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The U.S President Trump has announced New FBI Director - Latest News and Updates from World. The Associated Press Washington informed on Wednesday that the U.S President Trump has announced his selection for FBI Director.

The U.S President Trump has announced New FBI Director - Latest News and Updates from World

Trump has selected a former official from the U.S Justice Department who served as the personal lawyer for the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Why Uber Executive Alexander Fired from the Company? The issues of Uber with corporate culture haven’t yet finished due to company has fired 20 people.

Why Uber Executive Alexander Fired from the Company?

The New York Times and Recode have reported that the ridesharing company has fired the president Asia-Pacific, Eric Alexander. The step was taken after discovering that he obtained the medical records of a woman allegedly raped in New Delhi, India by her Uber driver. Uber would be the only source to confirm the termination of its employee Alexander, but it is a little bit extra-ordinary effort from a transportation executive in getting sensitive information related to a criminal case. The reason behind this questionable effort might be too strange after finding the correctness of the news sources. Both above mentioned news outlets have indicated that CEO Travis Kalanick, Alexander and senior business VP Emil Michael were doubtful about the authenticity of rape claim. Biggest Problems in the World will be Handled by the Computing of IBM.

Watson of IBM has celebrated for getting victory at Jeopardy, cooking outlandish meals and working together with Grammy-winning producers.

Biggest Problems in the World will be Handled by the Computing of IBM

But, its best performance ability might be considered its most powerful skill. The famous AI system of the company has the ability to create cancer treatment programs and these programs are as efficient as the human physicians recommend. Point to be noted that Watson also saved a life last year of a 60 years old woman suffering from leukemia in Tokyo. The IBM has announced it as unmistakably apparently sensitive and declared Science for Social Good. It is a new program and it will combine AI of Watson and Deep Science technologies with postdoctoral academic fellows to support in solving the biggest challenges in the world.

Is Buying Office Furniture Online Feasible?: owen_jackson110. Office furniture is the most important part of any office.

Is Buying Office Furniture Online Feasible?: owen_jackson110

If there is no proper furniture in the office, you cannot say that the office is a complete workplace. The employees cannot work without furniture. They need chairs to sit in and desks and tables to work on. Tables and chairs are the most important furniture items that are used in an office. It is your choice that you want to buy the old or modern furniture. The Modular Office Furniture Preferences and Benefits – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. Modular office furniture helps in creating versatile work environment and also creates high level of productivity of the employees.

The Modular Office Furniture Preferences and Benefits – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad

There are many benefits of having modular furniture in an office. The main benefit is that it improves the efficiency of an office and employees feel the energy to work more. Store any Type of Status Update Using New Facebook Albums. Now, you can create your own Facebook album of an event or a trip.

Store any Type of Status Update Using New Facebook Albums

You can also stir everything in there for future generations, not only photographs and videos. It means if you are updating text-only status or checked-into a hotel, a restaurant, a tourist spot, a theme park or anywhere else, you will be able to add your all desired items into the album for your specific outing. TechCrunch indicated that Facebook has already started announcing the supposed changes to the web and to Android devices.

We were unable to find exact date for iOS, but iPhones and iPads will be able to get new features very soon. The Approval of 8 New Political Parties in Iraq by the Election Commission. The Iraqi Electoral Commission has approved the grant for the formation of 8 new Iraqi political parties.

The Approval of 8 New Political Parties in Iraq by the Election Commission

The Commission has indicated that instructions have been issued by the Election Commission to political parties according to the law after completion of entire procedures. A member of the Board of Commissioners in the Electoral Commission, Kolshan Kamal Ali issued a statement that it was made official to allow the formation for 8 new political parties in Iraq. These 8 new parties are Iraqi Wafd Party, Iraqi Turkmen Front, Front Faili, Turkmeneli Party, Nahda Movement Youth Party, National Turkmen Party, Democratic Peace Movement and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

Was “Big League Box” Monthly Subscription Launched by Trump in May 2017? A large number of reporters tweeted screenshots of e-mails received from mailing list of President Trump on 29th May 2017.

Was “Big League Box” Monthly Subscription Launched by Trump in May 2017?

The e-mail invited recipients to get benefit of a subscription, the “Big League Box”. But, every recipient wasn’t convinced the boxes were authentic. Confusing matters were the factors due to not entire subscribers received e-mail updates from President Trump regarding the purported e-mail. The reporting news outlets largely referenced secondhand sources regarding the story. The CNN reporter Betsy Klein also tweeted on Monday that “Make America Great Again Committee of Donald Trump would offer “Big League Boxes”, packed with High-class and old traditional merchandise from Trump will be delivered per month to the doors of recurring donors. Point to be noted that the subscription signup page link to the supposed “Big League Boxes” was missing from entire articles. Largest Aircraft in the World is Ready for Testing. It was first announced in the month of August 2015 about Stratolaunch.

Largest Aircraft in the World is Ready for Testing

It was the time when the company Stratolaunch Systems of Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) announced test flights plans with the huge airplane. Its major objective was to help launch satellite-bearing rockets more perfectly and efficiently. Unfortunately, those test flights actually didn’t initiate, but Allen did tweet a photograph of a huge aircraft coming out from its equally massive hanger for fuel testing. It is important that the Stratolaunch has been considered the largest all-combination and complex plane ever built.

