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Chapter 2: Celebs & SM

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What Is the Effect of Celebrity Endorsements in Advertising? Zoella: Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online becomes fastest-selling debut novel ever. The first novel by YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg aka Zoella has become the biggest-selling debut ever.

Zoella: Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online becomes fastest-selling debut novel ever

The novel, Girl Online, has become the fastest-selling book of 2014 after selling over 78,000 copies in its first week. The young adult novel follows the story of Penny, a teenager who blogs about her hidden feelings on friendship, boys and her anxieties. Billed as “a modern day Notting Hill for teens”, the story follows the 15-year-old’s relationship with a US pop star that goes viral as her anonymous blog is exposed to the world. Last week, all 2,400 tickets for Zoella book signings in Glasgow, Manchester and Kent sold out in less than 24 hours. Young YouTube vlogging stars Rights to Girl Online have already been sold in 25 languages, with a sequel due to be released in 2015. Baking Haul. How to be internet famous: Vlogger Fleur Deforce 1million subscribers. Fleur DeForce is an appropriately named force to be reckoned with online.

How to be internet famous: Vlogger Fleur Deforce 1million subscribers

How Celebrities Use Social Media. On one level, celebrities use social media for the same reasons that regular people do: To connect with other people.

How Celebrities Use Social Media

But they also use social media in a way that is similar to brands. They market their movies or their music or their concerts. They strengthen their fans’ loyalty. They bring awareness to themselves. Halloween on YouTube: Year Round Opportunity for Brands. Halloween is very nearly upon us and thousands of brands and creators have been uploading video content to YouTube, Facebook, Vine and other platforms in the run up to one of the major tent-pole events of the year.

Halloween on YouTube: Year Round Opportunity for Brands

But, did you know that there's interest in Halloween, particularly on YouTube, all year round? And that's something marketers, creators, brands, and agencies can take advantage of, whatever season it happens to be. Halloween Videos: Popular All Year Round. CuteGirlsHairstyles: YouTubers Turning a Hobby into a Brand.

Mindy McKnight and her husband, Shaun, together with their 6 children, have a YouTube channel with over 3.7 million subscribers.

CuteGirlsHairstyles: YouTubers Turning a Hobby into a Brand

But that's not what makes them so unique. Along with their main channel, CuteGirlsHairstyles, which averaged over 26 million YouTube views in August, they are one of the first second generation families to have YouTube channels with over a million subscribers, effectively passing the torch to the next generation. Their twin daughters Brooklyn and Bailey also have over 1.6 YouTube million subs, and as a father of twins myself, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat with them and share their strategies for success in online video.

If you're unfamiliar with the CuteGirlsHairstyles content, this video, uploaded to YouTube in January 2015 is their most watched of the past year. It has generated 4.9 million views to date: The Stars of YouTube and Vine. If you haven’t watched YouTube in a while—if you’ve joined the Amish, or you’re Edward Snowden—a lot has changed.

The Stars of YouTube and Vine

Early on, the platform was a salmagundi of out-of-focus lifecasts. The viral hits were cats getting wet and one-offs like “Charlie Bit My Finger—Again! ,” a 2007 video whose exposé of House of Atreus-style family strife has earned it more than eight hundred million views. (Spoiler alert: a baby bites his brother’s finger.) YouTube was adults with camcorders shooting kids being adorably themselves. Nowadays, YouTube is almost alarmingly professional. Justin Bieber's selfies used to bring Instagram to its knees. For engineers working on social media, celebrities can be like natural disasters — swinging into town without warning and wrecking any vital infrastructure in sight.

Justin Bieber's selfies used to bring Instagram to its knees

As Instagram revealed in a blog post yesterday, the picture sharing service was occasionally brought to its knees by posts from the likes of Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian. Fans would mob new pictures with likes, slowing down Instagram's servers in the process. Adele's new single: Celebrities share their reactions on Twitter. Essena O'Neill: Instagram users follow suit by sharing pictures with 'honest captions' Celebrity worship; reality TV and the pursuit of stardom. Bethenny Frankel and the Making of a Celebrity Brand. The reality-television star Bethenny Frankel climbed into a black S.U.V. and addressed the driver.

Bethenny Frankel and the Making of a Celebrity Brand

Reality TV and the Rise of Celebrity-CEOs. Sometimes it seems like everyone’s selling something.

