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Now you see it, now you don't: Time cloak created. Immersion Toolsjam. What do you love? Designing Digitally: How Virtual Business Gets Done. FCVW.2011 Via the Media Flow. Today, the Metanomics Community Forum will re-visit the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds 2011 conference which took place recently in Washington, DC. One day of workshops followed by two days of presentations from both government and the private sectors covered many topics and way streamed to a number of virtual platforms.

The media stream that resulted continues a week later and we’ll look at how that affects the reach of an event. Join us, Thursday at 12pm PDT in Second Life at the Metanomics Studio. Please feel free to post comments here with links to coverage that I may have missed. Resources: Take Your Pick: Space Shuttle? or Royal Landeau? Searching for local service provider in Australia was made easy.

Take Your Pick: Space Shuttle? or Royal Landeau?

All thanks to Oneflare for providing quality e-marketing platform where thousands of service providers are always on stand-by to receive an offer from consumers. Since consumers are now turning to the internet to search for almost everything that they need. This company on the other hand also has its own way in providing consumer what they need at the best cause as possible that will benefit both the consumer and local service provider from Australia.

Mind Reading with Technology: What's Possible Now?, Can a mind really be "read?” Learn how researchers are using new technologies to "see" what the human b. Philip Rosedale and Tom Boellstorf, Live from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts—Update. Educators have a special energy in the summer.

Philip Rosedale and Tom Boellstorf, Live from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts—Update

Perhaps it is the freedom from classes, grading and being so adult. Location-Based Linking in Second Life. A Perfect Jewel of a Community Forum for Designing Worlds. April 21, 2011 by primperfect.

A Perfect Jewel of a Community Forum for Designing Worlds

The Customizable Body: The Present/Future of Identity. The evolution of language: Babel or babble? Economics: Jonathan Levin wins the John Bates Clark medal. THE American Economic Association has announced that Jonathan Levin, an economist at Stanford University, has one the prestigious John Bates Clark medal, which is given to the most promising economist under 40.

Economics: Jonathan Levin wins the John Bates Clark medal

Previous winners include Milton Friedman and Paul Krugman; last year's winner was Esther Duflo. Here's the AEA's introduction of Mr Levin: Jonathan Levin is a leading scholar in the fields of industrial organization and microeconomic theory, whose work stands out for its combination of theoretical depth, empirical methods, and compelling applications. The Hunt for RoboWeek! The IEEE Daily. SLRoboWeek. Virtual National Robotics Week « Virtual IEEE. Home > Events, IEEE, SecondLife > Virtual National Robotics Week Banner for National Robotics Week The IEEE Computer Society will host events inside of the virtual world of Second Life in support of National Robotics Week ( Click here to view the Google Calendar which is shaping up with speaker and tour events.

Virtual National Robotics Week « Virtual IEEE

Archivist Llewellyn's Photostream. March 24th: LIVE from Gametech Orlando - The Future of Virtual Worlds. Join us for a special date and time as Metanomics broadcasts live from Gametech, the annual military conference on games and virtual worlds for training and simulation.

March 24th: LIVE from Gametech Orlando - The Future of Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds have become an important technology to support training and community outreach. But over the past several years, changes in the virtual world industry have opened up new choices while closing others. Advances like the consumer adoption of Microsoft Kinect, widening use of Unity 3D, and the coming changes to the browser with the launch of HTML-5 and WebGL are opening up a new range of options. Join Douglas Maxwell, Science and Technology Manager for Virtual World Strategic Applications at the U.S. Army Simulation & Training Technology Center (STTC) as he welcomes a panel to explore current and future trends in virtual worlds. Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space-A vision for virtual military amputee support.

Volume 47 Number 6, 2010 Pages vii — xi Physical rehabilitation alone is not sufficient for a full recovery.

Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space-A vision for virtual military amputee support

A full recovery from limb loss requires deep psychological and social support that includes patience, tenacity, and help from friends, family, and the community [4]. Peer support potentially can provide information and education not achieved in any other team relationship. Various aspects of peer support, such as peer visitation, amputee support groups, and consumer awareness, have all been proven useful resources [2].

