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Medical Spa Management. By: Joy Thompson Posted: June 25, 2008, from the January 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Medical Spa Management

Due to practical knowledge and technological advancements, the delivery of medical procedures and services is quicker and less intrusive than what was possible previously. This is especially true in the area of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that use Botox1 and Restylane2 injections, microdermabrasion and intense pulsed light (IPL) to provide beautiful, healthy skin to clients on their lunch breaks. Meanwhile, many medical practices are beginning to adopt a more client-friendly approach. Offerings such as drive-through prescription pickups and outpatient treatment services are designed to meet the practical needs of the client, whose view of health has evolved to encompass much more than what traditional medicine provides, particularly in the field of cosmetic medicine. Medical Spa and Spa Compensation Programs. By: Bryan Durocher Posted: December 18, 2008 The medical and spa industries have become very competitive marketplaces.

Medical Spa and Spa Compensation Programs

Many professionals from the traditional medical industry are jumping into the cosmetic procedures game and face a learning curve when it comes to pricing and compensation for services rendered. Having the right compensation structure for a medical spa, spa or salon is critical. The spa industry has some of the highest payroll expenses of any type of business, so when it comes to compensation, there is very little room for mistakes. Compensation is a combination of what you pay your employees plus the benefits you provide. Straight salary positions This type of compensation structure has become more popular during the last few years. Medical Spa, Spa, and Salon Compensation Programs. Medical Spa Employee Salary & Comissions - Medical Spa Business Forum - Medical Spa MD - Physicians in Cosmetic Medicine. Ceci- Since New York has no statutory text specific to medical spas, it is unclear whether a medical director is needed for a medical spa to operate under New York law.

However,since New York requires that all medical services be performed by or under the supervision of a physician, a medical director is required to oversee a medical spa. 8 NY CLS Educ § 6522 (2007). Laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, botox, chemical peeling, collagen injections, etc. are all considered to be medical procedures in New York. See Cullinan v. Pignataro, 266 A.D.2d 807 (N.Y.S.D.2d 1999); Seung Ja Cho v. So yes, New York requires physician supervision of all medical procedures done. Ignoring the Negative and Bonuses vs. Raises. Tying Pay to Performance with a Bonus Plan. Bonus programs reflect a company's definition of success, how that definition is measured, and the extent to which that measure is met.

Tying Pay to Performance with a Bonus Plan

Bonuses are similar from company to company. The reason is that most companies subscribe to a pay-for-performance philosophy whereby bonuses are tied to two important measures: how well you are doing with respect to your manager's expectations; and how well your company is doing with respect to its expectations. Individual and group performance goals are hard to set, because they should be neither too ambitious nor too easy to achieve. It is best for employees to set next year's performance goals once current year results are known. However, the manager should resist the temptation to base an employee's performance goals on an outstanding year. Annual Employee Bonus Plan. Not an Entitlement: Keep Bonuses Performance-Based. By Joanne Sammer 6/2/2014 If an organization’s short-term incentive programs are not driving better employee performance, they are just wasting money.

Not an Entitlement: Keep Bonuses Performance-Based

HR executives should consider some startling statistics: According to Towers Watson research, 24 percent of North American companies make annual incentive payouts to employees even when those employees are identified as not meeting the organization’s performance expectations; 18 percent do not base target payout adjustments at all on employee performance.

Even that might be understating how frequently organizations undermine the incentive potential of bonuses. “I think those numbers are low,” said Paul Schwada, director of the Chicago-based management consulting firm Locomotive Solutions. Thinking of Quitting? Remember, the Sun Will Rise. I'm convinced that founders need to be absolutely crazy to start a company. It's not the long hours or instability that makes it tough, it's the soul-grinding lows that puts the founder in a constant existential crisis with no relief in sight. If you ever find yourself in one of these low points, it helps to remember you are not alone. Ben Horowitz, who sold Opsware to HP for $1.6 billion, talks about "The Struggle. " Elon Musk suffered through deep depression when Tesla, now worth about $20 billion, was near bankruptcy in 2008.

