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The Image, Deconstructed. What a powerful and intimate image, please tell us a little of the backstory.

The Image, Deconstructed

The mother in this photo, Jayme, is one of my closest friends. She also happens to be my hairdresser. This was their first birth. Jayme is one of the most sweetest, thoughtful & tenacious friends that I have. She knew even before she was pregnant that she wanted to have her baby at home. The day that she went into labor, she texted me around 9am and said it was time and the midwives were on their way. How did you prepare for this shoot, or what did you do to put yourself in place. Ask Anything – The Buyout. Former Art Buyers and current photography consultants Amanda Sosa Stone and Suzanne Sease have agreed to take anonymous questions from photographers and not only give their expert advice but put it out to a wide range of photographers, reps and art buyers to gather a variety of opinions.

Ask Anything – The Buyout

The goal with this column is to solicit honest questions and answers through anonymity. I wanted to ask you about a common thing I have been asked by my larger clients. They are asking for buyouts on many images, which can be good, however I am not sure what to charge that is fair and still keep them as a client.I know it’s a delicate balance, I can say that they are large corporations, and some are smaller companies that have a license on different products.

Photojournalism Internships. Nonprofits: It's not about 'free' anymore. By Heather Graulich With so many photojournalists turning to freelance work either by necessity (layoffs, buyouts and downsizing at traditional media outlets) or by choice (more flexibility and greater opportunities thanks to digital media), one area with great potential for contract work is the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofits: It's not about 'free' anymore

According to GuideStar, a nonprofit that tracks data from other nonprofits, this realm of the economy is an “incredibly powerful” one, employing more than 70 million people. Nonprofit workers make up the third-largest workforce among U.S. -based industries - second only to manufacturing and retail – and nonprofits post a total revenue of more than $1.9 trillion each year, says GuideStar. An improving economy and stock market have also boosted the coffers of nonprofits, many of which rely on investments, allowing more money to become available within these agencies’ budgets for media efforts.

Kathleen Hennessy Ken Light by Melanie Light 1. BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY. Twin Cities birth photographer Gwendolyn Waite shares the beginner’s guide to birth photography today on the blog.


Her gorgeous work in the birth photography field makes her the perfect candidate for sharing how to get the gig, how to photograph the gig, and how to avoid making common mistakes you might make during the gig. Birth photography. You mention it to people, and they either get it, or they don’t. Some people will call you all kinds of crazy. Birth photography is certainly not for everybody. Having been on both ends of the camera during the birth process, I can tell you how incredibly beautiful these images are to a family. So why would a family choose to hire a birth photographer, instead of having a family member snap away? A birth photographer will also free up everybody else at the birth to support mom. Some of you as photographers will be drawn towards this type of documentary photography, but might not be sure how to get going. Know the birth process inside and out. How to Create an Estimate for Corporate Photography Jobs.

Photo by Jason Grow It seems there was a golden age of corporate photography in the 80s and early 90s when corporations were flush with cash and photographers flew around the world shooting splashy annual reports full of big beautiful pictures.

How to Create an Estimate for Corporate Photography Jobs

While those days may be gone (for now at least), there continues to be a steady need for corporate photography in spite of a sluggish economy. And in some ways, demand has grown as companies find more and more channels to get their message out. The explosion of digital platforms has made pricing photography trickier for photographers and it’s made clients more demanding. Our latest free guide, Pricing Your Work: Corporate & Industrial Photography, takes a closer look at what rates photographers typically command for this type of photography and how usage factors into that value so you can make the most of those opportunities.

This guide was created in partnership with Wonderful Machine‘s Bill Cramer. » International Wedding Photography [Legally] A few months back there was a discussion on the PhotoBiz fan page about working abroad.

» International Wedding Photography [Legally]

I work abroad constantly and it’s perfectly legal, but there are some steps you must take in order to work legally. There is nothing more upsetting than listening to photographers talk about how they work while abroad. Remember, you are a guest in another country and as such you should respect the laws . In order to work legally in another country there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to do so. Most countries are very similar, but for the purpose of this post I will show you the steps I take to shoot in Mexico since this is a common place for most US based photographers.

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