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Psychoactives & Assault Vaults : Investigating Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault. "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker" -Ogden Nash I.

Psychoactives & Assault Vaults : Investigating Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault

Introduction A publication of the American Prosecutor's Research Institute (APRI, 1999) on the prosecution of drug-related sexual assaults reflects the growing public concern with the use of such potent drugs as Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) and GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) in the commission of sexual crimes. The same concerns are reflected in documentaries and extensive media reports on the use of these and other drugs in the commission of sexual assaults by dates or acquaintances of unsuspecting victims. Google searches using combinations of such keywords as 'date', 'acquaintance', 'rape', 'sexual assault', 'drug', 'Rohypnol', 'GHB', 'ecstasy', 'alcohol', etc., identified from 100,000 to 1.5 million internet 'hits' that focus on drug-facilitated sexual assaults allegedly perpetrated by dates or acquaintances of the victims.

Estimates of the prevalence of sexual assault vary greatly from source to source. II. A. B. C. D. III.


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cake or death: an eddie izzard site

Coming Out of a Book They call it coming out of a book, and you’ve got to do it at some point in your life, haven’t you? You’ve got to just fuckin’ come out of a book, you know, surprise your neighbours! Hey! So we’re here, yes… This is the video, a very, very special video- a video album, this is what it is… (mumbles) of all the incredibly funny things… in my brain, I suppose, ‘cause people think I’m on drugs, and I’m not, I’m really quite, you know… just a bit of coffee, and I’m really… (mimes being level-headed) When I take drugs, I start going, “Oh, insurance!

2. But thimbles is what I really wanted to talk about, because… you don’t really- well, they don’t get enough press these days, do they? The best thing with thimbles is to put one on each finger, and then you can do impressions of horses. “Is that your horse? “Oh, no, thanks, it’s got hooves! “No, better nail a bit of semicircular metal on. “Ooh, I’m not sure…” It is. And it’s also lucky, horseshoes are lucky! 3. 4. Google Image Result for. The Megapixel Myth. The Megapixel Myth © 2008

The Megapixel Myth

All rights reserved. See me interviewed on KCBS TV2, Los Angeles, about this (click the "video" link to see and hear the segment.) Also in Italian, Russian and Serbian. Resolution Comparisons among 6, 8 and 10 MP DSLRs. Introduction For normal 4x6" (10x15cm) prints, even VGA (640 x 480 or 0.3MP) resolution is just fine. In 1999 when digital cameras were only 1.2 or 2 MP, each megapixel mattered if you were making bigger prints.

Today, even the cheapest cameras have at least 5 or 6 MP, which enough for any size print. Sharpness depends more on your photographic skill than the number of megapixels, because most people's sloppy technique or subject motion blurs the image more than the width of a microscopic pixel. Even when megapixels mattered, there was little visible difference between cameras with seemingly different ratings.


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