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T-shirt pom poms

Let's get organized... As I start this post I am giggling (and I think my mom would have a good chuckle too).

Let's get organized...

Something you need to know about me sooner rather than later is that I am NOT very organized. I usually put stuff away in 'a-place-I-will-definitely-find-it'. Needless to say, I never find the stuff or will find it again when we move. One thing that always piles up in various areas of our house are our bills and receipts. Pleated fabric flowers TUTORIAL. There’s how i make pleated fabric flowers!

pleated fabric flowers TUTORIAL

You can makes these pleated fabric flowers in all sizes. here’s how: 1. cut a strip of fabric to be 2 inches by 24 inches. fold in half and sew wrong sides together. 2. get coordinating thread and a needle ready. 3. start at one end and fold the bottom {the edge with the seam} over to create a pleat. pinch with your fingers to hold in place. 4. sew a single stitch through the pleat to hold in place. 5. make another pleat next to the first pleat and sew a single stitch. repeat until you’ve made a “circle”. 6. continue making pleats behind the first circle or layer. on the second layer, make the pleats slightly farther apart. Diy and Crafts.

T-shirt mod/recyche

<3 crafts. Xmas crafts. Knitting basics. Well today's post is a wee late, but I was taking time to spend with family on a holiday.

knitting basics

Anyway, you are in for a treat! Elisa has put together a few short and sweet videos that are uber easy to follow. Even my husband said he would be able to knit after watching the videos. Ok… don't tell any of his friends I told you that! Think Crafts Blog – Craft Ideas and Projects – CreateForLess » Blog Archive » How to Make a Cool Button Pendant. Welcome Guest Blogger, Diane Gilleland, from the Blog and Podcast “CraftyPod”.

Think Crafts Blog – Craft Ideas and Projects – CreateForLess » Blog Archive » How to Make a Cool Button Pendant

CraftyPod is made by me, Sister Diane – aka Diane Gilleland. Free Crochet Pattern – Easy iPhone Sleeve « Roses n Lilies. Here is a sample of some of the iPhone sleeves I have made, to give you a little inspiration.

Free Crochet Pattern – Easy iPhone Sleeve « Roses n Lilies

Tutorial tuesday: fabric flower garland « Sarah Nielsen. This is fabric flower garland is pretty simple.

tutorial tuesday: fabric flower garland « Sarah Nielsen

I made the flowers out on the deck while the boys played in the backyard. Later that night I made it into a garland. It’s the perfect thing for spring and summer. + fabric of your choice cut into circles (3″ diameter) + needle and thread + hot glue + twine or ribbon STEP 1: Fold one circle in half. STEP 2: Put a little stitch in the bottom. Dandy the Lion Wool Felt Designer Plush Doll by nonesuchgarden. Cascading Garden Pom Poms! Great Wedding or Party Idea! So I've been searching of ways to start doing crafts for budget weddings and fell in love with the idea of the very popular can't-get-enough-of-POM POMS.

Cascading Garden Pom Poms! Great Wedding or Party Idea!

I bought bulk 20x30 inches of tissue paper online and started to make them. I couldn't stop. I kept making all sizes. V and Co. how to: gathered heart pillow. Last week was butt freezing cold here. like in the negatives. so i needed something to keep me busy and happy in the house. and well valentines being around the corner...well when you are a crafter and trying to create things for the holiday... it's right around the corner.this little pillow is fast and easy and well, a happy maker in freezing temps.lets get started: materials needed:a strip of pink or red fabric approx size of 6" by 12"two squares of muslin (i used sandcastle fabric i had on hand in my stash) cut to around 10" by 10". okay now lets get started with the sewing: first you are going to put your machine on the running stitch. mine is a a 1/4" seam along both of the long sides of your pink fabric.

V and Co. how to: gathered heart pillow

**while you are sewing your running stitch, hold slightly your thread up above, by the spool of thread. this will create your gather as you go. do the same thing to the other side. Paper Starburst Pendant Light. Super cute sewing tutorials. Have you visited Anna Graham's blog Noodlehead yet?

Super cute sewing tutorials

If you like to sew things that are so cute you can't stand it, rush right over there. Here's her free tutorial for gathered clutches (also available as a PDF pattern with other styling options for purchase right here.) DIY Pantone chip magnets. I try to keep loose Pantone chips in an envelope for future projects, but these nice colors escaped and attached themselves to my file cabinet.

DIY Pantone chip magnets

If you happen to own a Pantone chip book or can beg a few chips from someone you know, here's how to whip up some little candy-like magnets. Cut small pieces of bookboard or other thick cardboard with an X-acto knife. (Bookboard is likely available at your local art store or PaperSource.) Make the pieces exactly the size of the Pantone chips. Then paint the edges white; I used acrylic paint for this. Attach the chip to the cardboard. Then cover the face of the chip with paper glaze.

Tiny Polaroid Magnets. Hi there! It’s felt like forever since I’ve last blogged, and has felt like an eternity since I’ve done anything crafty and nifty. Since my morning sickness has gone into full speed (yes, we’re expecting our third this fall!) Suzy Homemaker Apron - Tutorial. And here is a simplified sketch of the apron (I didn't use a pattern.) A - Neck and Waist ties - Finished size* 1" x 18" - Two layers each: Cut 8 (Light Pink)B - Top Ruffle - Finished size 18" x 1.5" - Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)C - Top - Finished size 12" x 10" - Two layers: Cut 2 (Bright Pink)D - Waist - Finished size 18" x 2" - Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)E - Skirt - 28" x 21" - Single layer: Cut 1 (Bright Pink) F - Skirt trim - Finished size 28" x 1.5" - Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)*Add at least 1/2 inch seam allowance to the finished measurements for the size you'll need to cut out. 1.

I sewed A and B up, right sides together (leaving a small opening) like a pillow and then turned them out and topstitched them.2. I sandwiched the top ruffle (B) and neck ties (A) between the right sides together of the top and stitched it up like a pillow.3. I sewed the trim on the bottom of the skirt (not visible in my picture.)4. 50 Free Apron Patterns You Can Make. Home / Crafts / 50+ Free Apron Patterns You Can Make [Updated 2012] Here’s a treat for Tipnut readers, three free booklets packed full of apron patterns!

I’ve scanned, re-typed and organized over 50 vintage goodies from my personal collection and organized them into separate eBooks for you to download (they are in pdf format). Please Note: The files are quite large so they may take a few seconds to load. Before getting started, if you’re looking for current designs that I’ve collected from around the web, you’ll find them moved to this page. That collection has also been updated with a bunch of new goodies and currently features over 40 lovely projects to choose from (and I’ll be adding more to it too so you may want to bookmark it).

Ready to download your booklets? The first is over 30 pages and consists of half-aprons. The second is 27 pages and features full-aprons, there are some pretty nifty ideas in this bunch too! Sailor's Knot Bracelets. With fall days of colored leaves, chunky sweaters and spiced cider in our future, it’s just about time to pack up the beach gear until next year. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be summer to rock these stylish (and easy to make) nautical bracelets.

DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars. The principle is simple and seductively clever: solar lights that store energy during the day and release light at night. How to make gift bags from newspaper.