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Käyttökokemuksia ohjelmista. Keynote Mainio esitysgrafiikan tekemiseen.

Käyttökokemuksia ohjelmista

Vastaa siis PowerPoint-ohjelmaa, mutta todella helppokäyttöinen ja pian huomaa tekevänsä mielummin sormilla työtä kuin hiirellä. Hinta AppStoressa 7,99€. iPad liitetään VGA-adapterilla dataprojektoriin kiinni jonka jälkeen esitys voi alkaa! Nyt myös AppleTV mahdollistaa langattomat esitykset. Dropbox on osoittautunut yhdeksi hyödyllisimmistä työkaluksi opetuksessa.

Jokainen opiskelija voi perustaa omaan Dropboxiinsa kansion omalla nimellään, jonka hän jakaa opettajalle. Dropboxin avulla voi tehdä esimerkiksi kokeita. Kun opiskelijan tehtävänä on pitää oppimispäiväkirjaa kyseisessä kansiossa, muodostuu kurssin aikana opiskelijalle portfolio opinnoista. EE antaa hyvän mahdollisuuden tehdä tehtäväpohjia, joihin opiskelijat voivat tehdä merkintöjä ja vaikka vastata kysymyksiin. Oma polku, ohjaus ja henkilökohtaistaminen. BYOD Resources. iPad opetuksessa: Sovellusvinkkaukset. Educational Technology Guy: Apps to Support Bloom's Taxonomy - Android, Google, iPad and Web 2.0. I had seen two great charts Kathy Schrock had made about Apps to Support Bloom's taxonomy.

Educational Technology Guy: Apps to Support Bloom's Taxonomy - Android, Google, iPad and Web 2.0

I have seen, and used, the ones for Android and Google. I just found two more on her site: iPad and Web 2.0 Apps. The charts are interactive and include links to apps organized by the category from Bloom: Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing, Applying, Understanding, and Remembering. Techuseguide.pdf. Appsit - home. Tablet-sovelluksia opetukseen. Mobiilisovellukset opetuksessa. Mobiilivälineitä on testattu Helsingin kouluissa innokkaasti jo muutaman vuoden ajan.

Mobiilisovellukset opetuksessa

Opettajat ja oppilaat ovat ottaneet uudet välineet innolla vastaan. Eikä ihme! Mobiilivälineiden tuoma uudenlainen oppimisen kulttuuri antaa oppimiseen ja opettamiseen monia uusia mahdollisuuksia, joista ei voinut vuosikymmen sitten edes uneksiakaan. Tästä innosta syntyvästä osaamisen kehittymisestä haluamme jakaa kaikille, jotka haluavat olla kehityksessä osallisina. Mobiilin oppimisen muutoksessa kannattaa olla murrosvaiheessa mukana - herkällä korvalla. Mobiiliuteen liittyy myös jakamisen ja osallistumisen mahdollisuus, joka mahdollistaa hyvässä ja pahassa uusia asioita opetuksessa.

Muutoksessa oleminen vaatii tarkkuutta ja selkeyttä. Helsingissä käynnissä olevat mobiilioppimista edistävät hankkeet löytyvät Mediakeskuksen sivuilta kootusti. Tällaisten staattisten listausten ongelma on muutosherkkyyden vaillinaisuus. Android opetuksessa. The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now) You've got every device under the sun in front of you.

The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now)

Now what apps are you going to use? Here are the apps or app categories that I recommend you test for your school. There are lots of apps, and these are just my opinion based on what I've used with my students or successfully tested. Formative Assessment. Reviews & recommendations of tools for education. Best Apps for Teaching & Learning 2014. Results of the 8th Annual Survey of Learning Tools.

10 Social Media Sites For Education. 10 Social Media Sites For Education by Lila Daniels Our kids live on social media these days.

10 Social Media Sites For Education

One crucial way to make learning relevant is to meet ‘em where they live, which means finding social media sites that work in the classroom. Social media organically dovetails with subjects like language arts and social studies, but tech savvy teachers know that collaboration can work in any classroom. Product Reviews for Teachers. App Review.

