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Apllications Android - pack de base

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QCoach Timer - Android Apps on Google Play. Cette application va vous permettre d'animer facilement des séquences d'intervalle training en EPS, ou tout simplement va accompagner vos entraînements personnels !

QCoach Timer - Android Apps on Google Play

Un concept simple et facile d'usage qui allie échauffement, exercice, récupération et enchaînement de séries avec des phases de rotation/récupération.- Durée totale de la séquence- Définition de l'heure de fin- ...Tout un ensemble de paramétrages pour vous permettre d'optimiser votre temps de pratique personnelle ou autre.Un outil adapté à la musculation, aux répétitions de 20/20 ou 30/30, à lapratique de la récupération complète ou incomplète, le tout sur votre- SMARTPHONE- TABLETTE 7"- TABLETTE 10" QuikCoach V3 - Sports Analysis - Android Apps on Google Play. Video Coach - Delay Mirror Video Coach is a simple yet powerful real-time video analysis tool.

QuikCoach V3 - Sports Analysis - Android Apps on Google Play

Video coach helps you analyse and improve your sporting activities or the performance of your students or athletes if you are physical education teacher or coach. Video coach records videos and displays them continuously with a time delay for a quick and handsfree visual feedback.You can record your performance and watch it a few seconds later directly on your device without touching a button.

Video stream is kept in RAM and not saved in the file storage by default so it will not clutter your internal storage or SD card.At any time, you can save the video in the internal storage or SD card. This application is a free evaluation version.At the end of the 10 days evaluation period, you can buy a a perpetual license directly from the application (in app payment). !!!! Stopwatch & Timer.

Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer is a simple, easy and accurate app for android that will help you to measure the time of any situation, like sports, cooking, games, education, etc.

Stopwatch & Timer

Stopwatch (Chronometer) mode:Start and stop the stopwatch pressing the button on the center of the screen, you can see the elapsed time on the top digital display and on the analog view like and old school stopwatch. To record a lap press the left button, a lap hand will be added to the analog view, and to reset press the right button. The buttons are placed to only use one hand. Laps List:You can access the lap list with the dropdown menu on the top or just sliding your finger to the left.

On this lap list you can choose to see the lap time or total time. Timer (Countdown) mode:Set the timer fast and easy, dragging the second and minute hands, or use the classic input method pressing the left button. This mode has a circular arc that helps to visualize the remaining time. Video Coach - Delay Mirror - Android Apps on Google Play. Cronómetro Cuenta Regresiva - Aplicaciones de Android en Google Play. Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer es una aplicación sencilla, precisa y fácil de usar para android que te ayudará a medir el tiempo en cualquier situación, como en deportes , cocina, juegos , educación, etc.

Cronómetro Cuenta Regresiva - Aplicaciones de Android en Google Play

Modo Cronómetro (Cronógrafo):Inicia y detén el cronómetro pulsando el botón central, podrás ver el tiempo transcurrido en la pantalla digital ubicado en la zona superior y también en la vista analógica. Para marcar una vuelta presiona el botón izquierdo, se agregará una aguja en el cronómetro analógico indicando, para reiniciar el cronometro presiona el botón derecho.

Los botones están situados de tal forma que sólo es necesario una mano para controlar el cronómetro. Lista Vueltas:Puedes acceder a la lista de vueltas con el menú desplegable de la barra superior o simplemente deslizando el dedo hacia la izquierda. En esta lista de vueltas, podrás elegir ver el tiempo de vuelta o tiempo total. Hay 12 temas para elegir, con diseños limpios al estilo android o estilo clásico retro. EPS Compteur - Android Apps on Google Play. Dartfish EasyTag - Android Apps on Google Play. Video doesn't lie.

Dartfish EasyTag - Android Apps on Google Play

Get Coach's Eye today and see your performance improve immediately! “Coach’s Eye is an innovative way for anyone to gain the competitive edge by studying the performances of elite athletes and translate that to their performances.” —ALLYSON FELIX: 4x Gold Medalist, USA Track & Field “Coach's Eye allows us to film and analyze players right on the ice. It is a great tool to use for parents, athletes or coaches to help see their performance in practices and in games!” Basket Board. Convierte tu teléfono inteligente o tu tableta en un marcador profesional.

Basket Board

¡Sorprende a tus amigos o a tus hijos con este marcador! Es el instrumento perfecto para mantener un registro de tus juegos o deportes.Este marcador está diseñado para adaptarse a muchos deportes y muchos idiomas. Badminton Board. This is the tactics board for Badminton.You can create strategy with animation and share with friend!

Badminton Board

For player, coaches, sir, spectator, and so on. I hope this application will help your team.Enjoy your sports life!! Table Tennis Board. A personalized tennis trainer that fits into your pocket!

Table Tennis Board

Tennis is a highly technical sport that requires you to know how to execute movements that include serving, forehands and backhands. In addition, there are a variety of other offensive strokes that help you win points and dominate opponents. This app will teach you how to execute this different types of techniques while also providing drills to help you practice these fundamentals.

Additionally this app provides you with a variety of drills that focus on tennis strategy and approach. Some of these include: Volleyball Board. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional scoreboard!

Volleyball Board

Impress your friends! This is the perfect tool to keep track of the score of your games.This score board is designed for Volleyball. To guest many sports, please visit our website: Rugby Board. Assistant Coach Rugby is the most complete and professional app for rugby union, rugby league and rugby sevens coaches to manage teams, players, games, stats, practices, exercises and coaching staffs.You can add all your teams for each season, and consult the team's infos and seasonal stats.Add your players infos, photo, and game's performance; the app will calculate all the total stats for every single player automatically.Add your practice plan and exercises, describing the exercise and drawing with your fingers the clipboard.Manage your exercises archive, shared by all your teams, to easily create new practice plans more rapidly.Add games result, and the performance of every single player after a game, the app will calculate for you player's individuals stats and team's total stats.You can also export every stats report and practice plan to PDF and send them via email, or import them on your computer.

Rugby Board