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Jeongsin Taekwondo specialise in Martial Arts for kids & adults of all ages in West Footscray & Altona. Book your Self defence class now or call

ItsMyURLs: Noah's URLs. Martial Arts West Footscray. Martialartsself's Snippets. Martialartsself. Hey there ! this is martialartsself's kweeper stream (Noah Noah) KRISTY BUSUTTIL profile. KRISTY BUSUTTIL. Martialartsself. Martial Arts for kids – Medium. Martialartsself on Wibki! Discover, Bookmark & Share Your Web. Self Defence classes. Contact Jeongsin Taekwondo - Martial Arts West Footscray.

Marital Arts, Instructors - Jeongsin Taekwondo West Footscray. Owner/Head Instructor Kristy Busuttil 5th.dan Kristy started Taekwondo at the age of 9 at Jung Moo Taekwondo Footscray.

Marital Arts, Instructors - Jeongsin Taekwondo West Footscray

During her Taekwondo Career she has reached great heights including Gold and Bronze medals in the 2006 Commonwealth games, along with numerous state and national titles in creative poomse. During which she underwent specialized training both in Australia (AIS Canberra) and overseas. Martial Arts for kids, Self Defence Class - Jeongsin Taekwondo. Self Defence Classes West Footscray, Altona & Braybrook. At Jeongsin Taekwondo, we have a passion for making our student’s dreams come true.

Self Defence Classes West Footscray, Altona & Braybrook

Whether your goals are learn self-defence, get fit or simply learn something new we are here to help! We cater to all skill and fitness levels as well as various ages starting from Lil Taeks 4-11yrs and seniors 12-70yrs+.We have an amazing team of Black belt Instructors, led by Head Instructor Kristy Busuttil who is one of Australia’s leading martial artists with over 25 years’ experience, a 5th Dan black belt in Taekwondo and 2nd Dan black belt in Karate.Our classes are designed to develop confidence, respect, discipline, fitness and coordination whilst teaching self-defence in a traditional taekwondo environment.

All classes are run in a safe, fun and friendly environment by highly skilled instructors. Taekwondo - Martial Arts for Kids West Footscray & Altona.