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Pokémon Gijinka's. Learn How to Make Machine Sewn Wefts Tutorial. Mold Making and Casting Materials Rubber, Plastic, Lifecasting, and More. For this overview, we will feature molds made with polyurethane rubber, but will offer tips along the way for using silicone rubber.

Mold Making and Casting Materials Rubber, Plastic, Lifecasting, and More

Whether you choose a Smooth-On silicone, polyurethane or polysulfide, read the technical bulletin for that product. Every Smooth-On technical bulletin has important information about that specific product's use (most common applications), technical information (mix ratio, Shore hardness, viscosity, cured strength, etc.), and much more. There is also information about safety, general moldmaking techniques and how to get the most out of your cured mold. Safety First! These materials are safe if used properly and as directed.

. * Moldmaking and casting is not for children. . * Good ventilation is essential. . * Wearing rubber gloves and long-sleeve garments will help minimize skin contact. . * Be aware of your temperature. . * Humidity should also be kept at a minimum. . * Working surfaces should be accessible from at least two sides and should be level in all directions. Ladies, you're up! - foam armor painting tutorial [pic heavy] Craft Foam Armor Tutorial. I was searching for a cheap, light, but nice-looking material to make armor out of, and I discovered one - craft foam!

Craft Foam Armor Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to show what you can create using only materials that are widely available at general craft stores, with no need for specialty shops or internet orders. I specifically used it for Helm's Deep elf armor, but it could be used for almost any armor that you can break down into fairly flat pieces. The method listed below is what I've come up with, but there really is no one right way to use craft foam; check the end of the tutorial for links to other foam armor sites. For an example of a finished project, here's a picture of my elven armor. Watch Cosplay! Crafting a Secret Identity Online. Cosplay Props. Craft Foam Tutorial.

Cosplay inspirations

Etsy shops. Guild Wars 2. General resources. Angela's Anime & other Arts. This is part one of a two part “review” of sorts on the website

Angela's Anime & other Arts

This part isn’t even a review, it’s more of a rant talking about my dreadful experiences with this company, the dumb policies, and the terrible customer service. Part two will be an actual review of my most recent order (which hasn’t arrived yet) comparing product descriptions and photos to the actual material. Warning – this is very long, and very negative. As far as I can tell, this isn’t a company that cares at all about their customers. They don’t seem to make any effort to accurately describe the things they sell, and at least in my personal experience, complaints have been ignored rather then discussed and dealt with. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site, is a website that sells fabric as well as notions, patterns, and even a few sewing machines.

Like with most stores, online or otherwise, the prices and quality vary a lot from product to product. Experiences with Customer service: How Does a Double Action OTF Work? How an OTF switchblade works. Cosplay Transformation. Download now - vigorss Webseite!

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Wigs. Tali Zorah. Leah buechley - LilyPad Arduino - introduction to Arduino. Analysis of the modification. The battery holder that we are modifying is configured to deliver 6 volts via the red and black power leads by connecting the batteries serially as shown in the image below.

Analysis of the modification

The red power lead is connected at point #1 which makes contact with the positive side of the first battery that completes the connection to point #2. From there the battery holder has a wire running along its back side that connects point #2 to point #3. The second battery completes the connection between point #3 and #4. Point #4 and #5 are actually one physical connection made up of a spring (#4) and rivet (#5) wired together. Points #5 and #6 are connected via the third battery. The modification we are performing is reflected in the next image and will result in 2 pairs of serially connected AA cells. Final Fantasy XI Light Staff. Fading. Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links Examples > Analog I/O Fading Demonstrates the use of analog output (Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)) to fade an LED.


PWM is a technique for getting an analog-like behavior from a digital output by switching it off and on very fast. Circuit An LED connected to digital output pin 9 through a 220-ohm resistor. click the image to enlarge Schematic image developed using Fritzing. Code.