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OpenX: Take control of your advertising. Piwik - Web analytics - Open source. Dividing Time: Web 2.0 Analytics Demo - ReadWriteWeb. The page view died as an audience measurement metric last July when Nielsen stopped measuring it.

Dividing Time: Web 2.0 Analytics Demo - ReadWriteWeb

In a world where technologies like AJAX allow web publishers to push new information to pages without refreshing, the amount of time a user spends on a site -- along with the total number of unique users -- has replaced the page view as the most important audience measurement metric. But when so many different things can occur on a single page without a refresh, how can you accurately gauge what a person is doing on a page while they're spending their time on it? Laurent Nicolas has a demo on his web site of a new audience measurement tool that solves some of these problems.

The demo looks like it was actually put online in October, but I only came across it yesterday when Dion Almaer linked to it on the Ajaxian blog. "Time spent is the most important indicator of web 2.0," writes Nicolas.