Reality TV and the Rise of Celebrity-CEOs

Forbes Welcome. The Real World: is reality TV finally in decline? The Real World, the pioneer of the American reality TV phenomenon as we know it, will be 23 years old in 2015.

The Real World: is reality TV finally in decline?

Yet the fact that the show, inspired by the innocuous and wholesome docu-series An American Family, that aired on PBS in 1973, has been such a stalwart of the reality landscape speaks to the problems currently facing the genre. Ratings have taken an undeniable dip and that’s been reflected in programming scheduling where reality shows have been pared back. Reality TV is showing its age and losing its luster – fast. The influence of celebrities on consumer decision making. While celebrities do wield influence over consumer decision making, marketers should remember that not all celebrity association is positive, data from Kantar Media's TGI survey reveals. Even for a country where the cult of the famous is so strong, we could be forgiven for thinking that the British public is overdosing on celebrity this autumn.

With the TV schedules already filled by Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor, and with I’m a Celebrity... about to be added to the mix, rarely have consumers been weaned on so much celebrity TV and related spin-offs into other media. What effect this has on consumers is a question marketers are keen to answer. Newly released data from Kantar Media’s TGI survey reveals the influence of celebrities on consumer decisions and how consumers particularly influenced by celebrities can best be targeted. Young and with a strong London and North-West bias Overall, 5% of adults (aged 15+) in Britain believe that celebrities influence their purchase decisions. The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements - Article. What is the payoff to enlisting celebrity endorsers? Although effects on stock returns are relatively well documented, little is known about any impact on sales—arguably a metric of more direct importance to advertising practitioners. In this study of athlete endorsements, we find there is a positive payoff to a firm's decision to sign an endorser, and that endorsements are associated with increasing sales in an absolute sense and relative to competing brands.

Furthermore, sales and stock returns jump noticeably with each major achievement by the athlete. However, whereas stock-return effects are relatively constant, sales effects exhibit decreasing returns over time. Celebrity endorsements, reality TV and how we judge success. According to a recent survey by Unruly, not only do celebrity endorsements leave your audience blind-sighted and oblivious to your marketing message – they also leave them with no recollection of your brand, or the product. Have we become immune to the influence of the celebrity and more interested in reality? With the world of reality TV becoming ever more popular – from Gogglebox to Big Brother, Don’t Tell the Bride to Masterchef – it’s certainly creeping into our television sets. The Boom Days of Reality TV Are Over. All week long, Vulture explores what happens to reality TV contestants after the show ends, and the future of the reality-TV genre itself.

Take a quick glance, and the reality-TV business seems to be doing just fine. Our Thoughts On Reality Star Clothing Lines. Our Thoughts On Reality Star Clothing Lines. Social Media Strategies Inspired by Reality TV Star Power - inBLOOM Communications Events. Reality television has become a guilty pleasure for many people, whether they admit to it or not. The Relationship between Traditional Mass Media and “Social Media”: Reality Television as a Model for Social Network Site Behavior. What Celebrities Can Teach Companies About Social Media.

Let's face it: Corporate America’s social presence could use a celebrity makeover. Big companies have spent decades figuring out how to market themselves on TV and in print. Yet, all too often, they fill Facebook, FB 0.95 % Twitter TWTR -0.77 % and other venues with content that puts people to sleep, leaves them scratching their heads or even makes them angry enough to avoid the brand entirely. How Celebrities Use Twitter to Build Their Brands - AMP Agency. How Celebrities Use Twitter to Build Their Brands. How Celebrities Are Using Social Media In A More Positive & Passionate Way. Many celebrities take to Twitter or Instagram to post selfies and promote their latest work or appearances. How Influential Are Celebrities? (Updated) [This article, originally published in late 2013, has been updated with new research on the effectiveness of celebrities in advertising.]

Celebrities Buy Social Media Followers – But Should You Do it Too? Okay, prepare yourself, some pretty big breaking news out of Hollywood this week. Reports have suggested that Kim Kardashian may have purchased Instagram followers. Twitter statistics of popular Celebrities accounts. Celebrity endorsement on social media. It was widely reported recently that Katie Perry has overtaken Justin Bieber in the race for the largest international base of Twitter followers. We know from our original SocialLife survey in March 2013 that Stephen Fry is the UK’s most popular social media celebrity across all platforms – with David Beckham also just ahead of several US pop stars including Perry, Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce and Gaga. How Celebrities Use Social Media to Build Their Brand. Social Media Superstars: What Every Business Can Learn from YouTube Celebrities.