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Walking Canes – Walking Sticks – Walking Staffs Collection at El. Walking Canes, Walking Sticks, and more at Fashionable Walking C. Fine Walking Sticks - hand crafted hardwood walking sticks for t. Shelton Gallery and Fine Silver Antiques,Instruments and Impleme. Fine Collectible Wood Canes, Walking Sticks, Wheeled Walkers, Cr. Scrolling down the catalog of our contents you'll come upon the Canes Galore Site Map.

Fine Collectible Wood Canes, Walking Sticks, Wheeled Walkers, Cr

This is where you'll get a clear idea of just what we mean by "galore. " Everything from wheeled walkers and Slimline travel folding canes to rustic hiking sticks, and shepherd's crooks (really!) Fill this detailed list, conveniently organized. Product detail. M.S. Rau Antiques. Quite the collection—Man’s love of canes begins interesting disp. Photo by Mike Lawrence Retired Methodist Hospital Executive Director Ron Chapman with his cane collection housed in a antique umbrella case from the old Mann's Department Store.

Quite the collection—Man’s love of canes begins interesting disp

(Gleaner photo by Mike Lawrence • 831-8346 or mlawrence@thegleaner.com) 11-18-2009. Canes Galore - Wood Canes, Walking Staffs, Pediatric Walker Prod. WILSON STAFFS WALKING STICKS custom, hand carved sticks and cane. Unique hand carved wooden walking sticks and other decorative wa. Walking Sticks & Canes, Wood Carved Art by Randy, Grand Island, Welcome to Down East Walking Sticks. We specialize in hand carved sectional canes that break down for easy travel packing.

Welcome to Down East Walking Sticks

We offer 2 section canes carved with a spiral swirl as well as 3 section slim line canes And yes, we are happy to carve solid one piece canes as well. Our canes come standard fitted with a metal ferrule for added strength covered with a black rubber replaceable tip . We also offer a convertible tip comprised of a sharp stainless steel spike embedded and epoxied in the bottom, surounded by a brass ferrule and covered with a removable rubber tip that has a threaded aluminum sleeve. We also offer custom made leather satchels for our sectional canes as well as removable wrist straps. Walking Sticks,Walking Cranes,Carved Wooden Walking Sticks,Woode. Walking Canes, Walking Sticks, Formal Canes And Hand Carved Cane. We offer many types of walking canes so that you can find the one that is right for you.

Walking Canes, Walking Sticks, Formal Canes And Hand Carved Cane

We have novelty canes, womens canes, seat canes and more. Whatever you need out of your cane, besides assisted walking, we provide a quality selection at affordable prices. These also make excellent gifts for anyone who might need a cane in the near future due to surgery or an illness. Walking canes have a rich history. They have served many purposes over the centuries. Unique hand carved walking sticks and other wooden walking stick. Carved walking sticks, carved canes. Hand carved, hand painted, walking sticks. Carved Walking Stick & Cane Selection. Hand Carved Walking Sticks. When something is both purposeful and attractive, such as a carved walking stick, it is simply hard to resist!

Hand Carved Walking Sticks

You will love the beautiful woods and carved designs in our carved walking stick collection. Great for hiking in the woods and as an everyday walking aid. Carved Walking Sticks. Carved walking sticks have become the fashionable form of canes!

Carved Walking Sticks

Walking sticks can be used for hiking, walking, or merely for a fashion accessory. Whatever you are using your carved walking stick for you, you have a wide variety of choices that can help you make an informed decision.Canes originally came around as a form of punishment. Typically made of bamboo they were used as a form of switch. As time continued, shepherds and travelers kept walking sticks. This helped them defend themselves from thieves and threatening animals.

Hand Carved Walking Sticks. Provenance - Captain James L. Marion Bark Rothschild Orleans. Provenance - Captain James L.

Provenance - Captain James L. Marion Bark Rothschild Orleans

Marion Bark Rothschild Orleans In October 2003 while perusing canes on eBay, I came across a stick that appeared to me to be most exceptional. Tradewinds Antiques & Auctions: Main Menu.