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ARJUNA.AG. How Intel infiltrated New York Fashion Week. © Time Inc.

How Intel infiltrated New York Fashion Week

All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect Forgot Password? Want the Full Story? Privacy Policy Thank you for your interest in licensing Fortune content. Ahmed Mohamed: Well wishes continue for US 'clock boy' - BBC News. Image copyright AP A 14-year-old Muslim boy arrested in Texas for bringing a homemade clock to school has continued to receive an outpouring of support from scientists, politicians and celebrities.

Ahmed Mohamed: Well wishes continue for US 'clock boy' - BBC News

Ahmed Mohamed has been invited to visit Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by a professor who called him an "ideal student". He also told ABC News he will accept an invitation to the White House. Man fitted with robotic hand wired directly into his brain can 'feel' again. A new advanced robotic hand that is wired directly into the brain has been successfully tested, allowing paralysed man to “feel”.

Man fitted with robotic hand wired directly into his brain can 'feel' again

The hand, developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins university, is part of a research project into advanced replacement limbs funded by the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa). The 28-year-old man, who has been paralysed for more than a decade after a spinal-cord injury, had electrodes from the prosthetic hand inserted into his sensory and motor cortexes. This allowed him to both control the hand with thought and sense when the fingers of the hand were touched individually. Sensors in the hand detect pressure applied to any of the fingers and create electrical signals to mimic touch sensations. Why Live Streaming Is the Future of Fashion Week. Ever since IMG, which owns NYFW, began streaming shows in 2011, viewers have been tuning in in droves.

Why Live Streaming Is the Future of Fashion Week

"Streaming has become an important part of how consumers understand brands," says Matt Edelman, IMG's head of digital operations and marketing solutions. "It gives designers remarkable reach to audiences and helps build trust. It also generates a unique way to excite them beyond in-person experiences. " Years ago, Fashion Week was a private, exclusive event open only to those who worked with or wore the collections — store buyers, fashion editors, top clients, the occasional celebrity.

10 curvy models we want to see on the runway this fashion month. Photography Frances Tulk-Hart Ashley GrahamFull of shoots for magazines like Vogue and household-name brands like Levi's, Nebraskan babe Ashley Graham's career has been punctuated with turning points in "plus-size" modeling.

10 curvy models we want to see on the runway this fashion month

She was part of the game-changing crew of women like Crystal Renn and Jennie Runk in Glamour's 2009 "These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size" editorial, and her ad for Swimsuits for All appeared in the usually sample-size-filled pages of Sports Illustrated earlier this year. Graham has also designed lingerie and spoken out about the industry in a TED talk and on NPR.

This app could completely change how you feel walking alone at night. As a woman - or as a non-binary person - walking anywhere after dark can be a nerve racking experience.

this app could completely change how you feel walking alone at night

Most men might feel comfortable strolling along, headphones in with their favourite song blaring. But for women, it's an entirely different experience—the pace is fast, punctuated by frequently looks over each shoulder. Companion is an app that's out to change that. Created by college students Danny Freed, Jake Wayne, Lexie Ernst, and Katie Reiner, the app allows user's friends and family virtually accompany them on their way, making sure they reach their destination safely. Here's how it works: before heading from one destination to the next, a Companion user requests that one (or more) people be their companion on their way home.

Right now, the app designed to work in the US, but the global response should soon see international compatibility. RELATED: 5 Apps by Women That Are Beating Uber and Tinder. Are we addicted to technology? - BBC News. Image copyright Thinkstock Just five minutes after meeting sleep and energy expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan in her central London clinic, she delivers some bad news.

Are we addicted to technology? - BBC News

The best Kickstarter inventions for September. How Machine Vision Is About to Change the Fashion World. In the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, the notorious fashion editor Miranda Priestly sizes up people at a glance by analyzing their clothes, who designed them, and what year they date from.

How Machine Vision Is About to Change the Fashion World

Priestly’s character is famously inspired by Anna Wintour, the long standing editor-in-chief of Vogue, herself a style icon. –> But if a human can recognize and date fashion styles with little more than a glance, why not a machine? Today, KuanTing Chen at National Taiwan University in Taipei and a few pals show that exactly this is possible—that machine vision can classify fashions and changes that occur from one season to the next. Chen and co begin by training their machine vision algorithm to identify an individual’s body pose in an image and then to divide the body into nine regions—the upper and lower arms and legs, and the torso. Human Heart Beats Outside Of A Body In New Transplant Method. An incredible new transplant method has been captured on camera, keeping a human heart beating in a machine.

