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Do it yourself divas: DIY How to Make Dirty Stinky Laundry Smell Amazing Naturally. Have you ever felt like your workout clothes were just not smelling clean after being washed with plain old detergent?

do it yourself divas: DIY How to Make Dirty Stinky Laundry Smell Amazing Naturally

Do you feel like fabric softener might not be the best thing for your washing machine, and that it might just be covering up the stink? Do you want a NATURAL solution without breaking the bank? Thanks to a fellow yogi, I discovered a fabulous tip to keep stinky gym clothes smelling incredible naturally! I thank her a million times over for this perfectly fabulous tip, that makes my horribly stinky laundry smell amazing. Of coarse this trick will work on any sort of smelly thing you put in your washing machine, ex... sweaty gym clothes musky towels dirty dishrags. Incredible, hilarious, insightful: 365 projects to inspire. We are just a few weeks away from a new year (which is both terrifying and awesome), and that means many of us are thinking about starting new personal (and professional) projects.

Incredible, hilarious, insightful: 365 projects to inspire

But how do you get going and keep going? Here's where the Internet can be useful for more than just adorable cat videos: accountability. You can use social media or otherwise document your progress online. There's the photo-a-day project, wherein you can record some aspect of your life (it can be challenging, like a workout routine, fun, or just documentary). Others use a variation on the 365 project to overcome something they're afraid of, or find difficult, or need to practice (writing, practicing a musical instrument, or dancing — see below!) Below are some insightful and inspiring projects that take the 365 commitment in all sorts of creative directions. Hailey Bartholomew's #365Grateful: Hailey Bartholomew was depressed.

Building a hot tub. There are many different ways you could construct a hot tub, but we decided to use a breeze block structure, which was then screeded tiled.

Building a hot tub

Here you can read the steps we took from start to finish. The build site was chosen because it had the best view of the whole garden. Also it was the furthest point from any of our neighbours' houses, which would minimise the noise levels for them. We decided that we wanted to build an enclosure around the tub so that we could use it in all weathers / seasons. Prepare the base First we dug a hole in the ground. Once the hole was dug, we laid a plastic membrane in it, and filled it with 150mm of concrete. Build the walls The main outer walls of the tub consisted of 4 courses of thermalite blocks followed by one course of regular bricks (we used regular bricks to bring us closer to our target height). Backfill with concrete We then shuttered around the tub in line with our existing summer house structure to a thickness of approximately 150mm. The Chic Site. My older boys are 7 and 5, and like their mother before them, they have chores.

The Chic Site

We have everyday chores (setting and clearing the table, helping to load the dishwasher) and we have Saturday chores (refilling the toilet paper in the bathrooms). These aren’t chores they get paid for… these are chores they do because they’re part of our family and we all help out. Recently though, they’ve latched onto the idea of earning and saving money and so I wanted to come up with a special way to encourage that. After all, mommy has owned her own company for 10 years and I love the idea of young entrepreneurship! ~Rachel I created my version of a Work For Hire Chore Board.

The boys get to choose which of the tasks they want to complete in order to earn their money. I’ve included the FREE Printables so you can create your board too! Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. Build an open shelf vanity in a weekend for about $100!

Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

This looks like a Pottery Barn or Crate And Barrel without the price tag! We are at the tail end of our remodel and I've planed all along to build my own vanity. The plans are from a professional furniture designer and included in my blog post. This is the finished project. I made the the vanity top too. The vanity was made from 2x4's and 2X2's. Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments - Fireflies and Mud Pies. Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. In my shop, there is a lot of scrap going on.

Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

Once in a while I feel it staring at me, and that’s when I know it’s time to clean house and use it up. I’ve always liked the look of butcher block as an accent in the kitchen, and I recently had the urge to recreate it. Since I’m not a chef in real life and there is no chance of being mistaken as a chef with a ten foot pole, I knew I would NOT be using this for food prep. That meant 2×4’s would work fine for me. (Treated lumber = not food grade. First off, I cut some to be the same length and then glued and clamped them together I wiped off the excess glue, and let it sit clamped overnight. The next day, I used a belt sander to sand the surface and edges smooth. And for the love of things that roll, I added 4 small casters to the bottom. How To Get A Shipping Container. If you're going to go through the trouble of placing a metal box that weighs several thousand pounds in your yard, you should start by making sure your local code enforcers aren't going to promptly make you move it.

How To Get A Shipping Container

As of this writing, I live in Austin, Texas. Codes vary substantially from place to place, so you'll have to verify for your own locale what the deal is. Homemade Body Butter Recipe. Homemade Oatmeal Bath Bombs.