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Jeremy Lee Chen Seong

Myself Jeremy Lee Chen Seong, I am an entrepreneur from past 2 decades and have built my experience in the global technology and healthcare industry. I have experience in sourcing and distributing the medical consumables and disposables and have a deep understanding towards medical concierge and insurance market.

Why You Need Help Negotiating Your Commercial Lease? 4 M&A Due Diligence Technology Trends! Make the Most of Employee Share Incentive Restructure! How to Remain Positive Amid Restructuring? Attitude can be infectious.

How to Remain Positive Amid Restructuring?

Since restructuring is legitimately identified with the change, there will be pessimism waiting around the association. That is the reason it is imperative to stay positive and fortifying. In the event that you lose your positive spirit and attitude, it will spread quicker than you might suspect. 7 Tips for A Successful Business Negotiation! As a rule, negotiation is a technique by which individuals settle differences genially.

7 Tips for A Successful Business Negotiation!

6 Ways to Accelerate M&A Integration! Accelerating your M&A reconciliation regularly boils down to early planning, process management, and the tool(s) used to make your process management progressively effective.

6 Ways to Accelerate M&A Integration!

These three territories should help M&A coordination groups, as every one of the three can possibly prompt expanded correspondence, joint effort, colleague proficiency, and a general progressively successful integration. So as to battle regular M&A combination issues, appropriate arrangements are expected to guarantee that joining runs easily and is profitable to all parties involved. Significant Legal Considerations For Your Startup! How to Build Effective Communication During Restructuring? Communication is one of the key components for the accomplishment of any business.

How to Build Effective Communication During Restructuring?

It turns into a significantly progressively indispensable component on account of restructuring. Any worries, expanded weights, or requests that are left unaddressed will influence your workers’ exhibition and occupation fulfillment. Outline the accompanying points by Jeremy Lee Chen Seong on each and every worker and ensure that they become significant focuses: 1. Inform them regarding an open-door arrangement that exists/will be actualized amid the restructuring. 2.

6 Challenges For SMEs! There is a great deal of substance that buoys around on the web on the genuine difficulties of Small and Medium Enterprises.

6 Challenges For SMEs!

Its greater part revolves around sales difficulties or making benefits in business. Or then again, best case scenario difficulty in finding professional experts to work for their business. How to Choose the Correct Equity Crowdfunding Platform? 6 Soft Skills A Good Business Consultant Should Possess! Being a business consultant can be diverse, stimulating and perfect for the individuals who relish steady change, in addition to the compensation can be astounding.

6 Soft Skills A Good Business Consultant Should Possess!

Aside from the essential experience, there are some close to home and way of life addresses you ought to request that yourself before choosing to become an expert. All profession ways have their difficulties and drawbacks; it’s indispensable to go in eyes wide open. Making Confidentiality Agreement During A Business Sale. 5 Quick Tips to Tackle Common Integration Problems! When numerous arrangements get to the joining stage, alongside the majority of the moving bits of two organizations meeting up, group burnout and fatigue, can create murky, complicated waters.

5 Quick Tips to Tackle Common Integration Problems!

Further entangling issues are things, for example, organization culture and association, bargain recurrence, the sort of arrangement occurring (domestic versus global), and the age of the organization influencing incorporation. For industry specialists, it does not shock anyone that reconciliation is frequently a more testing errand than diligence; being insightful of why it is all the more testing is critical to improving combination rehearses.

Here are 4 common integration issues by Jeremy Lee Chen Seong that confront M&A experts. 1. What Are The 5 M&A Stakeholders? Like any significant production, the M&A procedure demands that the right individuals are in the correct places, and at the right time.

What Are The 5 M&A Stakeholders?

Veteran deal makers comprehend that including the correct partners at the best possible time can significantly affect the M&A procedure, and potentially a definitive estimation of the deal. The M&A procedure requires that different gatherings be included and at different phases of the deal procedure. Given beneath is a list of five M&A stakeholder groups by Jeremy Lee Chen Seong: 1. C-suite 2. 9 Steps an HR Should Take to Manage Company Restructuring! – Canaan Medical PTE. LTD. Business change is unavoidable.

9 Steps an HR Should Take to Manage Company Restructuring! – Canaan Medical PTE. LTD.

Indeed, it has been somewhat amusingly portrayed as the one constant for associations. Regardless of whether you’re a developing startup or a built-up organization, you will require a company restructure at some point not far off. Fortunately, change can bring a lot of advantages and goal accomplishment over a long time. You simply should know about the potential entanglements and have a painstakingly considered game plan to guarantee your progress is as smooth as could reasonably be expected.

Why You Need A Professional Help to Draft Your Business Contract? Make the Most of Your Limited Company by Restructuring! Sooner or later, you may wish to change your organization structure for various reasons, not least of which is exploiting sure advantages accessible to you.

Make the Most of Your Limited Company by Restructuring!

