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Wabi Sabi Your Life: 6 Strategies for Embracing Imperfection. STORY mfg SLOW MADE. Online Portfolios on Behance. British government to confirm ban on ‘microbeads’ water pollutant. Fashion is seen as frivolous but it's at the heart of contemporary culture. This Girl Walked Through Fire So We Can Get Jeans for $9. The evening light is fading as Kala Begum carries her 16-year-old daughter out of their tiny tenement room and down the alley.

This Girl Walked Through Fire So We Can Get Jeans for $9

It’s been another long day of scraping by on handouts to pay for Shumaya’s medical treatment; swelling around her badly injured eye, contorting her young face, has grown much worse since I first met her, several months ago. Kala walks past idling onlookers toward the small pharmacy where she spends their meager savings on medicine in the hope of stemming the girl’s horrendous pain. For a time, Kala and Shumaya worked side by side in a garment factory here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Further reading. Useful websites for further information about ethics and sustainability in fashion… Think Tanks and Research Bodies: Centre for Sustainable Fashion MISTRA Future Fashion Sustainable Clothing Action Plan: Clothing Knowledge Hub Textiles Environment Design

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Bright New Things Events. Eight ideas to fund access to water and toilets for all by 2030. 100 countries push to phase out potentially disastrous greenhouse gas. Insurers call climate change ‘the mother of all risks’ as Government fails to meet renewable energy targets. The UK is set to miss a hardly ambitious target of providing 15 per cent of the country’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2020, according to MPs.

Insurers call climate change ‘the mother of all risks’ as Government fails to meet renewable energy targets

A report from the Parliamentary Energy & Climate Change Committee says that it is three quarters of the way towards a 30 per cent sub target for electricity generation, and should exceed it, but the country is not even half way towards hitting a 12 per cent target for heat while the proportion of renewable energy used in transport actually fell last year. The targets were set under the EU’s renewable energy plan, and before you say “Brexit” we still have to meet them. UK law is currently based upon them, but even were that not the case, it is in our own economic self interest to start acting.

US emissions set to miss 2025 target in Paris climate change deal, research finds. The US is on course to miss its emissions reduction target agreed in the Paris climate accord nine months ago, with new research finding that the world’s largest historical emitter doesn’t currently have the policies in place to meet its pledge.

US emissions set to miss 2025 target in Paris climate change deal, research finds

Even if the US implements a range of emissions-slashing proposals that have yet to be introduced, the nation could still overshoot its 2025 target by nearly 1bn tonnes of greenhouse gases. This failure would have profound consequences for the US’s position as a climate leader, as well for the global effort to stave off the dangerous heatwaves, sea level rise and extreme weather associated with climate change. “If the policies were locked today, there would be a low likelihood of meeting the target,” said Jeffery Greenblatt, scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and lead author of the study, published in Nature. Eight ideas to fund access to water and toilets for all by 2030. 375 top scientists warn of 'real, serious, immediate' climate threat.

Yesterday, 375 of the world’s top scientists, including 30 Nobel Prize winners, published an open letter regarding climate change.

375 top scientists warn of 'real, serious, immediate' climate threat

In the letter, the scientists report that the evidence is clear: humans are causing climate change. We are now observing climate change and its affect across the globe. The seas are rising, the oceans are warming, the lower atmosphere is warming, the land is warming, ice is melting, rainfall patterns are changing and the ocean is becoming more acidic. These facts are incontrovertible. No reputable scientist disputes them. Despite these facts, the letter reports that the US presidential campaign has seen claims that the earth isn’t warming, or it is only a natural warming, or that climate change is a hoax. Giant ice sheet that could flood London is more resilient than previously thought.

The vast West Antarctic ice sheet – which contains enough water to raise sea levels by up to nine metres – does not have appear to have suddenly collapsed over a few decades the last time the planet was warmer than it is today, according to new research.

Giant ice sheet that could flood London is more resilient than previously thought

There is concern that once the temperature hits a certain point, ice sheets will disappear increasingly quickly and then disintigrate. The Greenland ice sheet, for example, lost a trillion tonnes of ice between 2011 and 2014, compared to nine trillion tonnes in the past 100 years. Researchers at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have been trying to work out what happened to the much bigger West Antarctic ice sheet during a natural warm period some 128,000 years ago. The interactive map below, developed using Nasa information by Alex Tingle of, shows the effect of different degrees of sea level rise. UK one of 'least natural countries in the world' with one in seven species facing extinction. The UK is now one of the “most nature-depleted countries in the world” with more than one in seven species facing extinction and more than half in decline, according to the State of Nature 2016 report.

UK one of 'least natural countries in the world' with one in seven species facing extinction

Britain’s farmers are given most of the blame by the report, which was produced by more than 50 different organisations including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the National Trust, the Marine Conservation Society and the Natural History Museum. It found modern agricultural techniques had had a major impact on wildlife over the last four decades – and it had been “overwhelmingly negative”.

General Motors vows to run entirely on renewable energy by 2050. The company plans to generate its electricity - needed to power its 350 operations across the globe - entirely from renewable sources.

