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Manufacturing and operations

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Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification - Lean In One Drawing. Obeya or War Room of the Lean Enterprise. Leaders collaborate in the obeya at the Timken Honea Path plant in South Carolina.

Obeya or War Room of the Lean Enterprise

If you are a manufacturing organization striving for excellence – and what manufacturing organization isn't – "obeya" is a concept you may want to add to your repertoire. Analogies have been drawn between an obeya and the bridge of a ship, or a war room and even a brain, but the straightforward definition is much simpler.

Strictly speaking, "obeya" – sometimes spelled oobeya – is a Japanese word that simply means "big room. " StatStuff - Free Videos on Lean and Six Sigma.                                         Leading with Lean - Blog. Book Recommendations -                                         Leading with Lean. Lean Blitz Consulting. External Links. TEACHINGLEAN.ORG. TEACHINGLEAN.ORG. Instituto Lean Management - Home. Lean Global Network. - Lean Enterprise Institute. Manufacturing.