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Harry Potter FanFiction Archive

What am i doing here? How do i get home- wait a minute, is that James! What do you mean no! Wai- What! Sirius Black? Rated: K+ - English - Mystery/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 8,317 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 17m ago - Published: Feb 12 - Sirius B., James P., Roxanne W. In A Heartbeat Chapter 1: The Dark Forest, a harry potter fanfic. Disclaimer: I own nothing.

In A Heartbeat Chapter 1: The Dark Forest, a harry potter fanfic

A/N: Hey everyone! Finally, it's back! I updated this story for you guys in hopes that it will be clearer. While most of the plot is the same, there are some major plot changes so you may want to re-read it. Thanks for being so patient and thank you in particular to StillInLoveWithSirius for being my 700th reviewer! In A Heartbeat By LilyxJames4ever Chapter 1 – The Dark Forest "Why are we here, Severus? " "I needed to talk to you and I didn't want to be overheard," whispers Severus. "Your friends aren't here tonight are they, Sev? " Chasing Fire Chapter 1: Prologue A Monster, a harry potter fanfic. Disclaimer: J.K.

Chasing Fire Chapter 1: Prologue A Monster, a harry potter fanfic

Rowling owns it all no matter how much I would love to be responsible for the brilliance of it all. A/N: Hola readers! So I've been trying for a while to come out with a new story but have kept cutting off because I don't like where they go. Hopefully this will go better! I'm also going to try writing in the first person for a change to see how it goes. Chasing Fire By LilyxJames4ever Prologue – A Monster The stairs crumble beneath me as I attempt to escape the dreadful monster that has been haunting me for months.

I turn the knob and attempt to barricade the door with a bookshelf and many other useless items that we thought made the room look decorative. No one can stop him. There is a scream and a flash of green light through the cracks of the door. He finished him and he will be coming for him next. Our boy. The door blasts open and I try to cry out but no sound escapes me. He laughs in my face; that cold, high laugh of his that sends shivers down my spine. Who's Harry? You Don't Say Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Mr.

You Don't Say Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic

Manus Farmer was a pleasant man who owned a shop that sold picture frames on the corner of Victoria Street in Edinburgh. Along with a signature bowler hat, he was fond of three piece tweed suits and smoking a pipe. He also liked to check his gold pocket watch every quarter hour before clearing his throat with a hearty "harumph. " Entering the shop at precisely one o'clock in the afternoon, he checked his pocket watch and harumphed a hello at the lonely clerk.

She was a slim, pretty girl with long, curling red hair that provided the perfect foil for her creamy pale skin and startling green eyes. "Fine, fine," he replied gruffly. "Mrs. In response, Mr. Lily Evans had worked for Mr. Marking her book carefully, Lily gave him an appreciative smile. She slipped her tan leather jacket on over her red sweater before heading to the door. After eating, she returned to the shop and spent a pleasant afternoon dusting, reading, and helping customers when the occasion called for it. "Evans? " Some Kind of Love Story Chapter 1: How to crash a dinner party, a harry potter fanfic. The sun was glittering brightly on the dewy gardens of Blossom Court when a scraggly barn owl swooped over the neat curl of houses, landed lightly on the kitchen sill of number three, and rapped the glass with its claw.

Some Kind of Love Story Chapter 1: How to crash a dinner party, a harry potter fanfic

A slim, pretty girl pushed open the window to retrieve her morning copy of the Daily Prophet and dropped a copper knut into the owl's pouch. Her wavy red hair was caught up in a low pony tail and she wore a pretty pink nightgown under a light blue bathrobe that had a willow wand poking carelessly out of the pocket. To anyone else, this would seem like a very odd event. To the girl, it was just another part of her morning routine. Her name was Lily Evans and she was a witch fresh from her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily distractedly shut the window as the owl took off. "Don't mind the mess," her sister Petunia said sarcastically as she came into the kitchen.

Lily grimly looked up at the older girl.