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Trike Drifting. 0Stumble Brought to you by Devin Super Tramp. Check out Devin’s latest insane video: Download the song off iTunes! Make sure to check out the making of this video in the link below!! And don’t forget to subscribe this this channel as well for all the behind the scenes! Lindsey Stirling also helped me shoot this video! And I’m on facebook now!! And don’t forget to add my Twitter! The Glidecam I spoke about in the video, that I use for all of my videos, you can check them out in this link. Let me know if you have any other questions. Animals Being Dicks. What your Girlfriend really wanted on Valentines day | Funny Pictures, Images & Funny Pics, Photos. Videos of Really Very Cute animals too. - StumbleUpon. Puffer fish chases laser Video. The Sneezing Baby Panda - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. (CBS) - Are you looking for action?

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Adventure? Possibly even some record-breaking feats of fun? Then have I got the video for you! Stop what you're doing and check out the "World's Largest Rope Swing. " The video was posted by The Feed regular Devin Graham (aka devinsupertramp) who has graced our pages previously for subjects ranging from pumpkins to puppies to music. Another amazing video that has definitely earned a triple rainbow-salute from all of us here at The Feed!

© 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. Marijuana a Chronic History (Full Version) Extreme Idiots Compilation. Fatty Falcon Punch (Hilarious!) Video - StumbleUpon. Ultimate Tazer Ball combines shock and soccer - Toronto. People alarmed by Ultimate Fighting are sure to be shocked by Ultimate Tazer Ball, a new game in which players use stun guns to floor their opponents.

Ultimate Tazer Ball combines shock and soccer - Toronto

Its backers say the game will develop into an "exciting sport of the future. " Although the league has yet to play an official game, Ultimate Tazer Ball has a website touting four teams, including a Toronto franchise called the Terror, and a YouTube video that shows players dashing around an indoor soccer pitch, zapping each other with hand-held stun guns. The guns are not as powerful as the type used by police, but can still produce a painful shock. Players on each four-man team attempt to score using a beach-ball sized soccer ball. The video shows players shocking each other with the stun guns. The video is more comical than credible. "It hurts man, it doesn't feel good," says one player about being shocked.

"It's not fake. "We're hoping to turn it into a league with a series of events that we're travelling across the world. " Rottweiler saves chihuahua from coyote attack. Extremely Sexual BANNED Beer Commercial - StumbleUpon. Alternative Tire Inflation Method. Level 1 Congratulations!

Alternative Tire Inflation Method

You leveled up, but you aren't logged in so we can't save your points. Login Sign Up Share2.3K Tweet8 Share3 Share0 Stumble0 Share2.3K Up Next: Russian Man Gets His Pants On Fire ! 2106 Hypes | 1110 Bashes Alternative Tire Inflation Method Insta-tire: Just add fire! Hype Share2.3K Iuntsizze Uploaded on Mar 15, 2011 Categories cars Tags fire, explosion, tire, alternative, method, inflation Share Email Embed Video Size: Show More Flag This Item Send by Firefeeder Guest 2 years ago the fluid burning turns to gas which takes up more space. JosephWolter 2 years ago he did not inflate the tire but only got the tire to bead, the act of getting the rubber to expand and stick to the rim Texler4 3 years ago.

Mother of all Hot Wheels tracks leaves us speechless, if real [w/poll] We'll admit it, this video isn't exactly new, but it's the first time we're seeing it and, honestly, we're stunned.

Mother of all Hot Wheels tracks leaves us speechless, if real [w/poll]

The creators have dubbed this "The Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks," and after sitting at our desks with wide eyes and dropped jaws, we're inclined to agree. And not just because it's amazing to watch a little toy car run a claimed 2,000-foot gauntlet of orange plastic – it's remarkable from a construction standpoint, too. Think about it: How many times would you design an elaborate Hot Wheels track only to have the whole thing come apart around Turn Four? Consider this thing the Nürburgring of the Hot Wheels world. Being the skeptics that we are, we so have to question the authenticity of this race course, only because the changing camera angles leaves some wiggle room for building the sections separately with much less track.

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME - StumbleUpon. Americas Got Talent: Glow-in-the-dark dubstep group. [VIDEO] - StumbleUpon. In Memoriam May 2011. The Luckiest People in the World. Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing - StumbleUpon. Brodie Smith - Frisbee Trick Shots - StumbleUpon.