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Get introduced with WordPress 4.2 - Powell. Microsoft Azure vs Amazon AWS Public Cloud Services. “Public Cloud To Grow 44% Annually Through 2019”– Cisco Public cloud adoption is gaining prominence day by day as majority of enterprises are moving their applications on this platform in a bid for financial viability, on- demand scalability, zero risk assurance and strengthening security.

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon AWS Public Cloud Services

This has led to the overcrowding of cloud market with cloud computing providers, but this market is largely been dominated by the two leading competitors -Microsoft‘s Azure vs Amazon Web Services. Gartner’s 2015 Cloud Infrastructure IaaS Magic Quadrant has positioned AWS & Microsoft Azure in the Leaders quadrant: Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide report. They share some common elements of a public cloud: self-service and instant provisioning, auto-scaling, security, compliance and more. However, both AWS and Azure have PaaS capabilities, but Azure is ranked as a leader for both IaaS and PaaS platforms.

Compute offering tools Databases Storage Networking Relevant blogs. Business Productivity Suite – Office 365. Communicate with Business Class E-mail Connect with your customers and communicate professionally with business class email on your own domain.

Business Productivity Suite – Office 365

( Get large 50 GB storage per account Get 50GB storage per user that can hold as many messages and files as the need be, each e-mail size can be as high as 25 MB. Public Cloud vs Private Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud. Best Practices for Switching from VPS to Dedicated Server. It’s very wonderful to see your online business blossom, with traffic skyrocketing on your website.

Best Practices for Switching from VPS to Dedicated Server

But, as the website traffic’s volume increases, it is obvious that it will need more hosting resources to maintain its smooth functioning and handle the traffic properly. To accommodate the requirements of your growing website, you may need to switch from your current web hosting plan to a higher plan. These upgrades generally continue to accommodate your growing business needs. Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Follow in 2016. Affiliate marketing over the years has undergone substantial changes and has become an increasingly important medium of earning income via promotional activities of the parent company.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Follow in 2016

As we turn our back on 2015 what does the year ahead have in store for the affiliates. Want to know? Review these 5 affiliate marketing trends for 2016 which are actually the continuation of some trends that began in 2015. 1. Personalization will become indispensable Customization of the affiliate account as per your customer needs will be the most working trend for 2016. Why move to the Public Cloud? According to Bryan Britz, research director at Gartner-“Public cloud adoption is accelerating and public cloud services do,and will, cannibalize IT services spending in the coming years, most notably in the data center”.

Why move to the Public Cloud?

Public cloud is the most recognizable form of cloud computing in which public cloud provider renders applications, servers, infrastructure, storage and other resources to businesses or individuals in virtualized environment over the internet. Few popular examples of public cloud services include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), IBM’s Blue Cloud and Microsoft Azure Platform. 5 TIPS TO SAVE MONEY AND TIME IN YOUR BUSINESS. With Work-Life balance equation gaining more prominence in this decade, many companies have already started shifting to the virtual work environment.


What started off as a “let’s-see-if-it’s-possible” thing is now graduating to “do-we-really-need-workplace”. But we would stick to more common points. There are many virtual options available that can perfectly replace the physical, time consuming and tedious activities into less-expensive, focused strategical activities promising the same results. Here are five tips to replace the time consuming office activities that involve wasting time in travelling rather than with more focused cost-effective smart activities. 1. Top 10 discount sites for SMBs/startups - ZNetLive Blog. The biggest concern of any startup is: “How to increase the sales?”

Top 10 discount sites for SMBs/startups - ZNetLive Blog

All the innovation, motivation and talent acquisition boils down to one thing: Revenue. Revenue has a special importance for startups, especially those that are crowd-funded or financed by a major player as they have tight timelines and a close eye on profit backed by terms and conditions. One of the best ways of ensuring revenue is to offer special discounts and schemes to instantly attract the clients.

And the easiest way of quickly spreading discounts is to publish coupon offers on discount sites. Here is a list of Top 10 discount sites for SMBs/startups that offer a common platform for publishing the coupon offers and special deals. Coupon Raja Coupon Raja offers many attractive coupons every day. Best Practices for Moving from Dedicated Server to Cloud. The cloud has been around for quite a while now, and it has revolutionized not only the IT industry, but the world too.

Best Practices for Moving from Dedicated Server to Cloud

Enterprises are switching to cloud and adopting cloud services on a war footing as they make their businesses more productive. Most importantly, the cloud offers various advantages over traditional hosting, including decreasing IT expenses, time required for IT management and scalability of resources as and when needed. Although, most users of traditional hosting environments are very much interested in moving from their current hosted service to cloud, the cloud migration strategy can be complex to implement. There are some pitfalls that include technical and some other aspects that can de-track your whole migration and thus, sound planning is required for successful migration.

Why Cloud VPS is better than traditional VPS hosting. “Cloud computing is set to have a considerable impact on business in the future which is reflected in the survey finding that around 60 percent of organizations plan increased investment over the next two years to five years, while only 6 percent plan to decrease investments in cloud services.” – Gregor Petri, research director at Gartner.

Why Cloud VPS is better than traditional VPS hosting

Cloud is growing at a very fast pace and is changing even the most basic things we are used to- mobiles, TV, games, watches, just to name a few. There are many reasons as to why Cloud is gaining quick adoption- economic advantage, agility, speed, scalability, greater uptime, independence of location, greater collaboration etc. can be counted among the more famous ones. Understanding this very fact, organizations are shifting from traditional technology to new technologies. 10 Reasons Why VPS is Right for Your Business. Virtual private server (VPS) refers to cloud services that allow small businesses, medium enterprises, solution providers and web professionals to utilize and control a partition of a server at a fraction of the cost of a fully dedicated server.

10 Reasons Why VPS is Right for Your Business

VPS emphasizes that the virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other customers’ virtual machines, is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer, is dedicated to the individual customer’s needs, has the privacy of a separate physical computer, and can be configured to run as a server. In short, you get the control and flexibility of a server but at a very reasonable price.

Why is VPS interesting to Asia’s small businesses? Until the arrival of virtualization for x86 platforms and cloud computing, small businesses had to invest hard earned dollars to buy their own servers as part of their business. When to switch from shared hosting to VPS/ Dedicated? Most blogs and websites choose shared hosting as the first step to start their online journey, as it’s easy to set up and costs less in comparison to other hosting options-VPS or dedicated hosting. Certainly, shared web hosting offers some great features, but it has some limitations which are specific to its business model and this necessitates upgradation of hosting plan to the next level.

Moreover, when your business starts to grow, your hosting plan should also grow with it to accommodate growing needs of your site like increasing traffic inflow, outgrowing resources , more security, more control and to enable you to expand your website as rapidly as you want. There are several indications that point when this move becomes inevitable. ZNetLive Hybrid Cloud Powered by Azure Hosting. ZNetLive Private Cloud Powered by Windows Azure. Deliver Application as a Service With application centric MS Private Cloud deploy new applications and keep them running.

Optimize application lifecycle via self-service & service templates; get better availability through in-depth application diagnosis and meet SLAs. Comprehensive Cross-Platform Management Microsoft Private Cloud is comprehensive cross-platform environment heterogeneous in nature, including multiple OS, development tools and hypervisor. Strong Foundation for the Future Leverage private cloud economics with no limitations of VM licensing and integrate management systems – applications, hardware resources et al.

ZNetLive Public Cloud Powered by Microsoft Azure. Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting India. 9 Reasons To Buy The Microsoft Surface Pro4 Tab. When we think about tablet, our mind invariably captures a picture of a mobile gadget that is “at best” a miniature laptop with many limitations. However, Microsoft is all set to change many perceptions. The new feature-equipped Surface Pro4 is powered by the latest Windows 10 that effortlessly effaces the line between a laptop and a tablet. From chic hardware to powerful software and extremely user- friendly features, it has everything that you can expect from a laptop. 1.

Intel® Core™ m3, i5, and i7 processors: Sixth Gen Processors. Microsoft Lumia 950 Review & Full Phone Specifications. There’s much hoopla around Microsoft’s new torch bearer in mobile computing – Microsoft Lumia 950, slated for release in India today i.e. 30th November. The phone is much more than just a smartphone- a multi-purpose handheld phenomena, a mini PC impersonating a smartphone that’s capable of doing a lot more than conventional mobile devices. It’s a futuristic device, no doubt! But is the Windows 10 phone really worth its expected price of 40k in India? Let’s dig into its features to analyze: Cheap Virtual Private Server India. How to put your office in your pocket? “I wish I could be everywhere.” Hillary Clinton once said. With life getting hastier day by day, do you wish for the same? Top 10 quick fix, healthy recipes for kids' tiffin - ZNetLive Blog.

“Mamma aaj tiffin me kya hai”. 10 Best Unexplored Tourist Destinations in and around Jaipur. Jaipur, the most popular destination in the “golden triangle”tour circuit is a good weekend destination, both for foreign and domestic tourists. But with heavy crowd in “must see” places, it becomes difficult to unwind and the essence of planning an adventurous trip is lost. So, here we have complied a list of 10 unexplored tourist destinations in and around Jaipur where you can enjoy serenity of the real untouched Rajasthan, without getting crushed. Top 10 discount sites for SMBs/startups - ZNetLive Blog. Best Practices for Moving from Dedicated Server to Cloud. Best Dedicated Server Hosting. Best Dedicated Server Hosting. Managed WordPress Web Hosting. WordPress hosting at ZNetLive has an exclusive 'staging' feature.

It allows you to easily and safely test and deploy changes to their WordPress site by first creating a complete copy of yoursite which is set up in a safe, secluded area. Here, the user can test the changes without making any real changes to the live environment. Use staging to securely play with any changes on your site and propagate them only when you are completely satisfied with them. :)

Domain Name Registration Deals. Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Dedicated Server. Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Dedicated Server. Linux Shared Hosting Service Provider in India. Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel that installs popular third party applications in just ONE SINGLE STEP, thus letting you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them.

For instance, if you want to have an online shopping cart system like OpenCart setup on your website, rather than going to a website developer who will charge you a lot, you can use Softaculous to install it within seconds, and that too without any technical knowledge. Take a free tour and see it for yourself. Register and Buy Domain Names. Most Popular The most widely used TLDs on the internet.

You`ve got to feel lucky if you can get one of these. Generic. Windows Hosting ZNetLive provides Windows shared web hosting. Cheap Virtual Private Servers. 66 years on, a China-Taiwan summit - Times of India. TAIPEI/BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold talks with his Taiwanese counterpart on Saturday, a first between the two political rivals since the Chinese civil war ended in 1949. The meeting in Singapore coincides with rising anti-China sentiment in Taiwan ahead of the presidential and parliamentary polls in January which the pro-China Kuomintang (KMT) is likely to lose to the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which favours independence from China.

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, who steps down next year due to term limits, has made improving economic links with China a key policy since he took office in 2008, signing landmark business and tourism deals, though there has been no progress in resolving their political differences. Andrew Hsia, head of the Mainland Affairs Council, Taiwan's ministry in charge of China policy, said the meeting underscored both sides' dedication to peace.