Product Reviews for Teachers

13 Free Web Tools Students and Teachers Should Know About. iPad%20Apps%20That%20Are%20Also%20on%20Android.pdf. The Best Mind Mapping Tools and Apps for Teachers and Students. March 4 , 2014 Creating and using mind maps is a great way to get students brainstorming ideas about a given topic, organize their thought processes and turn these ideas into a neatly written pieces.

The Best Mind Mapping Tools and Apps for Teachers and Students

I have been using several web tools with my students over the past few years. From teaching vocabulary to getting students engaged in the prewriting process, I found the functionalities and ease of use of these web tools a great way to enhance students productivity. Over last weekend, I have been working on a list that features the most important mind mapping tools and apps that teachers can use with their students. Check them out below. 1- Popplet. Digital Differentiation Tools for Teachers. Mobile Learning in Action: Our 101 Favorite Apps. Mobile platforms have opened the door to a whole new level of accessibility for educational materials.

Mobile Learning in Action: Our 101 Favorite Apps

There are educational apps covering any subject matter imaginable, and the self-motivated learner has never had better options for learning on the go. Some of the best educational apps have been created to serve as an additional resource for students participating in more structured education programs. Students in traditional education programs or taking online classes can access a bevy of mobile supplements to their education, including: Plenty of apps also cater to independent learners who are not taking structured courses. InforMedia Services (IMS) » Blog Archive » BYOD toolchest: 51 teaching and learning tools for mobile devices. 30 Apps Perfect For BYOD Classrooms.

BYOD classrooms can address a number of issues.

30 Apps Perfect For BYOD Classrooms

It can solve the problem of not having enough (or any) devices for your classroom. It can enable students to do web-based work when they might not have otherwise been able to. It can allow them to do work on the same device at home and at school. But it doesn’t come without issue. One of the issues that we’ve heard about from many teachers is that since students come in with different devices that run on different platforms, finding apps and tools that work across a wide array of devices is a necessary evil. SkitchEvernoteToday’s MeetInfuse LearningZondleSocrativeGaggleVimeoBrain PopLive BindersEdmodoWhiteboardClass DojoQuizletKhan AcademyBit.lyTwitterPoppletSliderocketWikispacesPoll EverywhereVoiceThreadyStudyblueQR StuffCode AcademyScratch (MIT)TynkerEasyBibDiscoveryPadletAtomic LearningThe App Builder Click the Symbaloo below to visit the interactive version and get the clickable links to each app!

15 Excellent Apps for Learning Activities in BYOD Classrooms. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is not only about students bringing their own devices to class and using them for educational purposes.

15 Excellent Apps for Learning Activities in BYOD Classrooms

It is much more than just a problem of hardware but is rather a question of what "learningware" students need to install and use with their devices. Apps-for-Education.pdf. Windows 8 Education Apps - Education. Windows 8 Education Apps Although it's not going to be possible to list all of the apps, I'm keeping an eye on the new ones appearing in the Windows Store, and have highlighted some of the key apps for teachers and students on this page. I'm also continuing to write blog posts about Windows 8 Education apps, and at the bottom of this page, you'll find a link to posts on this blog that are about Windows 8 apps. The first key education apps to install on Windows 8 Wikipedia - Link It's the usual great content from Wikipedia, but with a smart new interface, and especially useful semantic zoom Physamajig - Link A great teaching tool which really takes advantage of a touch screen Mind8 - Link.

Powerful Chromebook Apps for Teachers. November, 2014 Google's Chromebooks are growing in popularity, especially since teachers and students can use their Google accounts like a single sign-on. Here are some notable Chromebook apps to check out. They all have a website as well, so anyone can use these resources. 123ContactForm Create quizzes, polls, and forms using this app's visual drag-and-drop editor.

Educational Web Tools to Start Your New Year. Let's start 2014 off with a set of tools to help you and your students make stuff. Create animations, record messages, assemble videos, construct presentations, collect links, and build inventions. This is a great way to make something engaging for your students and to assess their comprehension of a subject. Check out the selection we have compiled for you below: Pivot Animator A free Windows program to create stick figure animations.

