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Technology. Arhamsoft. MWI Solutions. MIE Solutions. Latest Updates. Apple to expand its Independent Repair Provider Program to More Countries. Apple has announced that it will be expanding its Independent Repair Provider program to even more countries.

Apple to expand its Independent Repair Provider Program to More Countries

So, your iPhone, MacBook, and other Apple devices will soon be easier to repair. The company first launched the program in 2019 and later expanded to Canada and Europe. Apple’s Independent Repair Provider program allows repair providers to get access to genuine parts, tools, repair manuals, and diagnostics from the company to safer and reliable repairs for its products. Moreover, participating repair providers have access to the same parts and documentation as AASPs (Apple Authorized Service Providers). Scott Baker of Mister Mac in Wimberley, Texas explained how the Independent Repair Provider program has helped his business. How Manufacturing Process Automation Can Help Improve Production. Every business craves profitable success.

How Manufacturing Process Automation Can Help Improve Production

It’s quite a hard nut to crack in an already saturated, competitive industry like manufacturing and production. especially the newer in the business. But, the same holds true for the old ones if they are not paying attention to the new technologies and the rapidly growing trend of digital transformation. Manufacturing Process Automation can help you. If you are a manufacturer and want to take a leapfrog to quickly drive increased production and thereby sales and profits, then process automation is the right solution. Manufacturing ERP systems have now become standardized tools in the industry, which ensures seamless process automation along the production line. Find the Best Warehouse Management Software for Your Business – ERP Software for Manufacturing. Experts say US Meat Industry will face New Regulations from Biden Administration. Antony Blinken to brief President Joe Biden about his recent visit to Brussels. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will inform President Joe Biden about the progress of a shared US-European Union approach to the Iranian regime and its clandestine attempts to build a nuclear weapon.

Antony Blinken to brief President Joe Biden about his recent visit to Brussels

He will have decided that a strategic change of direction is possible and further mollification of the Iranian regime is not only pointless but dangerous too. Point to be noted that Blinken attended high-level meetings with NATO and senior EU officials. The European External Action Service and its top diplomat (the Spanish socialist Josep Borrell) will have been quick to confirm their priority foreign policy objective regarding the rapid reinstatement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal.

New Mexico to construct a facility for Tons of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Material. On Monday, New Mexico sued the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission over concerns that the federal agency hasn’t done enough to vet plans for a multibillion-dollar facility to store spent nuclear fuel in the state.

New Mexico to construct a facility for Tons of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Material

The State argued that the project would endanger residents, the environment, and the economy. New Jersey-based Holtec International needs to construct a complex in southeastern New Mexico. Tons of spent fuel from commercial nuclear power plants around the nation could be stored in this complex until the federal government finds a permanent solution.

At least 90% American Adults will get Covid-19 Vaccine by 19th April 2021. On Monday, President Biden announced that 90% of all American adults will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by 19th April 2021.

At least 90% American Adults will get Covid-19 Vaccine by 19th April 2021

It is about 2 weeks before the date he had previously set as the goal, the 1st May. President Biden also warned Americans ‘Don’t let up now, during increasing COVID-19 infection rates. He called on governors who have lifted mask mandates to reinstate them. Biden said, “If we let our guard down now, we could still see the virus getting worse, not better. We’re giving up hard-fought, hard-won gains. Samsung to launch its Galaxy Z Fold 3 with latest and advanced features. Samsung has been planning to launch its Galaxy Z Fold 3 very soon.

Samsung to launch its Galaxy Z Fold 3 with latest and advanced features

However, the company didn’t release the device on the 14th January launch. Rumors said the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will likely be Samsung’s next top-tier foldable phone. Point to be noted that Samsung officially released the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in September 2020. The device was launched with improvement on the original Galaxy Fold’s durability issues and got a much bigger front screen. One leak suggests the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could run One UI 3.5 and its release date will be in June 2021. Introduction to Job Shop Scheduling — MIE Solutions. MIE Solutions ERP system provides a comprehensive job shop scheduling software to deal with the many problems scheduling a job shop encounters.

Introduction to Job Shop Scheduling — MIE Solutions

Scheduling has become a critical factor in many job shops in order to determine their capacity for more work and be able to schedule their work more efficiently. Job shop scheduling becomes more and more difficult when you deal with assemblies and/or multiple components that need to be made in an efficient manner. Job Shop Scheduling is an optimization problem in which ideal jobs are assigned to resources at particular times. Production Planning Software — MIE Solutions. For every manufacturer, regardless of the company size and what you make, one of the biggest challenges will be production management.

