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Should You Change Your SEO Jobs During COVID-19. The most drastic secondary effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been on the economy.

Should You Change Your SEO Jobs During COVID-19

Businesses are closing down, many are trimming their workforce, most have made pay cuts in the salaries of their employees. This has hit people badly. They cannot even leave their now low-paying jobs because no new opportunities are being created. This is especially evident in SEO executive jobs. The CEOs have sacked most of them and dumped all their work on one or two persons, without paying accordingly.

Why You Should Change Your SEO Executive Jobs No matter the size, a company must understand that this is the best time to invest in SEO. Many companies are realizing this and adapting quickly to include more SEO executives in their offices. Another interesting trend has grown out of this pandemic, which is the acceleration of the success of start-ups. Why SEO has Gained Even More Importance during COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in how people have started accessing brands and searching for things.

Why SEO has Gained Even More Importance during COVID-19

If earlier, people searched for “best restaurants for birthday party”, now they search for “safest restaurants during COVID”. It is pretty evident that most, if not all, searches, will revolve around the coronavirus for many days to come. Thus, SEO-wise, there will be a massive change in trends and statistics and businesses will scramble to adapt. Impact of COVID-19 on Sales Jobs. Know How To Build An Amazing Marketing Career. 5 Best job portals in India 2020 - Vasitum.

Looking for a job and then landing a job of your choice is something that unfortunately often eludes majority of job seekers.

5 Best job portals in India 2020 - Vasitum

It is the desire of every student to get a job post completing their education that gives a good salary and chances of rational career progression. Once you complete your education, you wish to get into a reputed job that gives you a decent salary and a respectable position. Fortunately, there are some reliable and trustworthy online job portals that can help you get a quality job in a good organization. To make matters easy for you and help you land that dream job, we list here top job portals in India., founded in 1997 is the biggest and most reputable online job portal in India. India Job Portal - Vasitum. Digital Marketing Interview Questions. Digital Marketing is the 21st Century way of driving successful marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

It’s the latest of communicating brand vision and uses social media as one of the primary platforms. With the rise in such tools, there is a subsequent increase in digital marketing jobs across industries and sectors. To ace the interview part for the role, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked digital marketing interview questions divided into three parts – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginner 1) Explain what is digital marketing? Digital marketing are brand marketing tactics through the internet. 2) How can you categorize digital marketing? The digital marketing/communication is categorized into two segments- Inbound Marketing: This technique takes the help of social media, digital content in e-books, webinars or e-newsletter to increase the number of clicks on links and to learn more about a company and its services.

What is Data Scientist? Data Scientist has become one of the most demanded jobs of the 21st century.

What is Data Scientist?

It has become a buzzword that almost everyone talks about these days. Data Science is about extraction, readiness, examination, perception, and maintenance of data. It is a cross-disciplinary field that utilizes logical strategies and procedures to draw bits of knowledge from information. A Data Scientist, specializing in Data Science, not only analyzes the data but also uses machine learning algorithms to predict future occurrences of an event. Therefore, we can understand Data Science as a multidisciplinary field that combines mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Skills For Data Scientist. Best Virtual Assistants Online Job. Confused about whether to pursue your post-graduation or look for a job?

Best Virtual Assistants Online Job

With changing times, people have found a new means to earn extra cash along with their education. Well, that’s where online jobs come into play to help you enhance your careers. The great thing about these jobs is that you can start earning money right away by simply having a computer and a good internet connection. These can be pursued by anyone from a 10th pass students to students looking for extra cash after graduation.

Let’s look at some of the online jobs in India: Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistants are people who work as freelancers through the internet and help various businesses around the world. 10 Leadership Skills For a Successful Career Ahead. Leadership is the state or position of being a leader, you can be a leader to a team, organization, country, etc.

10 Leadership Skills For a Successful Career Ahead

But how did leadership end up becoming such an important skill in the corporate environment, so much so, that almost every resume lists read leadership skills? Whether it’s junior or entry-level roles, employers are always glad to come across candidates who exhibit leadership qualities. Leadership is not as complex or tiring as it’s been made to sound, you can show leadership in all the things happening around you. Let’s see what are the most important leadership qualities that help in sustaining a long, healthy professional career. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that haven’t been around for long need a leadership instinct in all of its members. Inspiration & Motivation To become a successful leader, you have to allow the flow of genius from the people you work with.

Creativity Delegation Conclusion For more career advice, visit the Vasitum website. Top 5 Tips to Get Hired as a Fresher. Vasitum - A Best Job Search Site in India.