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Maths for kids

Maths for kids

(Mathematics for children aged 6 to 11, year 2 to year 6, grade 1 to grade 5) New : you can use on smartphones and tablets. Online competitions, exercises and maths games :
Mental Starters
Triangular cards
Pop the balloons to make a calculation;
Number fact grids
Matching Pairs
Function Machines: all operations;
Addition and Subtraction using tens and units
Horizontal Addition
Bingo: Multiplication & Division
Bingo: More or Less
Bingo: Adding Several Numbers
Bingo: Add & Subtract
Mental Maths; KS2
Freddy’s Archery Maths & Friction Car Race - Great Game!;KS2
Studie: Männer beeinflusst der Erfolg der Partnerin Während der Erfolg oder Misserfolg ihres Partners bei Frauen kaum einen Unterschied im Selbstbewusstsein macht, fühlen Männer sich laut den Ergebnissen einer US-amerikanischen Studie schlechter, wenn sie eine erfolgreiche Partnerin an der Seite haben – sie geben es jedoch nicht zu. weiterlesen » Asperger – Autisten auf dem Arbeitsmarkt: Loyal, konzentriert und gründlich Soziale Kompetenz, also Soft Skills gehören heute zum ganz normalen Arbeitsalltag. Mental Maths Multiplication & Division; 3 levels

Mental Maths Multiplication & Division; 3 levels

If you got here by following a link either the link is broken or the content it pointed to has been taken down. If you typed the address manually you may want to double check it. You could also try: Multiplication Station; Mental Maths Multiplication Station; Mental Maths
The numbers game that develops your quick-fire mental arithmetic skills! Read the instructions The Cards got it! got it!
Braintwister - Mental Maths Test - Harder
BRAINWAVE - mental maths test
Starter Of The Day
Calculations: Addition and Subtraction
shop 'til you drop
Addition pyramid; 3 levels
Digit Work Out: Many levels A KS 1 money application where teachers and pupils can drag coins into a money box and then calculate the money box total. Uses coins 1p to 20p to a maximum total of £2.00 Open ended resource for teachers to ask their pupils questions as part of a whole class starter activity on money in maths. A KS 1 money application where teachers and pupils can choose items to buy and then pay for them by dragging coins onto a hand Uses coins 1p to 20p to a maximum total of £2.00 Drag and drop the toys onto the scales. Individual toys, the needle, the scale numbers and the pan can all be hidden and revealed- good for problem solving work. Digit Work Out: Many levels
Mental multiplication game; Timed