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Continuing education

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Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. Clear ornaments don't seem very exciting but with a little imagination and a few supplies they can go form ordinary to extraordinary.

Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

I used a few boxes to create a really cool marquee sign! I just painted on my letters and decided where I wanted my bulbs to go. After drilling my holes out with the biggest drill bit in my set, I threaded a string of white Christmas lights into each hole and taped everything in place with duct tape. I hot glued on the clear ornament bulbs and replaced the white lights in the 'O' with red. You know, Rudolph's nose and all. After the glue dried, I set my sign up outside and plugged it in. 150 Free Online Business Courses.

Find over 150 courses, many from leading universities, that will deepen your professional education.

150 Free Online Business Courses

Topics include finance, technology, entrepreneurship and much more. Note: If you sign up for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), select the "Full Course, No Certificate" (edX) or "Audit" (Coursera) option when you enroll in order to take the course for free. Note: This section includes a lot of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). If you want to enroll in a free version of a MOOC, please select the "Full Course, No Certificate" (edX) or "Audit" (Coursera) option. ALISON: Free Online Courses. Organize-It: Test Yourself on Biology Categories. The Cell: An Image Library. Plant Encyclopedia to Identify Plants, Flowers, Trees & More. Inner Body: Human Anatomy Model. Biology - Science. Home of CELLS alive! Home. Home. Learn Biology Online For Free with our Huge Collection of Open Courses. If you’ve always been interested to learn more about nature and the diversity of life, you can now Learn Biology Online for Free!

Learn Biology Online For Free with our Huge Collection of Open Courses

Free Biology courses are easy to find yet some of the ones you find may not be worth your time. We’ve put together a list of Biology courses from well-respected institutions such as John Hopkins, Yale, MIT, Stanford, and UCLA. Hopefully, this free resources will help you advance your knowledge of Biology towards a career in education, medicine, research, and agriculture. 10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students to Use in 2014. All teachers have a goal to establish clear, friendly, but authoritative communication with students and their parents.

10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students to Use in 2014

Parent meetings are not the most relaxed environment for the teachers to share their expectations and plans, which is why many educators have started using online tools to make this process easier. As a teacher, I have been using many web-based tools to bring some fun into the classes and make the communication with my students and their parents more effective. I’ve chosen some of the most useful tools to present in this list, which will hopefully be implemented in the teaching techniques of an increased number of educators during the upcoming year. 1. TutorsClass TutorsClass is an online solution for distance tutoring. 2. 10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students to Use in 2014. Free Summarizer, an online automatic tool to summarize any text or article.

Anki Flashcards - powerful, intelligent flashcards. Spreeder: Free online speed reading software. ShowMe - The Online Learning Community. Instapaper. - Free Typing Test & Typing Games Online. Talks. TeacherTube - Teach the World. Professional help filing the FAFSA - Federal Student Financial Aid Application. Free video lectures,Free Animations, Free Lecture Notes, Free Online Tests, Free Lecture Presentations. About - About U. - Free Online Courses. Free university lectures. 700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities.

Take online courses from the world's top universities for free.

700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Below, you will find 1,500 online courses from universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford and more. You can use this collection of online courses to learn everything you want--from history, philosophy and literature, to physics, biology, psychology, and computer science. Free Online Course Materials. 100 Free Online Ivy League Courses You Should Take Just for Fun. By Alisa Miller Even those without top notch grades can now go to Ivy League schools.

100 Free Online Ivy League Courses You Should Take Just for Fun

With the the availability of open courseware classes coming out of some of the finest schools in America, the range of subjects is astounding. If you have ever wondered about the beginnings of Hip Hop, wanted to learn a new language, would like to create a film for social change, or are interested in learning about robotics while playing with Legos, then these courses are right up your alley. All you need to do is click on any one of these courses below to have access to free, online education.

Free Online Courses - Open Education Database. What if you could have free access to countless classes on topics from A to Z, just by connecting to the internet?

Free Online Courses - Open Education Database

OpenCourseWare makes that a reality by publishing high-quality college materials online. OpenCourseWare's free online college courses gained popularity after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched the program in 2002. MIT wanted to "enhance human learning worldwide by the availability of a web of knowledge. " Wikiversity. Online Programming Courses, Learn Programming Online. Advance Your Education With Free College Courses Online - Udacity. Online College Courses - Find the Best Online Classes for 2013. The Best Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress. (You might also be interested in The Best MATH Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress) I know “The Best…” list has a very awkward title, but I couldn’t think of a better one.

The Best Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress

In our Family Literacy Project we provide home computers and Internet access to immigrant families. Eighty percent of household members spend at least one hour each day (many spend considerably more time) on our website. Three of these seven hours each week need to be spent on one of several websites that act as sort of “virtual classrooms” — students and their family members enter them with a password and we can check online to see how much time they have spent on them.

I thought readers might find it useful to see which ones we’ve determined to be the best for kind of program. There are sites we use, and which I think stand-out when compared to similar web applications: I Know That has tons of engaging learning exercises and game. U.S.A Learns is another addition. Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs (for free!) Welcome to the Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs List!

Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs (for free!)

I’m Kate Messner, the children’s author and educator who maintains this site. I started it because I’ve found that virtual author visits are a great way to connect authors and readers, and I realize that many schools facing budget troubles don’t have the option of paid author visits. With that in mind, this is a list of authors who offer free 15-20-minute Q and A sessions with classes and book clubs that have finished reading one of their books. As an author, I offer Skype chats for all of my titles – check out the “Books” tab above for a list!

Grammar. Education That Beats Inflation: 6 Ways to Learn for Free. By Lou Carlozo, dealnews contributor At dealnews, we pride ourselves on our ability to spot bargains in any consumer product category you can name.

Education That Beats Inflation: 6 Ways to Learn for Free

That includes looking in to ways to save on your and your brood's education, though we wouldn't blame you if you've given up hope, as college costs have soared far above inflation for years. According to a 2011 Pew Research Center report, a four-year private college education tripled in cost between 1980 and 2010. Moreover, the study finds that fewer families think attending a major university merits such a hefty price tag. A whopping 75% of Americans say college is too expensive for most to afford: student loan debt for a bachelor's degree now averages more than $23,000 per student borrower, the Pew report finds. Free Online Art & Design Classes. Free Online Photo & Video Classes.

About - About U. - Free Online Courses. Online Classes in Hobbies and Crafts. It’s never too late to explore your creativity. Universal Class™ offers over 70 courses for crafters, hobbyists or for someone wanting to explore their creative talent. Online courses are an excellent way for just about anyone wanting to learn something new. In this category we offer courses for a wide range of interests. As you browse below you'll see traditional craft courses like one stroke painting, beading and calligraphy but you'll also notice a course on teaching a horse tricks (you really do need a horse for this one), or one on reading tea leaves, or how about blending oils in aromatherapy, and why not research your family history and take a genealogy course? Also featured are courses about setting up a craft or antique business, how to start a home business in making soap, and how to design beautiful landscapes.

There are over 30 online courses in Crafts & Hobbies that offer more than 654 hours of Continuing Education! Why Universal Class™?