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Good Side of Having a Joomla Website. On the internet, there are more than 30 million Joomla websites which proves that the popularity of Joomla has soared.

Good Side of Having a Joomla Website

It is now being used by several web design agencies when creating websites for businesses. Joomla is a very competitive tool and the types of websites that use this are mostly online newspapers and eCommerce. In this day and age, the web design and web development industry have been revolutionized by open source software in general. Anyone can create their own webpage, from personal sites to business sites. Building websites with Joomla can be fun and one of its major benefits is using the self-hosted website. Joomla is an award winning software that has been tried and tested. Since Joomla is an open source and it is free, it can be used for any commercial purpose.

Joomla websites have built-in features which can also be found on established websites, including contact forms, banners ads, customer login, and private areas. Paid Online Advertising. Put Our Knowledge and Dedication to Work for You Are you ready to unlock the potential of your Pay-Per-Click campaign?

Paid Online Advertising

Whether you are new to search engine marketing or unhappy with your current PPC management company, we have the solutions you need to drive higher profits. Our attention to detail, experience and passion allows My Biz Niche to spot trends other firms overlook. We are data junkies. We are perfectionists. Ups and Downs of Parallax Websites. Parallax is a type of website design that involves altering the CSS code to create a continuous scrolling feature in which graphic elements and text interact with the scrolling motion and exhibit movement.

Ups and Downs of Parallax Websites

This generates the appearance of a layered visual effect, helping create the depth between the moving images, text, graphics, and background. Nowadays, most parallax websites belong to companies more focused on facing consumers. These types of companies tend to be more on the cutting edge of innovative marketing techniques. Parallax websites can also work for business-to-business or B2B companies. Organic Search Engine Optimization SEO Company - My Biz Niche. What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Organic Search Engine Optimization SEO Company - My Biz Niche

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a multi-platform traffic building strategy aimed at helping businesses get better results in major search engines like Google and Bing. What Makes My Biz Niche Different? Our dedicated team of digital strategists work closely with clients to develop a mean and lean search engine optimization strategy that delivers in terms of ranking and turning visitors to customers.

The Evolution of HTML to HTML5. Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the language used to present and construct content on the World Wide Web.

The Evolution of HTML to HTML5

A modified edition of HTML and its latest formatting language is called HTML5. It is a package of cult features like browsing, device support storage, SEO, and cross compatibility, keeping pace with changing trends in the Internet. Nowadays, people don’t just connect to the internet through the PC or laptop, but via wireless devices like tablets and smartphones.

Almost everyone has a smartphone and since it is very handy, this is the most preferred way to connect online. There are several apps that allow users to receive updates on their phones like news and e-mails; they no longer have to sit in front of a laptop or PC all day. HTML5 offers websites that are more interactive, with great effects and animations. Ecommerce Website Designer. Ecommerce Web Design Projects include: Custom Functionality Responsve Design For Mobile Users Payment Gateway Integration such as paypal or Advance Seo and Online Marketing Techniques Custom Ecommerce Website Design Backend to Manage content and inventory Custom Search options One page checkouts Live shipping rate calculator Promos and Discounts Google Analytics And more...

Ecommerce Website Designer

Overview of Creating Drupal Websites. When creating Drupal websites, the project should kick start with in-depth planning.

Overview of Creating Drupal Websites

This means that you have to familiarize with the various components or aspects that you would need in creating the website as well as the sources where you will be collecting the components from. The key here is familiarity with the basics of Drupal. This will go a long way in characterizing the ingredients of the site. The task of organizing the ingredients is easier if you know which segment of users would frequently interact with the site and have a vision of who is ultimately going to use the Drupal websites. It would also help if you have a basic idea of how the content of the website will be organized as well as the role of Drupal taxonomy in organizing.

By researching on the additional and important features, preparations can be made even more methodical. After defining the scope of the project, the other major components will automatically fall into place. Wordpress Website Designers. Custom Logo Design. Do You Hate Your Business Logo?

Custom Logo Design

Don’t Even Have One? Innovative, Creative and Effective An effective logo is the foundation of your brand. When done well, your business logo can become the most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. When it’s done wrong, it can confuse and turn off potential customers. We Put Your Best Foot Forward Our innovative logo designs will help your brand make an impact across the digital and traditional marketplace. Custom Web Design Services.

Prosper, from the reward of having a visually stunning website that engages your target audience.

Custom Web Design Services

A small strategic decision today, could have a huge impact to your ROI in the near future. Fill out our design consultation form to set up a FREE consultation. Then we will… Create an Online Store Using Magento. The traditional shopping experience has been revolutionized through online e-commerce stores.

Create an Online Store Using Magento

Because of this, shopping has become a lot easier and attracts several buyers from any part of the world. Thus, it is essential to create a website that understands and addresses the requirements of both buyer and seller. Online stores should be easy to navigate and need to present the information in a very user-friendly manner for customers. The need of a good E-Commerce Management System that is flexible, simple, and easy to use. There are a number of open source e-commerce platforms available in the market, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and others. Web Design Phoenix AZ.

Three Crucial Web Design Functions That Go Beyond Sexy Your website simply must look amazing, no arguments there. But having a stunner of a landing page is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting as many eyes as possible on your web property.