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New Employee Onboarding: Best Practices For New Hires. When it comes to new hires, it isn’t all just handshakes and health insurance forms.

New Employee Onboarding: Best Practices For New Hires

These are the newest members of your team we’re talking about. Some day, these people will be responsible for a huge project that affects your company, they’ll be the people sharing laughs with you in the break room, and eventually, onboarding new hires themselves. Onboarding is more than logistics: it’s personal. Like all first impressions, you only have one shot to get it right. The first week is the time to be as thorough as possible, for both logistics as well as intangibles. Here are some ways for you to make sure your new team member is really “on board” when onboarding: Eliminate Human Error To quote the venerable Benjamin Franklin, in this world there is nothing certain except death, taxes, and new hire paperwork (…or something like that).

At Trello, we do this with a Trello board (silence your gasps). Wield The Welcome Wagon Don’t forget about the rest of your welcome wagon: seasoned employees. Onboarding Trends and Best Practices. WOW, Google’s Simple Just-in-time Checklist Improves Onboarding Results By 25% Although the initial part of this article is about how Google improved its onboarding results by 25 percent, the unique approach that it used reveals many other valuable lessons that HR executives should note.

WOW, Google’s Simple Just-in-time Checklist Improves Onboarding Results By 25%

Those lessons include the importance of experimenting with different HR solutions, the need to use data to identify what works, and the value of working through managers using simple just-in-time checklist alerts. Why Onboarding Has Become a Strategic Priority. We all remember that feeling you get before the first day of school — nervous, excited, and very concerned over which outfit to wear.

Why Onboarding Has Become a Strategic Priority

For new students, there is also the added pressure of finding your way around, meeting your teachers, and making friends. The first day of school can be rough, but thankfully we’re all adults now and don’t have to go through that again. Or do we? The answer is yes. Onboarding at a new job is the adult equivalent of the first day of school, and it can be just as nerve-wracking for us grown-ups.

Many of us picture it as a necessary evil, a day spent inside a training room filling out forms and watching corporate videos. All aboard? According to a study by Impact Instruction Group, “Onboarding has become a strategic priority for a growing number of companies for 2013 and beyond.” Remember your first day on the job?

You probably made some judgments right away about the company and your decision to work there. Your employees do the same. Over their first few days, they learn what leaders think is a good use of time, how their time will be spent, and what’s expected of them. What does your onboarding process communicate? Does it help bring them into the organizational network, or does it force them to waste time on paperwork? Too often, people’s onboarding experience leaves them feeling bored, frustrated, or confused. 1. Why waste someone’s time filling out HR forms on Day One when that can all be handled before they start?

Companies like Seagate now send automatic email welcome letters upon job acceptance. About Xperiocity. It’s no secret that recruiting professional talent is more competitive than ever, not to mention time consuming and expensive.

About Xperiocity

Equifax consistently reports that more than 45% of professional new hires voluntarily leave their job in the first six months. Estimates put the cost of employee replacement well over 150% of annual salary, much more if you take into consideration hidden costs associated with lost productivity, training, and the blow to morale of remaining staff. Xperiocity High Performance Onboarding makes a measurable difference. Xperiocity was designed and iterated with input from multiple global enterprise program managers and user advocates from learning, HR, and talent management, along with line-of-business and sales directors. We offer an innovative approach to onboarding that is integrated with work tasks and tied to job competencies. Xperiocity was built from day one to overcome the problems inherent in traditional onboarding approaches: Employee Onboarding, KiSSFLOW Style - KiSSFLOW. Best practice onboarding - trends and examples in managing talent acq… 12 Employee Onboarding Best Practices Every Business Owner Needs To Know.

Candidate Experience Whitepaper 11413 final. 7 Things You Need to Do Before Your New Hire’s First Day. Onboarding isn’t an event.

7 Things You Need to Do Before Your New Hire’s First Day

It’s a process, and it starts even before you new hire starts their first day. Root Inc. states that an efficient onboarding program is meant to introduce employees to the work culture, and that can lead to higher retention rates. Not only that, but consider what TalentWise also found: 19% of companies with an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their first-year workers Employees don’t wait for years to make their decision on whether to stay or not. Welcome packet: Don’t wait until the first day to introduce your organization.

A great employee onboarding program is all about looking at long-term effects. Employee Onboarding Is Failing, and Managers Are Oblivious. Onboarding is meant to set employees up for success in the company.

Employee Onboarding Is Failing, and Managers Are Oblivious

However, a surprising 54% of workers said they’ve experienced one mishap when starting a new job, according to a recent survey by OfficeTeam. Here’s how the results stacked up: SOURCE: OfficeTeam Yet despite everything, 50% of HR managers actually believe their company’s onboarding process is very effective. Do we sense some miscommunication here? Forbes Welcome.