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326221. - Glowing in the dark - Kapitel 4. Tell me it's nothing sag mir es ist nichts,Try to convince me versuch mich zu überzeugenThat I'm not drowning das ich nicht ertrinke Ooh let me tell you I am Oh lass mich dir sagen das ich es tue (ertrinken... blubb blubb XD) Song by the Civil wars "Falling" Link in Kap. 1&2 Katniss Die Luft in meinem Zimmer war stickig und schwül. - Glowing in the dark - Kapitel 4

Der Sommer war endgültig in Distrikt 12 angekommen und die Sonne brannte unerbittlich vom Himmel. Ich lag nur in Panties und Shirt auf meinem ungemachten Bett. Was Octavia wohl zu meinen wirren, verknoteten Haaren sagen würde. Seine Worte hallten in meinem Kopf nach. So wie jedes Jahr. Bilder von Finnick der mühelos durchs Wasser glitt tanzten mir vor den Augen. So verstrichen die Tage, dann Wochen. Das waren weder Hazelle noch Greasy. „Du siehst grauenhaft aus.“ Begrüßte er mich mit seinem warmen Lächeln und ich gab einen erstickt gurgelnden Laut von mir. „Du.. du lebst wie ist.. wie ist das möglich?

Cinna hatte sich nur äußerlich verändert. So we soar, luminous and wired. Phoenixacid's Pensieve - Clickable Harry/Draco Bookshelf Banner. Sara Holmes. Author has written 35 stories for Harry Potter, and Avengers.

Sara Holmes

Greetings from Robin Hood Country. I read, write and drink far too much coca-cola. I am insanely disorganised. I am participating in an ongoing war against commas. I am easily distracted by shiny things such as Marvel, Harry Potter and Merlin. Sara Holmes on LiveJournal. I am indeed on LiveJournal, but I'm NOT using it to archive (it links to here). So come find me! Sara Holmes on AO3 - December 2013. I joined Tumblr and did an Avengers fic. Some lovely people have started translating my nonsense into different languages. Mental can be found in German here, translated by LossOfFantasy Dormiscere can be found in German here, translated by Coeurdetamere. Off The Map can be found in German here, translated by cutedragon. Remote can be found in German here, translated by cutedragon. Ask Again Later can be found in German here, translated by cutedragon(WIP) Room Four can be found in French here, translated by Cloe Lockless. Hd_fan_fair: FIC and ART: The Boy and the Sleeping Prince (NC-17)

Falling Away With You. H /D Remix. Author: alpha_exodusTitle: Where Darkness FollowsPairing(s): Harry/DracoRating: NC-17Warnings/Content: (Highlight to view) *Dark themes, anal sex, amputation, excessive snakes, swearing*Summary: Harry dreams of snakes and darkness, and Malfoy is always watching him.Word Count: ~12KDisclaimer: ‘That Picture’ is a work of and belongs to alekina.

H /D Remix

The general non-profit, fair-use disclaimer for Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart applies.Author’s Notes: This was written for Prompt #44! I kind of took the idea and ran with it, using the prompt as a springboard, so it’s not quite how I envisioned it when I accepted the prompt. But I hope everyone enjoys it just the same! Thanks to you, all_not_well, for such a wonderful idea, and a song to go with it (: Thank you ever so much to my betas, FeelsForBreakfast and calypso_mary, for holding my hands through this! ( Where Darkness Follows ) Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust - hdremix_mod, raitala - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own] It was nothing like this when the Dark Lord marked me.

Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust - hdremix_mod, raitala - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

When he challenged me to take my father’s place and make good his mistakes. I remember pushing back my chair and rising to my feet. There were murmurs and muttering all around me which I could only vaguely hear, like my ears were full of water. I caught a low sound from my mother, but I knew if I turned my head I might lose my balance and fall, so I walked past her without acknowledgement.

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