CBI issued plan for Auction of Treasury Funds for Next 364 Days. The Iraqi Central Bank has issued its regulations and planning for the next public auction starting from June 2017 regarding the sale of treasury transfers for next 364 days beginning from 1st June 2017.

CBI issued plan for Auction of Treasury Funds for Next 364 Days

The CBI also revealed the domestic borrowing plan of the Iraqi Finance Ministry for the current year. The Iraqi Central Bank has been considered a financial agent of the finance ministry and manages auctions transfers based on the law of public debt. It authorized the Iraqi Finance Ministry to issue treasury funds guaranteed by the Iraqi government for the aspirations of government funding in order to cover a part of deficit for a short-term in the Iraqi federal budget.

Amazing Features of Blue Cave Wireless Router from ASUS. Most of us have experienced black rectangles wireless routers for years. ASUS has presented a new way of thinking and hoping that you will think different about Blue Cave. It is a new WiFi router much similar look as an electric pencil sharpener on human growth ring. This device with a hole is Dual-band AC2600 WiFi router. Why Little Caesars Sued $100 Million by a Muslim Man in Dearborn? The Detroit Free Press has reported that a lawsuit has filed on Thursday 25th May 2017 in Wayne County Circuit Court. The report indicated that a Muslim man filed this law suit seeking 100 million U.S dollars and said that Little Caesars served him a pizza with pepperoni with pork. The man indicated in lawsuit that the pizza sold in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn was labeled “Halal”. Concept Link Futuristic Latest Electric Motorcycle from BMW.

BMW has presented some amazing conceptual vehicles including an advanced color-changing Mini and self-governing Next 100 auto. The company has presented its Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle as announced in October 2016. It might be the coolest yet with a gyroscopic system especially designed to keep riders safe and upright. The latest electric motorcycle of the company looks pretty. Old Mosul City will be Liberated After 72 Hours: Major G. Saadi. The Iraqi security forces said that they will capture the last ISIL occupied territory outside Old Mosul City within 3 days. The Iraqi armed forces are continuously fighting on the 2nd day of a new push to drive the armed group from its remaining stronghold areas in Iraq. Iraqi security forces and their allies started a massive operation seven months ago. They launched attack from 3 fronts to close in on ISIL positions in the surroundings of Zinjili, Saha and Shifa.

The head of the Iraqi operation Major General Maan Al-Saadi said that our forces are pushing back to ISIL fighters, in spite of facing heavy resistance. He added that fighting is severe and stormy, but our brave forces managed to kill a large number of ISIL fighters, including 4 suicide attackers. Al-Saadi said that people will see full control of Iraqi security forces after next 3 days and then we will be able to say that we have got back entire Old City of Mosul.

At least 8 Thousand Displaced People have returned to their Homes in Mosul. On Thursday, the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement & Migration has announced that at least 8.562 Iraqi displaced people have returned to their homes during the last 3 days. He pointed out that the operations room of the Ministry is in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Transport. The Joint Special Operations Command has allocated buses in order transport displaced people. The Ministry further indicated in a statement the major objective of Ministry and Iraqi government is to bring back Iraqi displaced people to their liberated home towns in the city of Mosul and other liberated areas around the Mosul. Was Internet Privacy Bill of Congress to Rollback FCC Regulations? There is a proper replacement waiting in the rows, but it has been supposed that the U.S House of Representatives have voted to roll back the privacy rules of FCC and let internet providers sell your browsing history without getting your proper permission.

Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee Representative) has presented a bill and named it Browser Act. It will restrict both internet and content providers such as Google and Facebook to get your proper permission prior to sell your browsing data. New Electric Scooters Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus are Available. Gogoro started manufacturing Smart-scooter 2 years ago and now company is back with an alteration. The company recently introduced Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus with a lightly modification to the original.

It has been considered a 2nd Generation motor & power-train to deliver the similar amount of power estimated at 6.4kW. It promises smoother turning with more powerful control. The Sport mode & Smart mode option enable riders to choose between higher top speed & acceleration or more advanced efficiency. These specific scooters are basically built for easy maintenance and their larger wheels are 14-inch front & 13-inch rear wheels. Mechano Furniture — Tips for Buying Office Furniture When You Need To... Essentials of New Office Furniture – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad.

American Motorcycle Racer Nicholas Patrick Hayden has passed away at 35. On 22nd May 2017, an American motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden has passed away. Dubai Police Department has Planned a Human-Free Police Station. How to Buy Right Furniture for New Office. Buy Now Reliable New Office Furniture – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. Beastly Attack during visit of Turkish President to the United States. The Washington D.C authorities are investigating on “a brutal attack on peaceful protesters” on 16th May 2017 outside the home of Turkish ambassador Serdar Kilic. Instant Apps to all Developers have Opened by Google. Body of a Veteran was Displayed without a Coffin in Georgia.