Production Planning Software — MIE Solutions

Manufacturing process automation along the production line using an ERP system will help you get more control and scale your business. Production management and optimization is important for manufacturers. Let’s dig into how it can help you run a successful business and which tools can make this easier for you. It’s essentially important to make it work for you the way you want. You can call it an optimization problem because the ultimate goal of production management software is to improve the efficiency of your shop floor and production line. 5 Advantages Of Implementing Master Production Schedule » InfoToHow. Production management is vital for the profitable success of a manufacturing business.

5 Advantages Of Implementing Master Production Schedule » InfoToHow

And, master production schedule (MPS) is one of the primary pillars of production management. It’s a mandatory process because it helps to optimize and to evaluate the production of finished goods. It’s an overall plan to assess your production capacity. It also details the product quantity to be produced within a specific time frame. Anthony Fauci warned against New Surge in Covid-19 Cases across the United States.

White House confirmed the Media Access to Border Patrol Temporary Facilities. The press secretary of White House, Jen Psaki rejected to provide a specific date for when the media will get access to Border Patrol facilities temporarily holding thousands of migrant children looking to live in the United States.

White House confirmed the Media Access to Border Patrol Temporary Facilities

On Sunday, she said the Biden administration was committed to transparency and working to get that done as soon as possible. Point to be noted that at least 16,000 unaccompanied children were in government custody as of Thursday, including about 5,000 in substandard Customs and Border Protection facilities. Republican legislators on Capitol Hill have been calling on the administration to open the facilities to the cameras, asserting that the current policy is designed to keep the public from fully realizing what is happening at the border.

Americans participates rallies across the US during National Day of Action and Healing. Thousands of Americans participated in protests across the country to raise awareness about racial discrimination that Asian Americans have experienced for decades. The organizers demanded legislative action to combat the issue after a surge in violence against Asian Americans. Several rallies took place across the country as a continuation of Friday’s “National Day of Action and Healing”. It is a movement to protest anti-Asian violence in the wake of the 16th March mass shooting at 3 Atlanta-area spas. Point to be noted that 6 women of Asian descent were among the 8 people killed. Biden Administration has invited China and Russia to First Global Climate Talks. The Biden administration officials said President is including Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Both leaders are among the invitees to the first big climate talks of his administration.

The US is hopeful that the event will help shape, speed up, and deepen global efforts to cut climate-wrecking fossil fuel pollution. Xiaomi will launch the Mi 11 Ultra on Monday 29th March 2021. Our authentic sources have confirmed that Xiaomi will launch the Mi 11 Ultra on Monday 29th March 2021. We are also expecting the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Lite will also be announced at the event. Some earlier leaks suggested specifications about the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Point to be noted that the marketing material was Chinese and a separate but simultaneous event is happening there.

So maybe the phone will be shown off, but only launched in China. We still don’t have any idea about the price, but it’ll likely cost a lot. A leak showed a phone with a second screen on the back to be used as a viewfinder for selfies, as well as 120x digital zoom on the camera. A famous leaker also provided some major specs about Mi 11 Ultra. Modules You Shouldn’t Overlook in Manufacturing ERP Software - The gorila. Manufacturing businesses are highly in search of ERP systems in order to be a recipient of their outclass benefits.

Proper functioning of the software is only achievable when it is having modules and tools as per business facets.So, what modules should be there in the manufacturing software systems? What is Forward and Backward Scheduling? — MIE Solutions. Rachel Levine confirmed by US Senate as Assistant Secretary of Health. Biden administration adding 16 thousand more Emergency Beds for Migrant Children. Damian Williams will be the First Black US Attorney after confirmation. A longtime New York prosecutor Damian Williams (currently heads the Securities and Commodities Task Force in the US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York) is now being considered to lead the office. US Jobless Claims declined to its Lowest Level since Covid-19 pandemic started. Americans applying for jobless aid declined to its lowest level since the coronavirus pandemic began a year ago.

On Thursday, the US Labor Department said that around 684,000 people applied for unemployment benefits in the week ending March 20. Get the World’s Smallest 61MP Full-frame Camera, the Sigma FP L. Sigma has now officially announced its new and latest version of the full-frame camera. Capacity Planning – An Essential For Your Business Sustainability. 3 total views Manufacturing a product has no meaning if it lacks sales potential. How To : Manufacturing Hourly Rate Calculation — MIE Solutions. Sheet metal, CNC shops, machine shops and many other job shops provide a valuable service to their customers. Kamala Harris to lead efforts of Biden Administration to stem migration at US Border.