A free online whiteboard where you can record your voice - or yourself (in a video) - while you draw. Put together an online lesson by adding images, text, quizzes, and discussions to your own videos or any from YouTube and Vimeo. Combine live tweets, blog feeds, interactive maps, audio notes, and streaming video into a real-time presentation for free. Using this free browser extension, collect and organize your favorite websites. Creating A collection of digital tools to create using images, audio and video. Useful Tools and Apps to Help You Assemble Your Classroom Curriculum. July 18, 2014 Here is a list of educational tools you may not have heard of, but may be useful when assembling your classroom curriculum. Project Gutenberg A library of over 45,000 free ebooks in various formats, like EPUB, Kindle, HTML, and plain text.

In this reverse image search engine, you submit an image to find where it came from, high resolution versions, and more. Annotate videos or create slideshows of pictures and text, then share your animated lessons or digital stories. A free GPS-aware app from Google that alerts with info you as walk near places of interest. Students and teachers can keep a digital portfolio of photos, videos, notes and other documents with this app. 50 Free Android Apps Being Used In Education Right Now. I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of Apple products. But that doesn’t mean I don’t yearn for some of the fabulous features on Android phones too. Until the day when Apple and Google merge (ha!) , we’re left with a split marketplace of apps. Edudemic doesn’t cover Android as much as it deserves so this useful list should be a helpful start.

Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps [Infographic] Nowadays teachers and students have a variety of ways to show what they know and to express themselves. Take a look at some of the hottest online and mobile tools for showing, explaining, and retelling in my infographic, "Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps. " These web and iPad apps can turn students into teachers and teachers into super-teachers! Furthermore, most of the apps listed in the infographic are free of charge. Updated February 2015 with 11 of the 44 apps in "Show What You Know" replaced with even better apps! New additions include Chatterpix Kids, RecorderHQ, Vocaroo (to replace the defunct RecordMP3), Shadow Puppet Edu, Pixlr, TeleStory, Toontastic (now that it's 100% free), and Purpose Games.

Awesome Web Tools to Create Interactive and Collaborative Classroom Activities. May 2, 2014 Classroom activities that are interactive and collaborative tend to be engaging for students. When they can raise their hand or tap a button as part of a classroom poll, or work in small groups to answer questions and play games, you will likely see eager and attentive learners. Here are some tools that can help you get that. Need to pick a student in an unbiased, random way? Upload your class roster to this iOS app and track right & wrong answers. Great Game-based Learning Tools and Apps for Teachers.

Bloomin' Apps. Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers. 4 Free Web Tools to Boost Student Engagement. When students use tool technologies to create content, their engagement is largely based on how successfully teachers craft the learning assignments, rather than on the technology itself.

This is different from what happens with other types of technologies, such as tutor technologies (e.g. software for learning). Here, student engagement depends principally on technology, taking teachers almost completely out of the equation. End of School Year Tools for Creative Summative Assessment. May 16, 2014 Looking to flex your creative muscle and build something? Here are a set of useful digital tools to help you put together all kinds of things, from websites to presentations to newsletters and more. Make something to enhance your lesson, or have your students construct something as a creative summative assessment activity. Bloomsapps. The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom. Great Digital Storytelling Tools and Apps for Your Students.

Lessontoolbox's Blog. 107 favourite iPad apps for learning. Tablet computing and mobile devices promise to have a dramatic impact on education. A growing number of schools across the world are jumping on the digital bus and embracing iPads as the latest tool to teach literature in multimedia, history through games and simulations, and maths with step-by-step animation of problems. In my school, we have been rotating one set of iPads this year and it gave me an opportunity to collect quite a few apps on a variety of subjects. Here's my favourites - all 107 of them:

The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad. Sean Junkins on Twitter: "The Periodic Table of iPad Apps. Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process. 6 Free Apps to Teach Coding Skills. Top 5 iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas. 5 Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices.

10 Great Apps for a Teacher’s New iPad. The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education.