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Jesse Moore

Jesse Moore is a furniture designer by profession.  He is associated with this profession, for the last 10 years.  He has written various write-ups on modern office furniture design.  He has also worked in different furniture manufacturing units.

Stylish Annex Mobile WhiteBoards from Merge Works. Frame ships assembled.

Stylish Annex Mobile WhiteBoards from Merge Works

Only assembly required is attachment of the Support/Mobile Feet. Standard Lead Time is 2-3 weeks from receipt of order and payment. Ships LTL Ground. ShippingShipping is prepaid on all shipments unless special arrangements have been made otherwise and allows for normal ground transportation. Company reserves the right to ship by what is in its opinion the “best way” method and means. Freight TermsFreight, broker fees and duties are included on all orders over $2,500 net that are paid within Terms. ReturnsMerchandise may not be returned without Company’s prior written consent. Freight ClaimsCompany’s responsibility ceases when it turns the shipment over to the carrier.

Defects and ShortagesAll claims must be reported in the first thirty (30) days after delivery of shipment. Unopened Shipment Damage ClaimsNeither Company nor the carrier will be responsible for concealed damage claims if shipments are left unopened. 4 Distinct Benefits of Using Mobile Glass Boards. Organizations, big or small, are investing in modern office furniture that helps create flexible working environments for today's dynamic workforce.

4 Distinct Benefits of Using Mobile Glass Boards

Leading furniture manufacturers, such as Merge Works, create modular office furniture and accessories, including mobile glass boards to efficiently utilize workspaces. Glass boards are a transparent writing tool. When they are placed in a durable frame on wheels, they offer mobility while serving their functional purpose. Here are four distinct benefits of using mobile glass boards. Read on! 1. Glass boards are easy to clean and never stain or streak like traditional whiteboards. Read More : 4 Ways Glass Whiteboards Improve Workplace Efficiency 2.

Thanks to the transparent nature of glass boards, they allow natural light to enter the office premises. 3. 5 Essential Furniture Elements for Your Startup. Modern Office Solutions That Promote An Active Work Life. An office is a place where employees spend a better part of most of their days.

Modern Office Solutions That Promote An Active Work Life

It is essential to their health and productivity that the office layout promotes an active and healthy environment. Employers can introduce various changes to existing workplace designs such as flexible furniture, including sit-stand desks and height adjustable tables, to make sure the office environment facilitates the necessary body movements and healthy posture during office hours. Side Wings Desk Dividers Encourage Employees. Merge Works Brings Stylish And Premium Desk Back Panels. 5 Design Elements Intrinsic To Flexible Workspaces. The definition of a flexible workspace is not limited to ‘ditching cubicles and welcoming ping pong tables’.

5 Design Elements Intrinsic To Flexible Workspaces

Designing a flexible workspace is about taking all steps that help create a more comfortable, secure, and happy setting. An office that facilitates movement, but provides enough privacy for demanding tasks, and where changing seating arrangements or collaborating is never a challenge. That’s why everything from installing a modular panels such as a room divider to innovative technologies such as smart doors and lighting are important when designing a flexible office. Here are five design elements intrinsic to an ideal flexible workspace. 1. 5 Office Setup Mods To-Boost-Productivity. Employees are the most important asset for an organization as they help the business grow.

5 Office Setup Mods To-Boost-Productivity

It is imperative for organizations to understand ways of increasing employee productivity and stimulating their creativity and morale. One way to achieve such an objective is incorporating modern office floor designs into the work environment. Combining modern office furniture with a hybrid office setup helps organizations provide an environment in which employees can learn and grow, while adding value to the business. Continuing the discussion, here are five office design ideas that you can adopt to increase the overall performance of your employees and leverage other benefits. 1. An office environment typically features noises, distractions, and interruptions, which greatly impacts employee productivity. 2. Encourage Interactions with Training Tables from Merge works. Finest Accessories for Table and Desk from Merge Works.

High Quality Accessories for Tables and Desks Merge Works offers an assortment of accessories for tables and desks, to help you optimize your workplace.

Finest Accessories for Table and Desk from Merge Works

In today’s dynamic world, even workspaces need optimization with changing needs of the organization. That’s where we can help. Merge Works is a One Stop Solution for Framed Desk Dividers. Customize Your Workspace with Framed Desk Dividers Merge Works, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of contemporary, easy-to-setup office furniture, offers a range of framed desk dividers to help create customized workspaces.

Merge Works is a One Stop Solution for Framed Desk Dividers

Celebrating the evolution of modern workplaces, the panels are the perfect solution for providing the much needed privacy in open office setups. 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Furniture Supplier. Desk dividers, nowadays, are a part of customizable workspaces and help in providing the desired level of seclusion and minimize disruptions.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Furniture Supplier

A divider partition allows organizations to optimize available workspaces and promote the culture of a private working environment. This boosts productivity, as employees are better able to manage their work. Although desk dividers come in a number of designs, styles, and color options, it is important to keep a few things in mind when choosing among best desk dividers suppliers. Having said that, the blog post discusses five essential factors to look for in a desk dividers supplier. Read On.