Victor Hugo put it best in Les Miserables: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Playing to Win: How Gamification Helped Boost This Company's Sales. Conductor, a New York City-based SEO technology company, had a track record that spoke for itself: a 6,700 percent revenue increase from just over $100,000 in 2009 to more than $7 million in 2012.

Playing to Win: How Gamification Helped Boost This Company's Sales

The challenge for CEO Seth Besmertnik and his sales team was to sustain that incredible momentum. Thrift Savings Plan: Home. How Employee Compensation Works" Insurance premiums will probably cost you about 8% to 10% of your payroll amount.

How Employee Compensation Works"

The majority of this will be your health insurance premiums. So what are your options and how do you find the best deal? There are currently three main types of health coverage you can offer to your employees: traditional coverage (fee-for-service), HMO (health maintenance organization), or PPO (preferred provider organization). With a traditional health coverage plan, your employees will have the most flexibility. They can see the doctors they want to see, go to hospitals all over the country, and change doctors whenever they want to. With traditional health coverage, employees will have to pay a deductible (usually $250 to $500 per year) before the insurance begins paying anything.

There may also be limitations on how much the plan will pay for particular services. One of the most loved and hated types of plans is the health maintenance organization (HMO). Next, you'll need to check out the insurers. Create a Bonus Program That Generates Business. With ongoing, rampant unemployment, owners and managers of companies large and small might be thinking they don't need to do much to keep employees happy.

Create a Bonus Program That Generates Business

With so few options out there, employees should be happy to have any job, right? Wrong! Why? Because experts say that unless companies do what they can now to keep employees content, there will be a huge exodus of talent once the economy turns. 07 - Quotes, Invoices and End of Day Close - PATIENTNOW's library. Simple, Practical Sales and Marketing - Palo Alto Software. Create marketing plans that work A good marketing strategy is a must.

Simple, Practical Sales and Marketing - Palo Alto Software

Craft a winning marketing plan to focus your efforts, implement your ideas, and track your results. Learn more » Plan with a pro by your side Expert advice is built into Sales and Marketing Pro, to guide you through crafting your plans and putting your campaigns into motion Learn more » Find new customers Great marketing is more than ideas. Job Satisfaction Survey Template   Having job satisfactory in the workplace is extremely important.

Job Satisfaction Survey Template  

However, as companies grow, it has become increasingly harder to define the satisfaction of employees in their working environments. A simple solution to employee satisfaction is using a job satisfaction survey. Many companies use these surveys to keep up-to-date with employee satisfaction as well as discover changes that can be made within the company to promote an overall positive work environment for employees.

The job satisfaction survey is easy to use, free, customizable for each business, and downloadable on this site. Job Description Form Template. Sometimes job positions change even as we hold them.

Job Description Form Template

Tasks might be added or taken away as the staff grows or a company changes direction or new skills are required. The use of a Job Description Form Template can help a company keep a detailed list of all of the things done in any given position. When there is a job opening a detailed form with all of the information related to the position can be a valuable tool when it’s time to hire a new person for the job. Any candidates will also want to know what the position entails and what the responsibilities for it will be. The Job Description Form Template is available as a free download on this page. Sales Pipeline Funnel Template   Excel Download Sales Funnel Management Spreadsheet Use this Excel Download Sales Funnel Management Spreadsheet to manage your sales funnel process.

This Excel Download Sales Funnel spreadsheet contains 7 Worksheets: Pipeline Input, Monthly Calculations, Regional Calculations, Lead Calculations, Monthly Totals, Regional… More Info » Free Inventory Templates   Basic Inventory Control The basic inventory control template helps companies of any size get control of their inventories. This sleek and easy-to-use template is available as a free download on this page. After downloading, you can… More Info » Small Business Inventory Control The small business inventory control template is the perfect tool for business owners that are looking for an efficient way to monitor item counts. Organization Excel Templates.

