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Four Things Literature Teach Children in Life - Caroleann Rice. Everyone’s first reading experience is often about fairytales, bedtime stories, and chapter books introduced by parents when we were children.

Four Things Literature Teach Children in Life - Caroleann Rice

Although they may seem simplistic, these stories have greatly helped each one of us in how we see, interpret, and interact with the world. It may not be evident, but storybooks have a place in any person’s life. The early years are a time of joy and great learning for young children. They may view literature as pleasurable and rewarding, but soon children will realize that literature has distilled abundant enlightenment that enriches children’s lives. Sure, there is plenty to be learned from personal experiences. Opens Eyes to True Human Experience Literature opens a path for children to explore a world, a different yet similar world, in the safest and most realistic way. Deeper Understanding of Self Besides understanding others, literature presents a way for children to understand themselves better. Just and Unjust - Marilyn Taplin. Regardless of how many Christian denominations, religions and beliefs there are, there are only two powers available for humans to serve—either God or Satan.

Just and Unjust - Marilyn Taplin

In Scripture that truth is proven in the stories of Noah, Lot, heaven or hell, truth or lies, holy or profane, upright or fallen, good or evil, the just and the unjust and the tree of good or evil in Eden—only two choices. Once again one must understand evil before we can separate the just from the unjust. Evil began in Eden. God made vaginal intercourse and Satan made oral and anal sex. Favorite Children's Books to Help Discuss Tough Issues. Society today is completely different from how it was decades ago.

Favorite Children's Books to Help Discuss Tough Issues

The issues experienced by the older generation and the generation today have a wide gap. Therefore, you, as a parent, must adjust tutelage in the comforts of your own home. Due to society’s rapid pace, present youth problems became more prominent than anything else. Finding your true value and identity - W. Veronica Lisare. SUMMIT! One Women's Everest Climb Guides You to Success! Re-release – Health-Fitness-Coaching % This past summer I made a decision to do a revision of my book “Summit!”

SUMMIT! One Women's Everest Climb Guides You to Success! Re-release – Health-Fitness-Coaching %

One Women’s Everest Climb Guides You to Success. It was originally released in 2008. My decision to revise the book was fueled by a desire to share with others some tools, ideas and strategies that worked for me while navigating a scary and unexpected health challenge, breast cancer. Good and Evil - Marilyn Taplin. The Bible is basically and almost entirely about good and evil.

Good and Evil - Marilyn Taplin

When evil is defined and understood then we can see that every story in the Bible is speaking of those who believe truth or those who believed the lie in Eden as Adam and Eve did. We are instructed to divide the truth. “Study to shew thyself approved unto God … rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). The entire Bible is truth: the truth about God and the truth about Satan.

Ultimate Guide to Writing a Meaningful Spiritual Book - Eric Alsterberg. One of the most sought -after book genres are self-help books.

Ultimate Guide to Writing a Meaningful Spiritual Book - Eric Alsterberg

There is a good reason for that. People tend to rely on them when it comes to dealing with life. A self-help book contains a handful of extremities that can help a person get through something. Something about books, in general, makes a person feel better whenever they are reading it. Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets - Lynda Hamblen.

Nothing compares to the excitement of going home to a furry companion.

Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets - Lynda Hamblen

Many people have attested that having a pet gives many benefits on a day to day basis. If you are someone contemplating whether to get a pet or not, you better read this article. You probably have two major choices, a dog or a cat. Well, both are great companions. However, if you are almost deciding on getting a dog, you must give cats a chance. Cats Are Low Maintenance Compared to dogs, cats are relatively easy to be taken care of. You Can Take Great Photos Cats are not only cute, but they also have beautiful fur, not to mention their expressive eyes. Caregiver Stress and Burnout: Signs and Prevention - Eleanor Gaccetta. One of the most common problems caregivers face is burnout.

Caregiver Stress and Burnout: Signs and Prevention - Eleanor Gaccetta

This burnout can easily lead to more serious problems, such as anxiety and depression. Yes, apart from being physically stressful, it causes more damage to the emotional state of mind. However, this does not mean that it is all someone gets out of being a caregiver. In fact, being a caregiver can be the most fulfilling job there is. There are a lot of reasons why caregiving can be fun. The Secrets to Writing a Great Love Story - Gerald Avila. Everybody loves a book that can give them butterflies in their stomachs.

The Secrets to Writing a Great Love Story - Gerald Avila

Romantic novels give an emotionally satisfying narrative to readers. Most literary fiction genre always includes a love story in them. The LGBTQ Community - Marilyn Taplin. I understand LGBTQ to mean lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (or questioning).