5 Vital Purposes of Desk Dividers in a Workplace. Modern workplaces are gravitating towards an employee centric model, as maintaining a vibrant and congenial environment is instrumental to business success.

5 Vital Purposes of Desk Dividers in a Workplace

Employees are the greatest assets for an organization and keeping them in the right spirit can do wonders for any business. Having said that, every workplace requires some regular tweaking to ensure the working mojo of employees remains intact and they have a sense of belonging. Your office furniture has a direct impact on employee morale, productivity, privacy, and even information security. Desk dividers, no matter the style or color, can help every business transform a dull workplace into an exuberant and healthy working environment. Continuing the discussion, the blog post discusses five important uses of desk dividers in the workplace. 1. Employees perform optimally when they feel connected to the workplace. Find the Finest Range of Office Table Connectors at Merge Works. Merge Works -5 Ways to Soundproof your Office Space. The concept of a flexible, modern office has eclipsed the traditional and open layouts, with more businesses adopting the design.

Merge Works -5 Ways to Soundproof your Office Space

While a flexible office setup ensures optimal use of available space, an increase in the number of collaborative spaces has greatly increased the level of noise in the work environment. If we go by the Steelcase/Ipsos study, employees lose 86 minutes every day due to noise, which hampers the productivity. Customized Office Partitions for Flexible Workspace Available at Merge Works. Modern Office Partition Walls for Flexible Workspaces Merge Works, a trusted manufacturer of sustainable workplace solutions, offers high-quality and customizable office partition walls for flexible workspaces.

Choose from an array of lightweight, easy-to-install and durable modern office partitions to create flexible, functional, and budget-friendly workspaces. Prevent Distraction with Frameless Desk Dividers. Add Privacy to Your Workspace with Frameless Desk Dividers Merge Works, a trusted manufacturer of environment-friendly office furniture, offers customizable frameless desk dividers to help redefine modern workspaces.

Made from a 1-inch thick sound absorbing material sheet, Merge Works’ frameless desk dividers are a quick solution to your workspace needs. The desk dividers reduce distractions and provide privacy to your people. Available in different tackable fabrics, sizes, colors, these desk dividers enable you to utilize your existing tables or workspaces with ease. Save Space with Stylish Wall-Mounted Whiteboards by Merge Works. Present Better with Premium Wall Mounted Whiteboards Merge Works’ range of wall mounted whiteboards help you to share ideas and collaborate with your team. Ideal for conference rooms, board rooms, and private cabins, our wall mounted whiteboards are available in various present and custom sizes, colors, and materials.

Fully manufactured in the US, these whiteboards have proprietary aluminum extrusion frame and built-in accessory rail. Enhance the productivity of your workplace with our light weight, easy-to-install, durable, and non-ghosting surface whiteboards. Attractive Modular Panels and Urban Walls by Merge works. Get Quality Mobile Whiteboards at Merge works. Office partition walls and modern office space dividers. Room Divider Screens Having a tough time effectively utilizing space and adding more functionalities in your workplace, classrooms or retail areas? Not anymore! The modular room divider screens from Merge Works give you a simple solution to enhance privacy and functionalities. Redefine your workspace with an array of room dividers that have been engineered to perfection. Our divider screens not only enhance the existing decor of your office space, but also help in redirecting foot traffic in the office and create exclusive subdivided offices. Need more Info?

If you want to redefine your office or commercial space using room dividers, call us at (800)-597-1195 or fill out our contact us form and we will get back to you, shortly. Reasons to include Desk Dividers in Modern Office Furniture Setups. Flip Top Tables: Innovative Furniture Solution For Hybrid Offices. Flip top and nesting training tables have in the past often been misconstrued as being fragile and not suitable for conservative, professional office spaces. Office Furniture and Productivity: An Elephant in the Living Room. If your employees declining productivity graph is a growing concern for your organization, it is time to look at what might be one of the most neglected aspects of your business – office furniture. A recent story on Business2Community reveals that an insurance company realized a profit of approximately $620,000 after investing $500,000 in ergonomic furniture.

Your business too can reap similar benefits by selecting the right furniture. Replacing traditional tables with height adjustable work tables, for instance, would help you provide the ideal ground for your employees to deliver optimum productivity without stressing their bodies, which may also reflect in reduced absenteeism. The blog post gives a detailed overview of the relationship between ergonomic furniture and employee productivity. Understanding ergonomics Ergonomics refers to the study of people in their work environment. Office Furniture and Layout Essentials for Flexible Workspaces. Your employees spend long hours at work, making it essential for them to feel comfortable while working for the benefit of their mental and physical health. Moreover, with an increasingly mobile workforce, it is the need of the hour for organizations to adopt flexible workstations with the right mobile furniture options, such as sit-stand desks and training table/desk with drawers.

Framed Desk Dividers and Panels by Merge Works.