As an ideal case of these numerous speculators and investors explicitly, require devoted classes of an offer so as to join explicit rights to their ventures. The Right KPIS To Prevent M&A Failure! – Canaan Medical PTE. LTD. Each acquisition deal begins with a mind-blowing measure of careful and persistent work or effort. Any CEO who has explored those waters will reveal to you it is an enormous task to merge societies, systems, procedures, and groups effectively. The measurement is 70-90% of M&A’s fizzle – that is a startling number! Rather than concentrating on that measurement, Jeremy Lee Chen Seong discusses numbers you ought to quantify around M&A.

Employee KPIs: This includes the following:Employee Retention of A playersEmployee Health IndexEmployee NPSCustomer KPIs: This incorporates the following:Customer RetentionCustomer Health IndexCustomer NPSProcesses KPIs: The mentioned below things are included in this:AdoptionActual v. 4 Common Legal Mistakes Made by Startups! – Jeremy Lee Chen Seong. Setting up a new business includes a great deal of work. As an entrepreneur, you need to deal with various things, for example, building up a proof of idea, contracts of the businesses and hiring the employees.

When taking care of various things at once, mistakes will undoubtedly occur. Key Concerns for HR Managers in An Organizational Restructure. The 5 Best Practices for A Successful People-Focused M&A Integration! Post-merger integration activities still come up short on the grounds that the very significant “people” factor can lose all sense of direction in the mix of current business life.

This stumble can prompt the loss of workers and customers amid the extremely basic beginning of the post-merger joining process when contenders will, in general, follow the two representatives and customers of the objective organization. In light of this, incorporation experts should be prepared to execute and convey on the very first moment significant data about focuses on, representatives’ positions and benefits, and the future of the organization.

Learn with Jeremy Lee Chen Seong the 5 proven practices to focus on “people” during M&A integration: 1. Be there on the very first moment and spotlight on the representatives 2. 3. 4. 5. Advantages Of Hiring A Law Firm To Collect Debt In Singapore! Advantages Of Hiring A Law Firm To Collect Debt In Singapore! One demanding and arduous experience for organizations or people is gathering the debt. That is on the grounds that you have to guarantee you collect debts professionally and cautiously, which will stay away from cases of separating associations with the account holder. In this enlightening post, Jeremy Lee Chen Seong takes a gander at ways a law office can help you in collecting debts. Lee Chen Seong Jeremy Explaining Official Assignee Role. Lee Chen Seong Jeremy Theory Extempore Judgment VS Handingdown.

Extempore judgment and handing down are the two types of transcripts. To put simply, transcript are the written and verbatim records of the judgment of a court. In this post, Jeremy Lee Chen Seong will rule out the basic difference between and an extempore judgment and a handing down.Handing down” is generally used in lengthy cases where the court has to deal with considerable amount of material.

In these cases, the judgment needs to be “reserved” to be announced on a later date and are therefore, “handed down” in the form of a written judgment.Often times, there are straightforward cases where the court feels that the judgment could be announced towards the conclusion of the arguments presented. In these cases, the judges read aloud their judgments instead of writing it before hand and will be recorded by the stenographer.

Lee Chen Seong Jeremy Theory About Role of an official assignee. Lee Chen Seong Jeremy Theory about outstanding assets. Lee Chen Seong Jeremy Theory Extempore Judgement v/s Handing Down. An IT Check-list for Merger and Acquisition of Businesses. Merger and Acquisition give tough challenges, for businesses. WHY SHOULD YOU OPT FOR BUSINESS CONSULTANCY? WANT TO RESTRUCTURE YOUR COMPANY? HERE’S 5 THINGS TO BE PREPARED! WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES WITH MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS? WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE PROFESSIONAL LEGAL ADVICE FOR YOUR BUSINESS? You are, of course, an expert in your business. Jeremy Lee Chen Seong Achievements From an Inventor of WaveClip to Being Business Adviser. Inventor of the WaveClip Transforms Career Path to Offer Business Advisory.

SINGAPORE, November 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Inventor of the WaveClip Transforms Career Path to Offer Business Advisory. SINGAPORE, November 14, 2018/PRNewswire/ -- Inventor of the WaveClip Transforms Career Path to Offer Business Advisory, Business News. SINGAPORE, November 14, 2018/PRNewswire/ -- Inventor of the WaveClip Transforms Career Path to Offer Business Advisory. In late 90s, when the technology space was still in its nascent stage, Jeremy Lee Chen Seong, known as Jeremy Lee, came into the forefront with the invention of the revolutionary WaveClip, which was the world's first clip-on Bluetooth adapter for Palm V handhelds.

How Much Water You Should Take on a Daily Basis? Company Restructuring Tips For Start Up Businesses. Remarkable Achievements of Jeremy Lee Chen Seong's Professional Journey. Jeremy Lee Chen Seong. Jeremy Lee Chen Seong's Memorable Moments with Family & Friends. Jeremy Lee Chen Seong’s Remarkable Journey and Achievements. Singapore, January 16,2018/ -- Jeremy Lee Chen Seong started his career in a healthcare and medical consumables manufacturing industry and created awareness about medical fitness amongst the youths and the entire population. He gave his conscious attention towards the manufacturing of world class surgical masks, disposables like gowns, masks, gloves and other medical items so that the viruses and diseases like H1N1 flu can be kept at bay. These produced masks were anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and were manufactured from green and bio-degradable products.

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