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Free English grammar exercises and tests online. English grammar exercises, with answers. Inoreader - 30 Thoughts to Keep You Positive. Inoreader - What Does Procrastination Do To Your Happiness? In September 2014, two British professors wanted to find out what happens when students do not hand over their assignments on time.

Inoreader - What Does Procrastination Do To Your Happiness?

Their study threw up an alarming surprise, which, if the students knew, would make them give up procrastination forever. First, the professors David Arnott and Scott Dacko decided to define the procrastinators as the ones who wouldn’t submit their end-of-term tasks until the last day. Then they dipped into five years of submission data on 777 marketing students from their own Warwick Business School, and found that while each of these students had four weeks or more to hand over their assignments, only about a hundred had done so before the last day.

The rest (669 of them) waited out until the last 24 hours to submit their task. That is, 86% of them were procrastinators. In a different study at the University of Vermont done in 1984, it was found that 46% of the students had reported they procrastinate writing academic papers. The big culprit here is regret. Inoreader - 17 Important Life Lessons I Wish My Daughters Knew Earlier. As a mother of two girls, there are many things that keep me awake at night.

Inoreader - 17 Important Life Lessons I Wish My Daughters Knew Earlier

Our world is becoming smaller and increasingly artificial, reducing the chances of children learning life lessons that are so vital to them. If children don’t learn these lessons on their own, I take it as my responsibility to impart as much wisdom while I still can. And, here are 17 life lessons that I want my daughters to know before it’s too late. 1. Be Content We live in an age of instant gratification, with the latest mobile phones and clothes becoming a statement to the world. 2.

Firstly, everyone, no matter how perfect, has made mistakes, even your mother. Inoreader - 20 Signs That You’re A Person Who Can Easily Connect With Others Deeply. People who spend more time on deep conversations instead of small talk were found to be happier, according to Matthias Mehl, a psychologist at the University of Arizona.

Inoreader - 20 Signs That You’re A Person Who Can Easily Connect With Others Deeply

After discussing or sharing deep feelings and views with others, we usually feel more connected and satisfied. Inoreader - 6 Things You Do Without Realizing That Make You Look Less Intelligent. We all like to think we’re pretty smart people.

Inoreader - 6 Things You Do Without Realizing That Make You Look Less Intelligent

For the most part, we are. However, our actions sometimes betray our intelligence in ways that we don’t really even notice – but are glaringly obvious to those around us. Whenever you’re in a situation in which the way others perceive you is important – such as at school or work – you need to be constantly aware of how you portray yourself. From the way you dress and act to the way you talk and the content of what you say, the people surrounding you will use every opportunity they can to judge you – for better or worse. Take this into consideration the next time you interact with anyone outside of your comfort zone. Dressing Down The way you present yourself to the world determines how you will be treated by those who don’t know you.

If your workplace requires you to follow a specific dress code, you should be sure to follow it exactly as written every time you walk into the office. Misusing Words or Sayings Appearing Aloof. Inoreader - 10 Storytelling Secrets That Everyone Needs To Know. Inoreader - Home Cheats: 10 Cleaning Hacks To Remove Limescale. Inoreader - 21 Ways We Complicate Life. These days, many people live stressful, complicated, hurried lives — going and going and going and sometimes getting nowhere.

Inoreader - 21 Ways We Complicate Life

I’ve been there too, with so much to do with seemingly little time to do it. Trying to be in control and rushing from people to places to projects with good intentions to get it all done. If you’re one of these many people, even if it’s just every now and then, you should know that there are a few ways we actually make life harder on ourselves. The reverse of this is also true. Undoing our stress can be the path to really living life right. Perhaps the thing we need the most isn’t more things to do but a thorough cleaning of our mental, emotional, and physical to-do lists.

Here are 21 ways we complicate life and how we can stop. 1. Projects pile up, certain tasks are constantly at the top of our to-do list, emails and text messages go unanswered, and people want our attention. 2. Worry is the mother of a complicated life. Inoreader - 34 Signs You’re Not Her First or Her Last. Judging someone by their past is wrong and everyone should be given a fair chance to show who they really are.

Inoreader - 34 Signs You’re Not Her First or Her Last

People make mistakes and do things they can’t take back. However, people rarely change and your partner’s past may be able to offer you some insight on who you’re really dating and what is to come in your relationship. Inoreader - Be Tenacious! 8 Killer Mental Models You Need in Order to Thrive.