General Motors vows to run entirely on renewable energy by 2050

However, it remains to be seen how many of the 9.8 million vehicles it produces annually will be powered by sustainable energy. Greenpeace have called the move "woefully inadequate". GM consumed nine terawatt hours of energy last year to build its vehicles and power its buildings. The company said it would invest in increasing efficiency while also shifting where it gets its energy from. “This pursuit of renewable energy benefits our customers and communities through cleaner air while strengthening our business through lower and more stable energy costs,” GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra said in a statement. France's ban on plastic cups, plates and cutlery 'should be extended across Europe' A French politician has called for France's ban on plastic cups, plates and cutlery to be implemented across Europe.

France's ban on plastic cups, plates and cutlery 'should be extended across Europe'

Arash Derambarsh, a municipal councillor for the commune of Courbevoie in Paris, previously led a successful campaign to ban French supermarkets from throwing away unsold food. "This problem of recycling exists in all European countries," he told The Independent. "We have to pass the same law in all European countries to tackle this very important problem of waste. " Sustainability in the pipeline: securing water and sanitation for the future. Can access to water and sanitation be secured now for future generations?

Sustainability in the pipeline: securing water and sanitation for the future

We don’t have a choice; sustainability must be at the heart of all efforts to deliver these services. This was the central message of a panel discussion hosted by the Guardian at the annual World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The panel was organised in association with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and supported by Fundación Femsa, which works to create programmes around conservation and the sustainable use of water. The sustainable development goals (SDGs) – an ambitious agenda for social, environmental and economic change – were adopted by world leaders at the United Nations general assembly in September 2015. The agenda sets a target of “ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” by 2030.

Anthropocene: Planet Earth has entered new man-made epoch, experts say. Planet Earth has entered a new epoch dubbed the Anthropocene because of the extent of humanity’s impact on the planet, according to a group of experts. An international working group set up to consider the question voted by 34 to zero, with one abstention, that the Anthropocene was real in a geological sense. The warming temperature, higher sea levels, ash from fossil fuels, plastic waste, a dramatic increase in erosion, the spread of animal species around the world and radioactive particles left around the world from nuclear bomb tests would all contribute to permanent changes in the Earth’s rocks, the scientists said.

The ‘ethical’ investment funds pumping millions into oil firms and big tobacco. Thinking of putting your money into a fund that describes itself as ethical? You’d better read the fine print if backing Exxon Mobil and British American Tobacco isn’t your idea of doing good. The oil company accused of misleading investors by hiding evidence about climate change and Europe’s biggest cigarette maker are among the holdings of some of the 30 biggest funds that invest following environmental or social governance guidelines, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. While some funds are strict about supporting only clean-energy producers, others buy securities from Big Oil to Big Tobacco along with consumer brands such as Unilever and Facebook.

Climate change: Netherlands on brink of banning sale of petrol-fuelled cars. Europe appears poised to continue its move towards cutting fossil fuel use as the Netherlands joins a host of nations looking to pass innovative green energy laws. Labour promises to ban fracking if it wins the next general election. Remove Toxic Chemicals and Fabrics from Fashion’s Supply Chain. Fashion’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. Fashion's Duty to Tackle Climate Change. Sustainability Is Out, Responsible Innovation Is In. COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Sustainability is out and responsible innovation is in. Or so we learned at the fourth Copenhagen Fashion Summit, held on Thursday to propose new business models and bold thinking for the fashion industry when it comes to respecting the environment, addressing climate change, managing ethics and protecting workers' rights and welfare. Held under the patronage of HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and spearheaded by Eva Kruse, CEO of the Danish Fashion Institute, the Summit was the culmination of a week of activities bringing together an impressive mix of more than 1,200 people from 52 countries — including senior sustainability leaders from Nike, Patagonia and H&M, as well as BoF 500 members Mario Testino, Suzy Menkes, Bandana Tewari, Shaway Yeh, Steven Kolb, Caroline Rush, Carlo Capasa, Miroslava Duma, Renzo Rosso, Vanessa Friedman, Nadja Swarovski, Derek Blasberg and Julie Gilhart.

Dutch parliament votes to close down coal-fired power stations. The Dutch parliament has voted to implement a 55 per cent cut in CO2 emissions by 2030, in a move which would necessitate the closure of all of the Netherlands’ coal-fired power stations. Body Shop Concocts New Formula for Making Money While Protecting the Planet. PARIS, France — Beauty brand The Body Shop is turning 40 next month and has set an ambitious goal of being "the world's most ethical and truly sustainable global business".

Sustainable or Superficial? Workout Clothes Ethical Brands Fair Trade Leggings. Stella McCartney Canopy Style Fashion Sustainability. Most Big Users Failing on Cotton Sustainability. STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Most companies using cotton do nearly nothing to improve environmental sustainability in its supply, environmental groups said on Tuesday, citing a report by an online green consumer site. Ethical Clothing - Jeans Manufacturing Costs. Pharrell Williams G-Star Raw, Sustainable Fashion Line. Reformation Earth Day Sustainable T Shirts.

Fashion Revolution Sustainable Clothing Movement. Too Good To Go App - Leftover Restaurant Food. Ocean Pollution Lonely Whale Surfing, Fashion Activism. Stella McCartney Sounds Off On Fur In Fashion Industry. Eco Fashion Trends - Green Leather Alternatives. 30 Year Sweatshirt Sustainable Fashion Tom Cridland. How To Put Effort Into Clothing, Care About Fashion. Refinery29. H&M’s sustainability managers talk fast fashion and ethics. Topshop weighs in on the speed of fashion. Protecting Female Workers, Primark on Sustainability, Cotton Recovery.

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