Colin Kahl will be confirmed as Top Policy Job at Pentagon. On Wednesday, US Senate Armed Services Committee members split evenly on whether to advance the nominee Colin Kahl for the top policy job at Pentagon. The panel split in a 13-13 vote that broke entirely along party lines. White House response over North Korean recent Short-range Missile Test. Some reports have indicated that the sister of North Korean President Kim Jong Un threatened the United States and South Korea for holding joint military exercises. US Congress and White House officials to visit Housing Facility at Southern Border. On Wednesday, a delegation of the US Congress members and White House officials traveled to the US Southern border.

OnePlus Watch launched alongside the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. Job Shop Quoting Labor Hours Accumulation — MIE Solutions. Estimating Software Guide — MIE Solutions. Best ERP Software Is Essential for Most Businesses and Companies – Best ERP Software. Efficient ERP System Provides A Platform Between Customers and Suppliers Article Free Article Directory for website traffic, Submit your Article and Links for Free.And add your social networks. Biden Administration is planning for a $3T Infrastructure & Economic Package. White House dropped Elizabeth Klein after opposition from Lisa Murkowski. Biden Administration asked for Army Bases from Defense Department to House Migrants. US Senate confirmed Shalanda Young as the Deputy Director of OMB. Motorola will launch its Edge S as Moto G100. Manufacturing Software Systems: Get the Best ERP Software for your manufacturing industry.

White House is spending $86m to hold migrant families near Mexico border. Legislators to pressure Biden Administration to allow media access at US-Mexico Border. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Important visit to Afghanistan. Find actual specs of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro before the official launch on 23rd March. Estimating is more than Setup and Run Time Part 2 — MIE Solutions. Profit Improvement and Cost Reduction Part 1 — MIE Solutions. ERP Software – Benefits of Shop Floor Planning and Control. Russian Officials warned United States and demanded explanation on Biden’s remarks. US Capitol Police will be honored with a Bill by House of Representatives. Biden administration to provide Partial Relief to students defrauded by their colleges. US House to Vote on 2 Immigration Bills for Farm-workers and Dreamers. MIE Trak Pro - Best Manufacturing Software for Increased ROI — MIE Solutions. ERP Software Makes Manufacturing Data Work for You.

Intelligence Report found Russia for influence operations to support Trump against Biden. House of Representatives to pass 2 Bills over Violence against Women. Russia calls back its Ambassador to US after Joe Biden brands Putin ‘A Killer’ Customizable ERP Software. Cost Estimate Types — MIE Solutions. Estimating the Costs of Estimates — MIE Solutions. MIE-Trak-Pro-An-All-inclusive-Software-for-Manufacturing-Firms. Why is MIE Trak Pro Making a Buzz All Around? MIE Trak Pro: An All-inclusive Software for Manufacturing Firms. MIE Trak Pro’s Enhanced Features Making a Global Buzz. 5 Ways ERP Software for Manufacturing Can Improve Business Processes. Internal Revenue Service started sending $1,400 Stimulus Payments via Direct Deposits.

United States hold the 1st place with 36% of Global Arms Sales. Homeland Security Secretary says Situation is Under Control at the US Border. Historic speech of VP Kamala Harris during CSW Session at the UN. Key Elements for Successful Implementation of ERP Solutions - ERP Software. Shop Floor Management – Useful Techniques to Bring into Play. ERP for Manufacturing Industry and its importance.

ERP Software Solution – Techniques To Cut Down Deployment Cost. Moodle. Experts believe Russia can help President Biden to get the US out of Syria. Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin’s Tokyo Visit over Concerns in the Region. US Airlines are expecting a Rise in Air Traveling since Pandemic Began. Federal Security Officials to downsize Fencing Boundary around US Capitol. Inventory Management Software.

Purpose of Cost Estimating — MIE Solutions. How an ERP System Helps Overcome Manufacturing Challenges? Migrant Children in Border Patrol Custody increased to 4,200 and 3,000 at CBP. An increase in the Treasury rose US Dollar and improved Economic Prospects. US Judge temporarily lifted a Ban on Investment in a China-based Company. Clyburn and Klobuchar are pushing $94 billion Accessible & Affordable Internet for All Act. Find the Best Warehouse Management Software for Your Business.

MIE Trak Pro – Quick RFQ Conversion to Sales Order with Product Configurator. Manufacturing Software Systems Help Reduce Time & Material Waste — MIE Solutions. HubSpot: A Beneficial Marketing Automation & CRM Tool - Now Today Trending. US House approved Background Checks Act and Enhanced Background Checks Act. President Biden signed American Rescue Plan Act worth $1.9 Trillion. Millions of American Parents will get CTC up to $3,600 Per Child. Jamie Raskin asked FBI why it Dismissed Threat of White Supremacists.

Techniques for Cost Estimating — MIE Solutions. Find the Best Manufacturing Management Software according to your Business.