The LGBTQ Community - Marilyn Taplin

Now add all those who commit oral and anal sex which includes heterosexuals to that group and you will see “the world”. When the Bible says, “come out of the world” it is this world God is speaking of. When scripture tells us “if we are a friend of the world we are an enemy of God” “the world” is referring to the sexually perverse. “The world” is made up of all those who practice Satan’s sex and they are enemies of God.

The end of the world is the end of Satan’s world of the sexually perverse. ReadersMagnet Review: The Face of Hunger by Dr. Byron Conner. The Great Famine of Ethiopia is one of the most infamous tragedies to hit a country in recent history. The crisis gripped the African nation from 1983-1985 and affected millions of people, with around 8 million casualties. The massive hunger and poverty of Ethiopia is the subject of Dr. Byron Conner’s memoir, The Face of Hunger: Reflections on a Famine in Ethiopia. Today, ReadersMagnet Review takes another look at this haunting narrative of a people’s tragedy and how one man and his family responded to the call of medical service and missionary work.

The Face of Hunger: One Man’s Memoir, A Nation’s Story. How Childhood Upbringing Affects Adulthood. How Childhood Upbringing Affects Adulthood. Into the Wild by Mike Honeycutt. For author Mike Honeycutt, theres nothing more exciting than a remote trip with great scenery. In Mike Honeycutts World of Hunting and Fishing, he shares a travelogue that speaks to his passion for traveling the world to exotic locales to hunt and fish for unusual animal species. Based on his extensive travel experiences, Honeycutt narrates stories from all over the world on all continents. From the savannas of northern Cameroon to the jungles of southern Cameroon, and from the mountains of the Rocky Mountains in the United States, to a Himalayan tahr hunt in the mountains of New Zealand, he describes an array of real-life experiences and excursions.

He tells about bird hunting in Argentina, turkey hunting in Old Mexico, and looking for the Gobi Argali Sheep in Mongolia. From airplanes to snowmobiles, to boats, horses, jeeps, four-wheelers, and pickups, Honeycutt has traversed the world experiencing an array of terrain, cultures, religions, food, and personalities. Understanding dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior - Eric Alsterberg. A psychological disorder according to psychologists is an ongoing dysfunctional pattern of thought, emotion, and behavior that causes significant distress and is considered deviant in that person’s culture or society. Like medical problems, psychological disorders have both biological as well as environmental influences. They are usually out of the patient’s control and in some cases be treated by drugs. Eccentric Cat Behaviors that are Actually Adorable - Lynda Hamblen. William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen is a fun and heartwarming novel about one of the most beloved animals in the world – cats.

Its story revolves around the feline characters of William and Tibby who both seem to live perfect lives with their second mom until a tragic incident occurs. One of the cats, William, has been killed, and when he next opens his eyes, he is already in heaven and has moved in with his third mom. Forword for the book, “I am the Kings helper” - Gerald Avila.

A chance of thundershowers gave many golfers a change of plans. The driving range at Florence, South Carolina was projected to be in the path of the storm coming up from Savannah, Georgia. For Charlie, it meant nothing to him. Rick Badman - The Madhouse Projects. Writing Advice for Christian Authors - Marilyn Taplin. Ever since Christianity was formed. There have been many writers rising to not only spread the word of the Lord but also to provide information to bring people, of various races and status, towards God. These Christian authors write, specifically books, to reach more people and cover more areas to spread God’s teachings. According to Pew Research Center, the Christian religion will remain the largest among other religions in 2050. Every year more people are submitting themselves to Christianity.

With the growing number of people finding faith towards the Lord, we must expect that there will be more people preaching the word of the Lord and sharing their own perspectives in biblical topics. Elvira the Miracle Cat–Part 1 to 3 - Lynda Hamblen. Part 1 I would like to introduce you to Elvira. She is one of the main characters in my novel, William and Tibby Forever.

On Freedom And Revolt - Carl Moyler. ReadersMagnet Review: The Patchwork Princess by Connie S. Arnold. A child enjoys a good old fairy tale book. The stories in most fairy tale books are captivating and relatable which draws children in them. Fairy tales not only tell stories of fantasy but also lots of adventures and lessons that will forever engrave in the minds of children. Connie S. The Benefits of Inspiring Children for Greatness - Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer. Inspiration is the most effective tool for each person in this world to accomplish something. Marriage - Marilyn Taplin. 5 Common Ego Traps that Might Be Preventing Your Happiness - Eric Alsterberg. “The ego is the single biggest obstruction to the achievement of anything” – these are the words of the American esoteric philosopher, poet, and author Richard Rose. Indeed, the ego is a deceitful enemy that leads you into an endless circle of nothing.