Sales Goals Template Do you find that a lot of time is wasted in your office on administrative details? Or that the lack of consistent oversight creates confusion as projects progress? Wouldn't it be nice to… More Info » New Employee Orientation PowerPoint Hiring a new employee is exciting. More Info » Excel Sales Forecast Template   Building Brilliant Sampling Campaigns. Marketing Week has featured an insightful article about the factors affecting the success of sampling campaigns, based on some of the data collected from Hotcow’s latest shopper research around product trial and purchase behaviour.

The survey conducted amongst 1074 people in the UK reveals the impact of product sampling along the consumer buying journey and the barriers that need to be overcome to achieve greater ROI results. 5 smart ways to enhance your experiential sampling campaign. Vending 3.0 - Hi-tech features turn vending machines into interactive buying experiences. Services » We Are Knit. Twitter-activated sampling vending machine & responsive website » We Are Knit.  Engaging Everywhere. How It Works - Center for Medical Weight Loss. Recipes & Articles - Center for Medical Weight Loss. Custom Search. Complete Body Systems Inc. Weight loss treatments.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Referenced in Subchapter 4 and 7, Cal/OSHA T8 Regulations (August 2006) Effective Workplace Training eTool. Lifornia's Employer Records of Occupational Injury and Illness. Lifornia's Employer Records of Occupational Injury and Illnesss. Medical Board of California. Define acceptable and appropriate training to practice as a medical assistant.

Prior to performing technical supportive services, a medical assistant shall receive training, as necessary, in the judgment of the supervising physician, podiatrist or instructor to assure the medical assistant's competence in performing that service at the appropriate standard of care. Such training shall be administered in either of the following settings: 1) Under a licensed physician or podiatrist, or under a registered nurse, licensed vocational nurse, a physician assistant or a qualified medical assistant, or 2) in a secondary, post secondary, or adult education program in a public school authorized by the Department of Education, in a community college program provided for in the Education Code, or a post secondary institution accredited or approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education in the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Practice Management Resources. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. Training Materials. Privacysummary. Group Purchasing, EMR, Enhanced Web Pages. Physician Extender. Joint Medical Spas Guiding Principles. Salary template. 39-5094.00 - Skincare Specialists. 37-2012.00 - Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners. 39-1021.01 - Spa Managers. Health Care and Social Assistance Industry. 11-9111.00 - Medical and Health Services Managers. 29-1141.00 - Registered Nurses. 29-1141.04 - Clinical Nurse Specialists. 43-6013.00 - Medical Secretaries. 31-9092.00 - Medical Assistants. Web Site Designer Job Description. Registered Nurse Job Description Sample. Nurse Manager Sample Job Description. Nurse Supervisor Job Description. Office Manager Job Description Sample. Medical Secretary Job Description. Administrative Manager Job Description. Certified Medical Assistant Job Description. General Manager Job Description Sample. Manager Job Description Sample.

Medical Assistant Job Description Sample. Skills Converged Training Materials, Management Courses & Free Exercises. Free job descriptions - job descriptions writing templates and examples. The Most Advanced QuickBooks Financial Software - Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Point of Sale: Compatible Hardware. Plastic Surgery Office Manager Jobs, Employment. National Average Pay Scale for Medical Office Managers. Management Activities in Medical Offices. Managing the Physician's Front Office. Human Resources, Regulatory Compliance. HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Medical Manager Certification. Consulting. Practice Management Institute - Get Certified!

Taking The Exam. GE Centricity - Information Resource Management. Salinas Valley Plastic Surgery Office Manager Salary. Find Plastic Surgery Office Manager Jobs on Simply Hired. ASPSA. Managing a Cosmetic Surgery Medical Office. Plastic Surgery Office Manager Salaries. Practice Management. L-Carnitine Vitamin Injection. Fat Burning Accelerator Injections - Key to losing weight. L-carnitine Injectable. HelloWorld. Khuyool Medical - BIO-MESO Mesotherapy.

Aesthetic plastic surgery germany - Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy - Noviskin. Dr Lecoz - Mesotherapy. MedSpaRealityCheck. The 7 Keys to a Successful Aesthetic Practice. Common Mistakes When Planning Your Medical Spa - Small-Business.