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Top Ten Irish Myths | The Irish In Stories. The Irish In Stories is dedicated to the anicent art of storytelling and throughout our research we’ve came across many an Irish myth from many different eras so here’s our top ten Irish myths – enjoy! To unearth some true Irish tales why not download our iBook! 10. The Banshee Screaming in at number 10 is the original siren of death, if heard this lady’s wail you knew that someone in your family had died! She is sometimes seen as an old woman in rags and sometimes as a beautiful young girl but there is never any question about her powerful and dreaded wail. 9.

Often considered to be fairies or goblins, the Pooka is actual an old God that required a tribute to be left from the harvest. Listen to local historian Dr. 8. According to legend fairies often gave birth to deformed children, presumably because of their magical nature. 7. 6. Listen to this sad tale as told by renowned Irish story teller Liz Weir! 5. 4. 3. One popular story tells of a salmon that knew all of the world’s knowledge. Podcasting finally gets a hearing. People talk about the Serial podcast the way they talk about Netflix’s House of Cards. It is clever, absorbing, entertaining and addictive. Not only does it shine a light on the human condition but it allows for binge consumption.

Serial is a 12-episode podcast in which journalist Sarah Koenig investigates the circumstances behind the case of a murdered teen in Baltimore in 1999 and the possibly wrongful incarceration of her boyfriend. Week by week it pulled in a growing audience until it became the most downloaded podcast ever on iTunes. Although the audio podcast has been around for well over a decade it pretty much trundled along, happy to reside in the long tail, or niches, of online entertainment while Goliaths such as Netflix zoomed past. It came as somewhat of a surprise when it all blew up post-Serial. Jeffrey Cranor is a co-founder of the spooky Twin Peaks-esque podcast drama series Welcome to Night Vale that recently toured Europe. “It was great. Homespun. Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story. The Differences Between Voice Acting and Acting for Film or Theater.

Many people who have had experience acting in front of audience may find it easy having to transition from theater or film acting to doing voice-overs. This is precisely why many celebrities have also served as voice-over talents for some top-name brands and companies. But, the good news is that there is plenty of room for the right people in the industry of commercial voice-overs. You don’t really need to be a popular actor or celebrity to become a voice artist. In the end, there are significant differences between acting and acting as a narrator. Your Voice Does All the Work in Storytelling One of the first things you need to remember is that in voice acting, you need to make your voice work for the audio recording project at hand.

Throughout my years in the industry, moreover, I have discovered that anyone can do voice-over work but not everyone can voice act. Beyond Just Scripts Varied Opportunities. The Mystery of Storytelling: Julian Friedmann at TEDxEaling. 12 tips to perfect the art of storytelling | Media Network. Kathryn Cave, editor, IDG Connect International Find the human story: A lot of written material fundamentally fails because it doesn't lead with the most interesting material. Usually with human stories the more emotive the tale and the more people can relate the better it will perform. People ultimately need to take a journey and identify with characters. Learn from old-school direct mail packages: If you really tell a good story and make people identify they will want to buy. There is lot to be learned from the really long, old-school direct mail packages which are written to a tried and tested formula. Lead with the picture, then offer a promise, deliver your proof and conclude with the pitch.

Alex Cheeseman, head of brands and agencies, Outbrain UK Think like a startup: Our advice is to start off small and think like a startup. Balance owned, paid and leased content: Brands need a balance between owned, paid for and leased content to effectively support their strategies. Picking the Right Media for a Story - Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. Tutorial: Picking the Right Media for a Story Introduction One of the toughest decisions a multimedia reporter must make is what type of media would best be used to tell a particular story.

Should you shoot it in video? Would a photo camera and audio recorder to create a photo slideshow be better? Is this just a text story with a photo? Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these different types of media, and how to match those up with different kinds of stories, will help you sort this out. This tutorial takes you through the different types of media – video, photos, audio, graphics/maps and text – and the kinds of stories or characteristics of stories that lend themselves to the different kinds of media. These aren’t hard and fast rules – just general guides to help you make intelligent choices about when to take a video camera, a photo camera, etc. on a story. Video Here are the types of stories or aspects of stories that lend themselves to video: Ernie’s Market – Detroit Free Press.