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33 Wonderful Designs of Hand Logo. The demand for artistic expertise is increasing as the global community is expanding.

33 Wonderful Designs of Hand Logo

The more attractive a logo design is, the higher the possibility that your customers will not forget you and return to you. It is truly proven that organizations with remarkable logo designs have stand out in business at a superb degree. Razzie's Of Logo Design: The Worst Logos Ever Designed. A logo is an image that is supposed to be the representation of an organization.

The logo’s job is to give off the same energy you would want people to receive when you describe the company or organization it represents. That being said, it is quite astonishing that there are actually people out there that are willing, and more importantly bold enough to, post a logo design job somewhere in the price range of $100. Some even are bold enough to disrespect the creative community even more by going as low as $50, some lower than that. The designers that accept these quite disrespectful jobs can’t be fully faulted here, quite frankly they just don’t know any better.