A Famous Journalist Valdez Cárdenas Killed in Mexico by Drug Dealers. Was U.S Leader, Actor & Director Clint Eastwood Found Dead in Brentwood? Flying Cars “Sky-Drive” from Toyota will be ready before the 2020 Olympics. Central Bank of Iraq has Announced Entire Sale of National Bonds. A Tunnel Collapsed in Washington State at Hanford Nuclear Facility PUREX. Work Man Furniture 123: Modern Office Furniture- A Detailed Note. New Office Furniture for a Better Office Look – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. Did Trump Sign an Executive Order to Allow Americans Hunt Bald Eagles? Facebook Should Delete Hate Postings: Austria Court. Why FBI Paid 900 Thousand U.S Dollars to unlock iPhone?

Iraq will get 3 Billion U.S Dollars from International Funding: Muhammad Saleh. Chinese Smart-phone “King” can charge 10,000mAh Battery in Just 3 Hours. Why “Switch Television Monitors to Fox News” Ordered by FDA to its Employees? Entirely Green Energy will be used by San Francisco Train Service. New Method Found by Scientists to Eliminate HIV DNA. Important Meetings between U.S & Iraq to keep U.S Forces in Iraq. Low-Cost WiFi “Express WiFi” of Facebook now started Selling in India. Guidelines for Buying New Office Furniture - Workman Furniture 101. The Aspects of Furnishing New Office with Furniture – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. Was a Newborn Baby holding an IUD in his Hand during Birth-Delivery? Why Co-President of Fox News Bill Shine Resigned?

Why WhatsApp Went Down Worldwide for Few Hours? Iraq Received $2 Billion from IMF and New Construction of CBI Building. How a F4 Tornado Picked a Mobile Home for 130 Miles & Family Inside Remained Unharmed? Why a Lawsuit filed against NYPD? First Windows 10 S Laptop is Travel-Mate Spin B1 from Acer. New 43UD79-B Monitor of LG Gives 4 Displays & it will be launched on 19 May 2017. John Pellow Brisbane, Australia – John Pellow Brisbane, Australia. Was a Muslim Refugee Involved in Shooting 15 people in Ohio? First 4K Live-Stream from Space will Start Today. 5G Network to be Launched in Austin by AT&T. Uber will Start Tests for its Flying Taxis in Dubai and Dallas. Why Kuwait is Looking to get 4.6 Billion U.S Dollars from Iraq?

Famous Singer Cuba Gooding Senior has passed away. Famous Child Actress Erin Moran Passed away on 22nd April 2017. Advanced Toilet Light of IllumiBowl can Kill Germs. Quality Aspects of New Office Furniture – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. New Office Furniture For Improve Look and Environment: owen_jackson110. Latest Drone of Facebook will offer Internet Connectivity during a Disaster.

National Bonds worth 802 Billion IQD Sold by CBI. Why Elizabeth Taylor & Marilyn Monroe Bent Against a Tree? More Advanced Super-Zoom Camera ZS70 Announced by Panasonic. Buy Office Furniture Online: The Acceptance of Traditional Executive Office Furniture. Modular Office Furniture for the Perfect Interior Design of the Office – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. Heavy Demonstrations in Venezuela due to Political Crisis. House Bill 780 about Same-Sex Marriage filed by North Carolina Legislators.

First Woman Muslim Judge Sheila Found Dead in Hudson River. First FAA-Approved 3D-Printed Components for 787 being used by Boeing. 2 U.S Marines Punished for Posting Disgraceful Comments Online. Knowing about Modern Office Furniture – Gear Patrol 123. Contemporary Office Furniture- The Best Option for Upgrading Your Office – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. Taking Care of Computer Office Furniture - Office Depot 123. Perfect Home Office Furniture Selection – Best Office Furniture in Lahore & Islamabad. Trump Signed an Executive Order to Downsize Climate Change Policies of Obama. Best Office Furniture. Why Modern Office Furniture is Essential for Your Office?: owenjackson12.

Work Man Furniture 123 — Modern Computer Office Furniture is the Best... Important thing to consider when buy Modern Office Furniture. Important Meeting between Iraqi & Saudi Foreign Ministers in Riyadh. Why U.S Imposed a Temporary Ban on Middle Eastern Airlines? Store No.8 to be Opened by Walmart in Silicon Valley. 4 New Research Teams for Solar System from NASA. Legendary Rock & Roll Musician Chuck Berry Died at 90. Some Considerations When Purchasing Office Furniture. A Huge Drone Tank to be Manufactured by a Russian Military Contractor. Is Free High-Quality Health Care being received by the U.S Congressional Members? Revised Travel Ban of Trump Suspended by a U.S Federal Judge. Encrypted Video Calling from Signal is Now Available in the U.S.

New Executive Order Ready to Sign by Trump Regarding Climate Change Rules. Why Verizon is facing Allegations & Sued by the New York City? New Executive Order of Trump (Review of Federal Agencies) Signed on 13th March 2017. NASA has Discovered Chandrayaan-1, Lost in July 2016. Iraqi Government should Stop External Borrowing: Integrity Bloc. How Nude Photos of the U.S Servicewomen Discovered on the Internet?