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20W HID Explosion proof light Class 1 & 2 Division 1 & 2™ 20W HID Explosion proof light Color Temperature: 6500K±Lumen Output: 1200+-Run time: 90+ minutes w/2600mAh batteryLength: 11.5 in., 292mmWeight: 30oz, 850gmLight Head: 3 in., 76.2Handgrip: 1.5 in., 38mmPower Supply: 12VDC Power cord or Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 2600mAhPower Switch: Push-button on/offBeam: 12deg. fixedLight body: Black hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminumChargers: 100/240VAC 50/60Hz w/overcharge protection, LED indicator, Optional 12/24VDC w/overcharge protection, LED indicator Rating: *IP68 (Totally protected against dust and protected against long periods of immersion under pressure) Safety Rating: Class 1 & 2, Division 1 & 2, Groups A-F (all gases and dust except grain) T4A/T5, explosive environments per UL 783 standards.

20W HID Explosion proof light Class 1 & 2 Division 1 & 2™

Why Led Portable Flood Lights are Becoming Dominant - led flood lights. Portable LED lights are the most used LED lights in today’s world, with the increasing demand for LED light because of its bright light and robust performance.

Why Led Portable Flood Lights are Becoming Dominant - led flood lights

Portable Flood Lights have their importance in the commercial sector and other fields as well. Today, we are going in detail about Led Portable Floodlights and their advantages as well. Light is an essential element in a person’s life, with the advancement in technology; the trend of LED lights expanded all over the world. But the innovation of portable LED Lights makes life more comfortable as they have many benefits. There are many sectors where floodlights are widely used.

They don’t need to be wired as they are portable; they use the built-in batteries to illuminate the light. Various types of batteries are used inside these LEDs, from which some are Self Contained, Lead-Acid, and Lithium batteries. Explosion Proof Lighting Products. The Reason Why to Choose Explosion Proof Lighting. All You Need to Know About HID Ballasts - Hid Ballasts. High Quality Assurance USA Made LED Flashlights 2020.

AE light LED Flashlights products are epitomized for best quality lighting in the industry which emits the brightest light with durability.

High Quality Assurance USA Made LED Flashlights 2020

We have a variety of super-compact LED flashlights, single and double switch tactical flashlights, forensic LED flashlight, rear switch tactical flashlight, and an explosion-proof portable flashlight. Which are energy efficient. While designing our flashlights we keep customer demand and affordability in our mind. Our LED flashlights produce high intense discharge (HID) which works for longer throws having three different types of lumen outputs on the intensity of HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW. LED flashlights have a tendency to prevent overheating. Single Switch Tactical Flashlight The AEL600 single switch tactical flashlight produces a desire intensity output of 600 plus Lumens.

Price:$125 Buy Now Features. Industrial lighting. Aelight - Explosion Proof Lighting for hazardous environment. Every heavy industrial processing equipment areas, Refinery factory, Oil and gasoline loading docks, Gas stations, Painting manufacture workshop, Pumping stations, Metal Smelting Plant, Mining, Ocean platform, Aerospace, Warehouse, Chemical plant, Military, Flour Mill, Distilleries and Power stations should initially decide to take precautionary measure by replacing outdated lights with explosion proof led lights to make your business and workers secure.

Aelight - Explosion Proof Lighting for hazardous environment

Aelight manufactures a wide variety of UL standard Explosion Proof LED&HID lighting as per the requirement of your working locations. Our Quality Product list includes. Versatile LED flashlight - led flashlights. Explosion Proof LED Lighting Designed for Hazardous Places - Explosion Proof LED. Why Choose Explosion Proof Lights?

Explosion Proof LED Lighting Designed for Hazardous Places - Explosion Proof LED

As any dangerous place or the areas which we have mentioned above emits radiation, it may be in the form of liquid or gases that can be unhealthy for human beings and also for the environment. The electrical appliance can also get damaged due to these radiations, and we have often seen the explosion of ordinary fluorescent tubes and bulbs. To overcome such a situation, people often use Explosion proof lights as they are specially designed for this purpose. Explosion proof lights are resistant to radiations which reduces the chances of replacing new bulbs which eventually save your cost. Best Led Flashlights Online Shopping. For years, AELight has released a diverse line of high-end tactical flashlights, rechargeable LED flashlights, professional flashlights, general use flashlights, safety flashlights, Portable flashlights, pocket flashlights, and more!

Best Led Flashlights Online Shopping

Aelight makes a flashlight that can fit any need. We pride ourselves on our products and our warranty servicing after your purchase. You are not just purchasing an Aelight led flashlight when you buy from Aelight Store…you are also getting a support team that is focused on your satisfaction that is located in the USA. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality flashlights and customer service. Advance Features Industrial Led Lighting - industrial lighting. The big industries or factories where there is a need for big lights like in chemical, petroleum industries.

Advance Features Industrial Led Lighting - industrial lighting

For them, they have the best products that have no disintegration in performance. The energy-efficient and less expensive products can be available at the AE lights in bulk also. The great and strong illumination that reduces the efforts of many lights in the warehouse just hangs or fixes the industrial led lighting in the warehouse and takes advantage. It consumed low electricity and performance is incredible. The high-quality bay lights are replacing the wattage HIOD lights that were not enough energy-efficient than this.

These Industrial Led Lightings last longer than the hid lighting that can disintegrate with the time also not the energy-efficient. They use branded items that can last forever. Contact Ae lights: To order you can find them online by visiting the website that is staff is always in the wait to hear by your side.