It exhausts you until you are weak, and it takes you to nowhere. Childhood Games and their Effect on Adult Relationships. Straight from My Heart. Straight from My Heart: Journeys of Hope, Love, and Peace. Five Important Books About Ethiopia. A History of Ethiopia by Harold G. Reasons Why Caregiving Is the Perfect Career Choice for You - Eleanor Gaccetta. Great Ways Books Teach Essential Life Learnings to Children - Janet Councilman.

The Best Destinations to Experience and See Wildlife - Mike Honeycutt. Benefits of Reading Spiritual Books - Eric Alsterberg. The Benefits of Book Editing Services. The Joy of Cat Care: 5 Reasons Why Cats Make the Best Pets - Lynda Hamblen. Reasons to Read and Love Christian Books - Marilyn Taplin. Five Food Novels to Check This Month. The Impact of Pet Cats On Humans. ReadersMagnet Review: The Art of Taking Care of Elderly Family Members. How the Bible Guides Us - David D. Murdoch. Relationships - Alternate Reality book. 5 Books On Contemporary LGBTQ Communities. Book - The Spiritual Discernment Guide by Ronald T. Tyler, Ph.D. Book - Remembrance of Meals Past by Anita Legsdin. Writing Books That Can Transform People - William Dalmas.

Patchwork - Carol Wilson-Mack. Darkness - Marilyn Taplin. How to Become a Remarkable Science Fiction Author? - Len Stage. How to Study the Bible in 3 Basic Steps? - David D. Murdoch. Fighting Back Against Terrorism in Times of Pandemic. The Truth Behind Human Trafficking - Anita Fisk. The Best Ways to Create a New Vision for Your Life - Gregory Martin Mcleod. Things to Avoid When Writing Murder Mystery Books - JB Clemmens.

The Face of Hunger - DR. BYRON CONNER. World Of Hunting And Fishing - Mike Honeycutt. Sitting On Jesus's Lap Life On Earth by Troy Louis. Table Of Hearts and Home For Good by Gerald Avila. Straight from My Heart. The Adventures of Ivy and Kimber. Ten Things That Might Change the Future - Rick Badman. 3 Essential Things You Should Know About Caregiving. Five Books About Hope and Healing. The Ultimate Advice to Aspiring Science Fiction Authors - Rick Badman. The Ultimate Advice to Aspiring Science Fiction Authors - Rick Badman. Len Stage - The Brotherhood Of The Wone. The Keys to Knowing God’s Plan for Your Life - David D. Murdoch.

ReadersMagnet Review: Mystery at Pima Point. What Makes a Good Science Fiction Story? The Epic Music Legacy of Woodstock - JB Clemmens. Living in a Pandemic - Eleanor Gaccetta. Tips on How to Write a Story That’s Perfect for Children - Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE JOYFUL - Eric Alsterberg. The Madhouse Projects - Rick Badman. Things to Avoid When Writing a Fantasy Fiction Novel - Collette Jackson-Fink. Typing Right - Benefits of Having Keyboarding Skills. How to Make the Most Out of Your God-Given Talents? Books Everyone Should Consider Reading! - Betsy Fritcha. Writing Project. The Joy of Cat Care: 5 Reasons Why Cats Make the Best Pets - Lynda Hamblen. Healing Emotional Wounds and Traumas - Eric Alsterberg. Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready? - Betsy Fritcha. The Books. Author Feature: Gregory McLeod. Perfect Flaws - Tim Segrest. Writing the “Purr-fect” Story: Tips on How to Write a Fiction Book about Cats - Lynda Hamblen. Tips on Writing a Compelling Synopsis for a Fiction Book - Len Stage.

3 Essential Reasons to Read the Bible - David D. Murdoch. ReadersMagnet Review: Eleanor Gaccetta. The Healing Bowl : A Harley and Friends Adventure - Anita Fisk. Why Readers Are Hooked on Mystery Novels - JB Clemmens. Planning for Elder Care - Eleanor Gaccetta. 5 Things to Remember When Writing Fantasy Fiction - Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer. What It Means to Heal and Transform - Eric Alsterberg. Essential Elements Every Fantasy Fiction Novel Must Have - Collette Jackson-Fink. Typing Right - Benefits of Having Keyboarding Skills. The Apathetical Man - Gregory Martin Mcleod. Book - William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen.

Important Things to Consider When Taking Care of Elderly Family Members - Eleanor Gaccetta. Rediscovering Your Passion for Writing - Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer. How to Craft Effective Villains for Fantasy Fiction? - Collette Jackson-Fink.