Human Heart Beats Outside Of A Body In New Transplant Method

The device, expected to save millions of lives, keeps donor organs alive after being taken from a body. Cancer Cure Could Lie In Wasp Venom Say Brazillian Researchers. Google unveils new logo at turning point in company's history. First they changed their name, now they’ve changed their logo.

Google unveils new logo at turning point in company's history

Google introduced a new sans-serif and slightly toned-down four-colour logo on Tuesday in the biggest redesign since 1999. Google said the new design would soon be seen across all its products. Problem loading page. "Across our different markets, we know things like what time our customers are shopping: for example, in Japan, they rarely shop during work hours and in Germnay they like to shop on a Sunday," explains Stephanie Horton, chief marketing officer of

In addition, social media means that we freely share our likes and dislikes, providing valuable instant feedback. Pauline van Dongen's "Solar Shirt" is a Chic Phone Charger You Wear. Photos by Liselotte Fleur Photovoltaics just got a whole lot more glam, thanks to Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen, who unveiled her "Solar Shirt" at SXSW Interactive in Austin on Friday.

The follow-up to her "Wearable Solar" line of sun-powered garments, the sleek if otherwise unassuming tee is the high-street's answer to high-tech. Solar Shirt, which was created in collaboration with Holst Centre in the Netherlands, generates its power from 120 thin-film solar modules that are integrated into the garment's fabric. UV-Detecting "Smart" Bikini Tells You When to Apply More Sunscreen.

LIX Is The World’s Smallest 3D Drawing Pen That Lets You Draw In The Air. Imagine being able to draw a solid 3D object in the air, the way you might draw signs in the air with your finger. That’s exactly the idea behind the Lix 3D pen, which can draw solid lines through the air with no need for paper. Solar-Powered Glowing Bicycle Path In Netherlands Inspired By Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde has created a beautiful and innovative glowing bike path that, when illuminated at night by glowing pebbles and LEDs, looks like Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. $5 Bicycle Cell Phone Charger By 16-Year-Old Romanian Inventor.

Thomas, a brilliant 16-year-old inventor living in Romania, has created a DIY wind turbine cell phone charger for his bike that lets him charge his phone while he rides – and it only cost him $5! Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ Shows The Road Ahead On Screen So Drivers Can Pass It. UK Is Testing Roads That Charge Electric Cars As They Drive. Imagine never having to pull over to fuel your car. This is exactly what Highways England is planning to implement for drivers of electric vehicles. Automobiles would be fitted with wireless technology and then driven on roads with special electromagnetic field generating equipment buried underneath.

Retail Is About to Be Reinvented. Since around the time Amazon Prime began offering recurring orders on things like toothpaste and dish soap, people have been predicting the death of traditional retail. The ease of e-commerce, coupled with the reliability and speed of shipping, made the future of local shops and already struggling suburban malls seem grim. Recently, though, technological advancements in near-field communication (NFC), interactive display and mobile payments have been bringing buzz back to the retail store. With this technology, marketers are merging digital and physical worlds to create seamless, predictive, personalized, and delightful environments that increase sales and brand metrics. Japanese-Inspired Shoes That Wrap Around Your Feet. Store bought shoes rarely fit perfectly, and bespoke options are too expensive for many.

Italian shoe maker Vibram, more commonly known for its military footwear, has come up with a solution to this problem with its Furoshiki Shoes. Rotterdam Students Turn Fruit, Vegetable Waste Into Durable “Leather” A group of undergraduates from Willem de Kooning Academie have taken it upon themselves to solve one of South Holland's biggest social issues: food waste. World’s First Glass-Bottom “Sky Pool” Will Let You Swim 115 Feet Above London. Luxury is about to be redefined in London. An ambitious project plans to build a “sky pool” made entirely of glass and hanging 10 stories above the ground.

Chinese inventions. Neffa's "Chameleon" Scarf Changes Color With Mood, Light, Temperature. The chameleon reacts to its environment by changing the color of its skin to blend in and likewise, Neffa’s mood scarf reacts to light and temperature to change its appearance. Ecocapsules: off-the-grid pods could change camping forever.