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Log into Facebook. Online Platforms Strengthen Role of Today’s Direct Seller. According to a recent report from Marketing Pilgrim, in the next five years, social media is expected to account for 57 percent of customer engagement.

Online Platforms Strengthen Role of Today’s Direct Seller

The idea that social media is replacing other modes of interaction is not far-fetched. In fact, for many demographic groups, such as Gen Y, emails are increasingly replaced with Facebook and Twitter messages, and cell phones are more frequently used for messaging rather than phone calls. But, one inference studies such as the Marketing Pilgrim report often make is the idea that social media is replacing face-to-face interaction, and that this process could prove harmful to businesses across the board. The social media revolution has, in no way, caught the direct sales channel off-guard. In fact, while the vast majority of direct selling companies operate via a person-to-person or party plan sales strategy, direct sellers have no doubt jumped on board with the social media revolution.

15 Customer Service Tips to Make Your Business Rock. By Holly Reisem Hanna As some of you may know, last week I went away on a family vacation, a Caribbean cruise to be exact.

15 Customer Service Tips to Make Your Business Rock

The trip was fantastic. It’s just what I needed, a week of relaxation and a chance to disconnect from work, technology, and the outside world. Anyone who’s been on a cruise before knows that the cruise experience is all about customer service, from the attendants who clean your room and turn down your bed, to the wait staff and entertainers who make it their job to delight you in every way. Having been pampered and indulged for a week, I thought I would share 15 customer service tips that can be applied to your business and help make it rock! 1. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a store and not been acknowledged, let alone received a smile and warm greeting. 2. With the busy society that we live in, it seems that people have forgotten about manners and etiquette. 3. Have you ever purchased something and been dissatisfied?

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Direct Sales Consultants: Are You Losing Customers By Doing These 6 Acts. By Holly Reisem Hanna Over the years, I have hosted numerous in-home parties for direct sales consultants, as well as I’ve been to my fair share of parties.

Direct Sales Consultants: Are You Losing Customers By Doing These 6 Acts

Even though I’ve never been a direct sales consultant myself, through my experiences directly and indirectly I have learned a lot about the direct sales industry. Because I work with so many direct sales consultants on a daily basis, and because they are all looking to get more customers and make more sales, I decided to share my personal experiences. Here are 6 ways direct sales consultants are losing sales and customers: Being Pushy: The easiest way to turn a customer off is by being too aggressive. Lack of Communication: Nothing is worse than when you’re anxious about getting your new item and it doesn’t arrive in a timely manner. Not Following Up: I’ve hosted a couple of shows, where friends expressed a soft interest in becoming a consultant. Poor Memory: Tardiness: Acting Put Out:

Building Your Direct Sales Business with Pinterest. By Deb Bixler All direct sellers should be on Pinterest and networking daily on this hot social site.

Building Your Direct Sales Business with Pinterest

Pinterest is valuable to direct selling businesses, because it provides users with a platform for “pinning” images, photos, and videos of your products, services, and business opportunity. Pinterest makes it easy to post and share your images simultaneously to other social media sites at the same time. Effortless sharing of images, photos, and videos is the key to the site’s popularity. 4 Keys to Marketing Success on Pinterest. How To Get More Party Bookings. By Theo Anidu There is really no trick to running a successful direct sales business.

How To Get More Party Bookings

You will need to be innovative, determined, and most of all hard working, in order to keep your business afloat. The most common question many consultants ask is, “How do I get more party bookings?” I’d like to share eight easy ways get more party bookings. 1. First, you can tap your own existing network, also called your “warm market”. Use Meetup Groups To Fill Your Direct Sales Calendar. By Deb Bixler Having a full calendar in direct sales is all about relationships … When you use any relationship building opportunity you can to meet new people your business will thrive!

Use Meetup Groups To Fill Your Direct Sales Calendar

What are Meetup Groups? These are social organizations that all agree to meet at specific times for specific things. Some examples of meetup groups include welcoming committees, outdoors groups, and book clubs that meet over lunch. Most are recreational but some are business related. As a proactive sales professional, your desire to constantly find new party plan leads consumes your daily planning activities. Don’t forget the power of these meetup groups when it comes to finding new clients. Why not have some fun at the same time that you are meeting new people and meeting potential customers. If You are Not Moving Forward You are Moving Backward. By Deb Bixler Home Party Plan Success The home party plan business is a great business.

If You are Not Moving Forward You are Moving Backward

It provides schedule flexibility, the chance to be your own boss and the opportunity to make good money. Showmanship in the Party Planning Business. By Deb Bixler The best sales people are the ones that get you thinking that you really want to buy a product that you don’t even need.

Showmanship in the Party Planning Business

Imagine how effective those sales techniques would be on your clients who do need your products but just do not know it yet. When you watch those late night infomercials on television, you know that you are not going to get rich by buying someone’s classified advertising book for $40. However, the pitch given by the infomercial sales associates is so compelling that you almost find yourself picking up the phone. When you put together your home party plan, you want that kind of “wow factor” in your presentation as well.