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Latest Crime Alerts. D.C.’s best bar for bookish types is inside Petworth Citizen. Washington’s a town of uptight worker bees, and perhaps not coincidentally, also a town of drinker bees.

D.C.’s best bar for bookish types is inside Petworth Citizen

We have cigar bars, bars for bocce leagues and bars for whiskey-heads. Neo-retro dives and mold-ridden actual dives. But the one haunt that no one had thought to build may have been the one we needed most: a bar for “bookish” people. At least that’s what Elizabeth Nosal had traveled from Bristow, Va., to find at the back of Petworth Citizen, in a diminutive black box known as the Reading Room. Here Is Everything You Should Know About Petworth, According to Resident/Blogger Drew Schneider.

Petworth News. 18 gentrifying neighborhoods identified in Washington, D.C. - Washington Business Journal. A map of D.C.'s gentrifying neighborhoods, as defined by four researchers in a report… more From Chillum to Petworth to Congress Heights, new research reveals 18 D.C. neighborhoods whose median property value and federal adjusted gross income fell below the citywide average in 2001, and rose most significantly over the next decade.

18 gentrifying neighborhoods identified in Washington, D.C. - Washington Business Journal

In other words, they are gentrifying, or “transitioning” as termed by four experts behind a report recently submitted to the D.C. Tax Revision Commission. Many are not what, or where, you’d think. The list, in alphabetical order: AnacostiaBarry FarmsBrentwoodBrooklandChillumColumbia HeightsCongress HeightsDeanwoodEckingtonFort Dupont ParkLedroit ParkLily PondsMarshall HeightsOld City I (H Street NE)PetworthRandle Heights16th Street HeightsTrinidad New residents of these neighborhoods are younger. Researchers LaTanya Brown-Robertson of Bowie State University, Daniel Muhammad and Marvin Ward of the D.C. Infographic: How Much Is It To Rent A One-Bedroom In DC? Brooks Row. Jackson Place Flats.

Jackson Place Flats in Brookland offers a new option in a venerable area. The neighborhood of Brookland in Northeast Washington encompasses two universities, Catholic and Trinity, the Franciscan Monastery and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, along with numerous other houses of worship.

Jackson Place Flats in Brookland offers a new option in a venerable area

So it’s not surprising that the community has always had a spiritual vibe as well as a reputation for solid homes that stay in the same family for generations. Brookland’s housing mix of older ­single-family homes, rowhouses and a few apartments has been expanded with new townhouse, apartment and condo options. My website - Search for Properties, Open Houses or Set up your own search! Where We Live. 6 Stellar Reasons to Buy a Home in 2016 - Real Estate News and Advice. Is it really 2016 already?

6 Stellar Reasons to Buy a Home in 2016 - Real Estate News and Advice

For those of you who happen to be planning on buying a home in the new year—or even just trying to—there’s a whole lot to celebrate. Why? A variety of financial vectors have dovetailed to make this the perfect storm for home buyers to get out there and make an (winning) offer. Here are six home-buying reasons to be thankful while ringing in the new year: Reason No. 1: Interest rates are still at record lows. The Home Buying Process. Jennifer's RE/MAX Website - Realtor Database of Properties.

Washington DC homes, neighborhoods, architecture, and real estate. Trinidad Washington DC. 16th Street Heights: DC’s Sleeper Neighborhood. A Home for Sale in 16th Street Heights 16th Street Heights, the quiet residential neighborhood between 16th Street and Georgia Avenue, is perhaps the complete opposite of Columbia Heights, its neighbor to the south.

16th Street Heights: DC’s Sleeper Neighborhood

A New Website Lets You Track DC Developments. The DC government has more than 40 real-estate developments under its management, spread across the entire city.

A New Website Lets You Track DC Developments

But keeping track of the construction site in your neighborhood—whether it’s a school reconstruction or hulking, new, mixed-use project—has usually required relentless internet sleuthing and document shuffling. But a website launched Monday evening by the office of Brian Kenner, the city’s deputy mayor for planning and economic development, aims to simplify the process for residents curious about nearby developments. The site contains the basic information on the projects, which range in scale from a stormwater pond in Northeast’s Fort Lincoln to the massive Capitol Crossing project straddling Interstate 395, and sit in every ward except Ward 3.

Project Pipeline Database (... - Public Access Dashboard. First Time Home Buyer Tips. There are few things as exciting as purchasing your first home and beginning to build a life, whether you have chosen a bachelor pad in an up and coming area, a modern family home in a quiet suburb, or a period property that you want to restore to its former glory.

First Time Home Buyer Tips

Follow the first time home buyer tips below and you will be well on your way to living the dream. While buying your first property is a hugely exciting step, it is risky by nature. While older more experienced buyers, who may have bought and sold a number of houses during their lifetime, will be able to spot a dud at 20 paces, those without this experience may find themselves blinded to the pitfalls of a home by the excitement of becoming a property owner. It is also easy to fall in love with every home you can afford the first time you buy a property (or none because you are unable to determine the wants from the needs). Where We Live. Neighborhoods in Washington DC, Northern Virgina, and Maryland. The Push East: Trinidad, The Next Frontier. By Tim Brown Sweeping east across the District, the real estate gold rush has taken developers and speculators to such long-forgotten neighborhoods as Columbia Heights and Trinidad… Row houses in Trinidad The above excerpt was taken from a 2005 Washington Post article when the real estate boom was in full swing and no parcel of land or DC neighborhood looked undevelopable.

The Push East: Trinidad, The Next Frontier

As part of this boom, investors and brave home buyers began purchasing abandoned shells off of pure speculation in the Northeast DC neighborhood known as Trinidad (map). In 2005 alone, property tax assessments rose 33 percent in Trinidad, the largest increase of any DC neighborhood, and the future looked bright for a zip code primarily known for its crime level, not its housing inventory. However, as the real estate market went into a tailspin, planned condo developments never materialized, public investment funds that would have improved the community quickly dried up, and home values plummeted back to earth. Ten Apps Every Homebuyer Should Have.

When it comes to staying organize and efficient during the home-buying process your best tool might already be in your pocket: your smartphone.

Ten Apps Every Homebuyer Should Have

iPhone App Ranks Search For mortgage. MRIS - (Video 2min) What is the 411 on my properties I get emailed daily? MRIS Email - Instruction Manual (pdf) Webinar Walkthrough (<5min) - How to find the info you need from the MLS listings you receive daily.