March 7th: At the Intersections - Spirituality in the Age of the Machine. The Architecture of Healing: The Making of the Veteran-Civilian Dialogue Space in Second Life. MCF_03_10_11 on Metanomics Community Forum. February 28th: Cyborg to Borg—Cont’d,  with Michael Chorost. Educators have a special energy in the summer.

February 28th: Cyborg to Borg—Cont’d,  with Michael Chorost

Perhaps it is the freedom from classes, grading and being so adult. Summer is a great time for learning, exploring and yes, professional development but why choose something dry and serious. How about camp? And why not, GameCamp! Project Lead Lisa Dawley, PH.D. has assembled an incredible team to guide campers at 3D GameLab’s first ever, GameCamp in August of 2011. Lisa is Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University. From Lisa’s blog: “We are thrilled to finally announce the launch of the beta version of 3D GameLab, an online learning platform that lets teachers turn their classrooms into a living game!

Select words by thinking - world record. Presents Michael Chorost March 14; all are welcome to attend! Michael Chorost, author of Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human, a memoir about receiving cochlear implants, will read passages and discuss his most recent book Word Wide Mind: The Coming Integration of Humanity, Machines, and the Internet.

presents Michael Chorost March 14; all are welcome to attend!

For an overview of the book, click here. Copies of the new book will be available for purchase and signing, and a discussion with audience members will follow his lecture. When: Monday, March 14, 201111:30 am Complimentary lunch served 12 - 1 pm Chorost lecture/reading (an ASL interpreter will be present during this portion) 1 - 2:30 pm Q&A / Discussion with audience members Please do not feel obligated to stay for the entire time but know that you are welcome to! February 21, Robert Bloomfield sits down with Paul Ford, Writer and Web Native.

Robert Bloomfield hosts Paul Ford, Writer and Web Native. The Web Is a Customer Service Medium. Thursday, January 6, 2011 By Paul Ford I look forward to your feedback.

The Web Is a Customer Service Medium

I Am Gary Benchley by Paul Ford. One Saturday night well over a year ago, I went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn—more specifically, to the bar Galapagos—to meet my girlfriend, Mo, who wanted me with her at a modern burlesque show where one of her friends was performing. I emerged from the Bedford Avenue L-train stop into a parallel universe where everyone seemed to be pressed out of the same mold.

February 7th: Daryl J. Bem, Social Psychologist Emeritus Joins Robert Bloomfield at 12pm (PT) Professor Emeritus from Cornell (and Metanomics Guest) Incites Scientific Community. February 10th: Event News. FeelingFuture - Powered by Google Docs. January 31: Masterclass on Digital Anthropology and Our Virtual Lives. December 13: 2010 & Next - Second Life, Virtual Worlds and the State of the Union.

December 6: Can Being Part Machine Make Us More Human? Exploring the serious uses of virtual worlds. Daden, Ltd Talks about their "Virtual World Finder" Tomorrow, May 20 in Second Life.

Virtual Education

Second Life. Google. Why Tyler Cowen’s new book will be on Kindles, not bookstore shelves. Book Chat: A Conversation With Tyler Cowen. Tyler Cowen, an economics professor at George Mason University, is best known as one half of the blogging team at Marginal Revolution. Mr. Rolandlegrand. Virtual worlds. May « 2011 « Virtual Body Language.

Designing Digitally, Inc. Wins 2011 Air Force Research Lab Virtual World Contract. How virtual worlds will converge. Continuing Medical Education in Second Life. 11 Predictions for 2011 (and beyond) Rod Humble: Here’s how Second Life can rule the world. The transition to 3D immersive environments is inevitable. Just look at the video game market. When kids are deciding what game to spend their $50 bucks on, they’re more likely to pick an immersive, 3D game rather than a new take on, say, Tetris or a new text adventure game. Even though 2D games are more efficient than 3D games — it’s a lot faster to get somewhere in 2D — and text games are even more efficient still.

Immersive, 3D games are more engaging. How Linden Lab could simplify promotion in Second Life. Business and Technology in Second Life » Perhaps I should blog a bit more here… IDIA - Ball State University - projects. New story -