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Live Ruby on Rails Training Classes by Ruby on Rails Experts. Ruby on Rails is full stack framework that implements active record pattern and model-view-controller to organize application programming. Unobtrusive JavaScript is a technique to separate this functionality from the structure of the web page. It is both distributive and portable in nature, with in-build security having Cookie store for authenticating the session processing.

Ruby On Rails Training Overview Our training provides an integrated learning platform for the essential Ruby, HTML, CSS, and SQL skills, that you need while developing web applications. Ruby On Rails Training Curriculum RUBY is a High Level Programming Language, Interpreted like Perl, Python, Tcl/TK. Ruby is pure object-oriented language and everything appears as an object. Rails is an extremely productive web-application framework. Job Support Mindmajix Job support’s aim is to train and support as many young IT professionals as possible in achieving their tasks for attaining quality jobs in the regular workforce. AWS Training by Amazon Web Services Experts - Mindmajix. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – an emerging technology platform that is profoundly disrupting the technology industry and enabling thousands of individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to gain easy access to on-demand computing resources.

Amazon, as the first cloud computing provider, offers public cloud computing – which can be used by anyone. AWS is a collection of remote computing services and the current leading provider of cloud service. It is complete set of highly available services which is designed to work together to build sophisticated applications.

AWS consists of highly durable storage, low-cost compute, high-performance databases and tools to manage these resources. It is used for business applications, big-data and building games. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Overview A practical and comprehensive training helps you understand the power of AWS as IAAS (Infrastructure as a service). AWS Training Curriculum Introduction to Cloud Computing Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS. Live Puppet Training Classes by Puppet Experts. Puppet is an open source management utility tool. It runs and configures both Unix-like systems as well as on Microsoft Windows, and includes its own declarative language to describe the system configuration.

The user can describe system resources by using Puppet’s declarative language or a Ruby DSL. This data is then stored in “Puppet manifests” files. Puppet locates the system information via a utility called Facter, and compiles them into a system-specific catalog holding resources and resource dependency, which are then applied against the target systems. Any actions taken by Puppet thereby are reported. Puppet Training Overview Our trainers are effective and passionate educators, who is also respected authorities in software fields. What is Puppet?

It is an open source configuration management tool written in Ruby. Software related to Puppet: Facter – Tool that retrieves system’s data. MCollective – Infrastructure Orchestration framework. Hiera –Puppet Data is placed. How Puppet Works? Instructor Led JIRA Training Classes by JIRA Experts. Atlassian JIRA is an enterprise issue tracker system with an outstanding Task, Process, and Project management software rapidly, and well deservedly, gaining market share. It allows you to inexpensively automate and simplify your work processes as it is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool for creating forms and building automated exception handling. One of its key strengths is its ability to adapt to the needs of the organization, ranging from building Atlassian application interfaces to providing a platform for add-ons to extend JIRA’s capabilities. JIRA Training Overview Our training provides a comprehensive explanation covering all major features of Atlassian JIRA, broken down and organized in logical order.

The JIRA training starts by showing you how to set up your own JIRA instance before introducing you to key features and concepts such as business processes, workflows, e-mails, and notifications. What You Will Learn JIRA Training Curriculum Introduction to JIRA JIRA Course FAQs. Live Dell Boomi Training Classes by Experts | MindMajix. Dell Boomi is a business unit within Dell that specializes in Cloud-based integration, API management and Master Data Management. Dell Boomi AtomSphere connects any combination of cloud & on-premise applications directly from the web with no software, coding or appliances to install.

The Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service is 100 percent native cloud. It is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform for connecting cloud and on-premises applications and data. The platform enables customers to design cloud-based integration processes called Atoms and transfer data between cloud and on-premises applications. Each Atom defines what is necessary for the integration. Dell Boomi Training Overview Cloud-based integration is the talk of the day and every company is upgrading to this technology irrespective of the cost. We provide quality online Dell Boomi training by real time faculty and well trained software specialists. Dell Boomi Online Training Curriculum Boomi Basic. Live Talend Training by experts at Mindmajix.

Talend is an open source software vendor that provides data integration, data management, enterprise application integration and big data software and services. Talend has everything required today and even for the future to meet our marketing requirements. From open source to feature rich, Talend offers several editions for each integration type. Talend’s open source products and open architecture create unmatched flexibility so you can solve integration challenges your way. Talend reduces the learning curve and lowers the barrier to adoption for data integration, data profiling, big data, application integration, and more.

Talend Training Overview Our comprehensive training provides sessions that cover all areas of the Talend development lifecycle including development, testing, debugging and deployment. This course is designed to enable users to immediately make use of Talend Studio for Data Quality. Data IntegrationBig DataApplication IntegrationMaster Data Management Talend Open Studio. Oracle Performance Tuning Training Live Online Classes - Mindmajix. The Oracle Server is a sophisticated and highly tunable software product. Its flexibility allows you to make small adjustments that affect database performance. By tuning your system, you can tailor its performance to best meet your needs. Performance must be built in! Performance tuning cannot be performed optimally after a system is put into production. Oracle Performance Tuning Training Overview In this training you will learn how to tune application analysis, design, and implementation to achieve performance targets like response time and Throughput.

In addition, you will also master how to monitor performance, diagnose problems, and tune applications by using Oracle Database tools. Oracle Performance Tuning Training Curriculum Performance Tuning Overview Introduction to Performance Tuning Introduction to Performance Tuning Features and Tools Designing and Developing for Performance Oracle Methodology Understanding Investment Options Understanding Scalability System Architecture. SSRS Training: Live SSRS Online Training By Expert Trainers. Mindmajix SSRS Training – SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. SSRS enables users to quickly and easily generate reports from Microsoft SQL Server databases. The SSRS service provides a unique interface into Microsoft Visual Studio so that developers as well as SQL administrators can connect to SQL databases and use SSRS tools to format SQL reports in many complex ways. SSRS provides a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help you create, deploy, and manage reports for your organization.

Reporting Services include programming features that enable you to extend and customize your reporting functionality. SSRS Training Overview Our SSRS Training begins by explaining what SQL Server Reporting Services is, how it fits in with the other Microsoft SQL Server tools. This SSRS Online training is ideal for experienced SQL Server developers, whether you’re new to Reporting Services or upgrading from an earlier version. Live Business Analyst Training Classes by Business Analysis Experts. Business Analysis is the process of determining solutions to business problems and to achieve organization strategic goals. The person who do Business Analysis is called as Business Analyst. Goals of business analysis is to provide enough tools for robust project management and improve efficiency and implement steps of business process improvement.

Business analysis training teach the complete roles and responsibilities of Business Analyst. Business Analyst Training Overview Students enrich the capabilities of ensuring desired success for organization through our training. Business Analyst Training Curriculum You perform the key functions of a business analyst through an evolving case study approach throughout the course. Workshops include: Analysing and prioritizing business needs Applying elicitation techniques Implementing evaluative techniques for project selection Quantifying business case benefits and costs Deploying the affinity diagramming technique Exam & Certification 1. 2. 3.

Yes. Live Data Science Training Classes by Data Science Experts. Data Science is a process of extracting knowledge from data. Data science is emerging to meet the challenges of processing large data sets which require versatile skill set and specialized in specific domain. Data scientist analyse the complex problems and ensures rich consistency of data sets by creating visualizations to aid in understanding data. Data science training is designed to teach the techniques of data mining and gain knowledge on the insight of visualization and optimization of data to become a successful Data Scientist. Data Science Training Overview Our Data Science training programme will be conducted by our well experienced data scientists, who also offer networking opportunities with peers, case studies and deep dives into selected topics. Data Science Training Curriculum Introduction to Data Science This module will introduce you to Data Science throwing light on Why data science? Basic Data Manipulation using R in Data Science.

Data Science Course FAQs Yes. Job Support. CommVault Training | Mindmajix. CommVault software is an enterprise data protection and information management suite built on a scalable, single platform and unifying code base. The product uses a common set of advanced capabilities related to the storage and access of data and are administered through one console application. CommVault Training Overview Our training offers flexible course format options and recommended curriculum path to achieve personal and professional growth. Discover the training concepts, including configuration of CommCell, library, data retention, and various modules under CommVault Implementation and Maintenance.

CommVault Training Curriculum CommoVault Fundamentals Configuration and management of CommCell Configuration of library and media options and data Paths for secure and optimum use Data retention configuration and rules Creation, configuration, and association of policies CommVault Implementation and Maintenance CommVault Course FAQs The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented. Yes. Live VMware NSX Training Classes by Experts. VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). By bringing the operational model of a virtual machine to your data center network, you can transform the economics of network and security operations.

NSX lets you treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VMs with a policy-driven approach. VMware NSX Training Overview This comprehensive training focuses on basic fundamentals of VMware NSX. You will learn how to use logical switch networks in VMware NSX to virtualize your switching environment. And you will learn how to use gateway services, firewall configurations, and security services to help secure and optimize your VMware NSX environment.

VMware NSX Training Curriculum Course Introduction Introduction and course logistics Course objectives VMware NSX Components for Management and Control Logical Switch Networks Routing with VMware NSX Edge Appliances VMware NSX Security Yes. No.

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