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Golden Time

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Activities for Children - Golden Time for Primary Schools. Golden Time Classroom Display Resources and Printables. Golden Time Classroom Display Resources Resources to help create fun themed Golden Time displays Golden Time display banner (Ref: SB5028) A colour banner for your Golden Time display.

Golden Time Classroom Display Resources and Printables

Frog and lily Golden Time display set (Ref: SB2637) A set of printable elements that enable you to create a frog pond-themed Golden Time display. Frogs of pupils with full Golden Time sit on the flower-lily pads, and those who lose minutes sit on other lilies. Sun and clouds Golden Time display set (Ref: SB2643) A set of printable elements that enable you to create a sun and clouds-themed Golden Time display. Traffic lights Golden Time display set (Ref: SB5731) A set of printable elements that enable you to create a traffic lights Golden Time display. Are You Green to Go? Starfish Golden Time display set (Ref: SB2679) A set of printable elements that enable you to create a sea-themed Golden Time display. You’ll need Microsoft Publisher 2007 or higher to open and edit this resource. Exclusive Toolbar Resource. Golden Wall. By Sarah Cotterill Age Range: 5 to 11 To encourage the use of circle time in the classroom at the beginning of a new term and to reinforce them throughout the school year, use a Golden Wall.

Golden Wall

Have your golden rules displayed prominently in the classroom and dedicate a wall space to them. With a roll of gold paper, stick the paper to the wall from top to bottom. Everytime a child adheres to a golden rule, or your golden rule focus for that week, ask the child to get a sticky label, write their name and stcik to the Golden Wall.

At the end of a half term cut out all the labels from the wall and put in a hat/ box. Obviously the more times a child's name is on the wall, the more chance they have of winning that reward! This works wonders and reallly gets the children to adhere to the Golden Rules...well, most of the time! What are your favourite golden time activities? - TES Primary - Forum.

Caught Being Good

Lost Golden Time and Happy/Sad face boards. Golden Time chart & Credit record chart. Rules and rewards resources. Golden Time wall display. Rules & Behaviour Primary Resources, golden time. School Activities : Golden Time : Golden Time. Report written by Year 6 School Councillor Photos taken by School Council Golden Time is an incredible variety of fun activities every Friday last lesson At the moment we have a choice of : West African drumming, computers, large modeling, board games, construction and line dancing.

School Activities : Golden Time : Golden Time

Not just that! We also have knitting, dressing up, cycling, drama, ----- and even more rainbow games, jewellery making, beauty treatments, playdo modeling and!!! -----, mask making. Our school council can make choices for Golden Time and discuss them in school council meetings. When I interviewed Mr. In Spring and Summer we make use of our extensive school grounds for Golden Time. ( We have the largest primary-school grounds in the Ribble Valley. ) But don't just take my word for it! I also interviewed a few of the children here are three typical replies: "I think Golden Time is really good because everybody is always involved".