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2015: The Year of YOU (So Remember to Love Yourself) | FitLatina. Whether 2014 was your favorite year so far or one that you are beyond ready to put behind you, seeking growth is one way to set 2015 up to be your best year yet. While you don’t have to do a total and complete life overhaul, here are some areas of focus that might help inspire you to make some changes in the new year. Get up and go! You already knew exercise was making this list. Don’t make goals that are extreme unless you make mini goals to get you there – otherwise it’s more likely to not succeed. Exercising doesn’t have to mean going from a total couch potato to a world class marathoner (unless that’s what you want to do). Give yourself a reality check about where (and on whom) you are spending your energy. Get comfortable honoring yourself first. Hydrate. Practice active gratitude every single day. Recognize your body’s need for a solid snooze.

Give yourself a break on making your diet absolutely and perfectly clean. Give yourself permission to play. Be a woman’s woman! Jonathan Bailor | en*theos Academy for Optimal Living. Welcome en*theos Community! The Balanced Breakfast Myth Would you ever give a child a hot fudge sundae with a candy bar on top for breakfast? Watch this. You may be surprised to discover you accidentally already are.

[ssba] —Lose 30lbs By Eating MORE? —EN*THEOS COMMUNITY EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Who else wants their FREE SANE Plan? EN*THEOS COMMUNITY EXCLUSIVE OFFER! About Today’s Video Is That “Balanced” Breakfast Breaking Your Biology? Everybody knows the importance of a balanced breakfast, so bring on the enriched cereal with skim milk, whole grain toast, a glass of juice and a piece of fruit. The Balanced Breakfast Myth In the conventional line-up of balanced breakfast fare described above nearly 90% of the calories come from low-quality processed carbs with very little quality protein or fat.

Fortified? Most of those supposed vitamins and minerals in the fortified cereal aren’t sticking around. Fortified Soda? If you were to plop a multivitamin into a bottle of soda, would that make the soda healthy? Balanced Breakfasts 2.0. REV Yourself with Ben Greenfield - en*theos Symposiums. How to Access the Healing Power of Your Mind with Dr. Neil Fiore - en*theos.