviations Apps for Smooth Flight Ops. Indeed, information technology (IT) has streamlined functioning of numerous products, services and facilities including aviation. Companies engaged in this segment of aeronautics industry with their innovative approach have evolved numerous applications of the IT for the benefit of the pilots.

One such operator has come up with the best pilot apps for iPhone with which the aviators would be able to have access to information on at least 4000 airports across the globe. These details range from communications, frequencies, handler details and fuel suppliers as well as the prevailing rates among others at almost every other airport. The information also enables handler rating system by pilots of different airports in all the countries excluding USA, Canada and Mexico.

All that the pilots have to do is to download the apps and activate it through the e-mail. Metars (hourly weather reports) or NOTAMs (periodical Notices to Airmen broadcasts) could also be accessed through this pilot apps iPhone.