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Bleach Pen Tshirts-STASH. How to make a bow brooch. Currently, I have an obsession with bows.

How to make a bow brooch

In my opinion, there is nothing that can't be femmed up with a twee little bow. Bows on hats and cardigans, bows on shoes, bows on heads and around necks - they just make everything sweet. Even the most terrifying thing in existence doesn't look nearly as scary if it's sporting a lovely bow. HO HO HO HANDSCRUB. So...giftie season is here!...


And if you're like gotta do 'em on the cheap this year...but don't let the quantity of money affect the quality of the 'bout whipping up some homemade sugar hand scrub?... This stuff is beyond fantabulous!... It gives you the most yummy smelliest (was that even english?... SUPER TWEET COASTERS. Tutorial: Wire-Wrapped Tree of Life Ornament. NZ Ecochick: Christmas ideas. I love Christmas time!

NZ Ecochick: Christmas ideas

I love the sights, the smells. I love the Christmas shop at Kirkcaldie & Stains! I love Christmas carols, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and I love homemade gifts. Homemade gifts are so special. Today I’ve got a list of very cool (mostly easy) and cheap homemade gifts that you can make and give away.

Tutorial: Elegant Earrings! These turned out so well!

Tutorial: Elegant Earrings!

I really like them. They are very elegant. How to-sday . antique spoon plant markers. I'm clearly on a major metal stamping kick right now, but I've still got projects, so why stop now?

how to-sday . antique spoon plant markers

This is a cute and unique way to label your plants, using old silverware that you could easily get from a thrift store. Materials: Antique spoon (Modern stainless versions don't stamp well at all.)Metal stamps (Mine are from Evie's Tool Emporium on Etsy!) Nail file, steel wool, or fine grit sandpaperPermanent markerHeavy rubber mallet 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How To-sday - I love you because... Message in a Bottle Key Ring. Etceteras: sugar scrub and pretty packaging. I know there have been many wonderful sugar scrub posts and tutorials in the blog world but when I found these little bottles I just had to make some of my own.

Etceteras: sugar scrub and pretty packaging

The little travel-sized bottles are from my local drugstore. I found them on sale - I think they were two for $1.00. There’s a variety of sugar scrub recipes available online – brown sugar, lemon, peppermint and more. Easy Hooded Bath Towel. I’ve made each of my kids their own bath towel hoodie when they’re born, starting with my son 6 years ago.

Easy Hooded Bath Towel

I make them one with their name on it and one with a fun appliqued shape on the back. These towels are super easy to make, needing only limited sewing know-how. And they make for great birthday or baby shower presents for others. Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial. I’m excited to share this tutorial for Scrabble Tile Pendants from Mark and Stefani at HomeStudio.

Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial

They’ve so graciously provided this how-to for making these lovely pendants to all of us crafters. These pendants are great for necklaces, charms, and gifts to give. To purchase these pendants with HomeStudio’s one of a kind designs, please visit their Etsy shop. Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial Supplies needed: · Paper · Scrabble Tiles · Scissors · Craft Glue · Metal File · Mod Podge · Small Paint Brushes · Utility Knife · Diamond Glaze · Super Glue · Small Aanraku Jewelry Bails in Silver Step 1: Choose your paper wisely!

Step 2: Using a paint brush and your light box, “paint” a thin layer of glue (I use Tacky Glue) onto the back of your paper. Step 3: After about 10-20 minutes your glue should be dry. Step 4: Gently file the edges of the paper to be smooth and flush with the side of the tile. Step 5: Now you need to seal the paper. Birds Nest Jewelry Tutorial « Quiver Full of Blessings. With Christmas just around the corner, these would make a thoughtful handmade gift.

Birds Nest Jewelry Tutorial « Quiver Full of Blessings

Whether made into a pendant, pin, or something else, these little wired birds nests are too sweet. Boo Boo Bear. What to do when someone has a little bump that needs some TLC and you have no frozen peas in the freezer....make a Boo Boo Bear!

Boo Boo Bear

He's filled with rice and just waiting in the freezer for the next boo boo. I used a bear applique pattern that I had and marked it on the right side of the fabric. Then I added the paws and nose before I sewed him together. Turn him over and mark the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric and sew the two pieces together on your lines. Be sure to leave an opening for turning and stuffing. Fill with rice and sew the opening shut. 18 Cheap Creative Christmas Gifts.

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Five Fun Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids.