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Immersive Education Initiative. SAVE THE DATE: Immersive Education 2014, June 6-8, Los Angeles, California USA Building on the success of the previous 8 years of Immersive Education conferences, the world's leading experts in immersion convene in Los Angeles for the annual iED global conference.

Immersive Education Initiative

For the first time since inception iED 2014 features an entirely new conference format that you'll find exciting and extremely engaging. How do textures impact the server? at i live in science land. OAR Gen Station yesterday i was messing with Enclave Harbour’s roads and also cleaning up some other work. one is a store that we won’t need for kids so i removed 40 textures or so that were in it. this morning i grabbed the backup OARs from last night (James of SimHost created an in-world object that automatically backs up each OAR daily) and i noticed that the sim i had been working on saw a big size reduction in the OAR size – from 27 megs to 15 megs!

how do textures impact the server? at i live in science land

I realise that textures take up RAM but that big of a difference? I know that textures take time to load and the more you have, just like a web page, the longer it takes for them to load for your visitors the bigger the OAR file the more of the server’s resources it uses (RAM) and the more bandwidth (time) is takes for your visitors to see your ab fab work (for a look at how file formats affect the quality of what you see in-world, here’s a post from last year) VWBPE Live Media. Pharmacy students learning in a virtual world. Pharmacy students at The University of Queensland (UQ) are learning how to do drug dosing calculations by working in a three-dimension virtual world.

Pharmacy students learning in a virtual world

UQ’s School of Pharmacy is one of 10 universities from around the world that has collaboratively developed an innovative pharmacy learning resource using online virtual reality platform ‘Second Life’. The group has created a virtual island called ‘Pharmatopia’, which is divided into four zones, each with specific teaching and learning objectives including a manufacturing zone, clinical zone, community zone and industrial zone. UQ Pharmacy lecturers, Ms Jacqueline Bond and Dr Sally Firth, who have been involved in the development of ‘Pharmatopia’, introduced UQ’s first-year pharmacy students to ‘Pharmatopia’ for the first time this semester as part of a virtual laboratory class. Ms Bond said the virtual reality resource allowed students to practice pharmaceutical calculations required for the compounding process. A pedagogical framework for mobile learning: Categorizing educational applications of mobile technologies into four types.

Yeonjeong Park Virginia Tech, USA Abstract Instructional designers and educators recognize the potential of mobile technologies as a learning tool for students and have incorporated them into the distance learning environment.

A pedagogical framework for mobile learning: Categorizing educational applications of mobile technologies into four types

However, little research has been done to categorize the numerous examples of mobile learning in the context of distance education, and few instructional design guidelines based on a solid theoretical framework for mobile learning exist. In this paper I compare mobile learning (m-learning) with electronic learning (e-learning) and ubiquitous learning (u-learning) and describe the technological attributes and pedagogical affordances of mobile learning presented in previous studies. I modify transactional distance (TD) theory and adopt it as a relevant theoretical framework for mobile learning in distance education. Keywords: m-learning; e-learning; u-learning; transactional distance theory; cultural-historical activity theory; distance education; mobile technology.

Virtual Worlds and the Built Environment - White Paper published by Daden Limited. Call for Book Chapters: Postcards from the Metaverse. Postcards from the Metaverse —– Reflections on how the entangling of the virtual with the physical may impact society, politics, and the economy Editors: Robin Teigland, Stockholm School of Economics Dominic Power, Uppsala University New waves of internet and information technology are beginning to promise ever richer and more immersive ways to connect with technology and with each other.

Call for Book Chapters: Postcards from the Metaverse

Developments in augmented reality, social media, virtual worlds and the immersive/3D internet signal a move towards communications technologies and virtual spaces that offer immersive experiences persuasive enough to begin to blur the lines between the virtual and the physical. This book aims to compile leading edge voices from diverse backgrounds to write about how they imagine the future immersive internet will shape or misshape society, politics, and the economy.

Submission guidelines and timeline: After the initial call is completed, we will approach several major publishers. January 31: Masterclass on Digital Anthropology and Our Virtual Lives. Searching for local service provider in Australia was made easy.

January 31: Masterclass on Digital Anthropology and Our Virtual Lives

All thanks to Oneflare for providing quality e-marketing platform where thousands of service providers are always on stand-by to receive an offer from consumers. Since consumers are now turning to the internet to search for almost everything that they need. This company on the other hand also has its own way in providing consumer what they need at the best cause as possible that will benefit both the consumer and local service provider from Australia. But what is Oneflare and how do they alter such changes for home services in the marketplace through e-commerce? Below are some of the most interesting facts about this ever-growing company that leads service providers and consumers together. Fast services. Transcripts — Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable.