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Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy Harbour is a leading expert in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions in Europe, the USA and in Asia. Based out of Singapore but with a global focus, he owns investments in twelve countries, has bought and sold over fifty companies, and advised on two hundred more.

Jeremy Harbour - A Successful Businessman. Jeremy Harbour. Jeremy Harbour's Introduction to the Harbour Club Course. Jeremy Harbour - The Entrepreneur - All about Mallorca. Jeremy Harbour, Owner of Unity Group - The Asian Entrepreneur. 5 Years ago I attended a weekend with Jeremy Harbour.

Jeremy Harbour, Owner of Unity Group - The Asian Entrepreneur

He transformed my ideas of what can be accomplished in business. 5 years later and he is still doing it to me! Every now and then Jeremy puts together 10 business owners in a room over a weekend and shares with them the Mergers and Acquisitions strategy he has used to buy and sell over 40 companies. Every business owner should be doing whatever you can to be one of those 10 attendees! Jeremy Harbour - There are more ways to grow your business than just sales and marketing. Jeremy Harbour (@unitygroup)