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Arab Film Festival Sydney 2011

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KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more! Art Nation - Arab Film Festival - Video - ABC Arts. Arab Film Festival Australia. Description ABOUT AFF (Arab Film Festival) The Arab Film Festival has been around since 2001, and is now a major event on Sydney’s screen cultural calendar.

Arab Film Festival Australia

We aim to showcase stories from diverse Arabic speaking cultures to all Australian audiences that reflect the complexity and diversity of Arab experiences. We aim to address the (mis)representations of Arab culture through film by providing critical spaces and giving exposure to alternative representations of Arab culture, Arab commentary and self-representation.

Date: 30 June - 31 July, 2011 Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane - Adelaide - Canberra More information coming soon... ***************************************************************************************************************** The Arab Film Festival Australia ( is looking for home movies from Arab Australians from the 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's that were shot on film of some kind (16mm, Super 8 etc). Arab Film Festival preview - SBS Films. This is a propitious time to be running an Australian festival devoted to Arab cinema.

Arab Film Festival preview - SBS Films

Not only have two relatively new, well-funded festivals in the neighbouring emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi given a shot in the arm to the region's filmmakers, but the region is undergoing the kind of social and political turmoil that can only nourish dramatic storytelling. Its filmmakers are not just making calling card films to land themselves a gig in Hollywood, as so often occurs in the West, but have local stories they are burning to tell. Thanks to the recent people's revolts that began in Tunisia and spread across the Arab world, 2011 has been one of those landmark years in contemporary history to compare to 1989 (the collapse of the Iron Curtain) and 1968 (youth revolts in the west, uprising in Czechoslavakia). And it's not over yet. Australians awoke on Wednesday to news that Cairo's Tahrir Square had been awash with battles between protestors and security forces. Arab Film Festival 2010 on ABC NEWS. Greg King's Film Reviews » 2011 ARAB FILM FESTIVAL – interview with Festival co-director Fadia Abboud.

By GREG KING “Arab stories are different,” states Fadia Abboud, the co-director of the Arab Film Festival, who is speaking from her office in Sydney.

Greg King's Film Reviews » 2011 ARAB FILM FESTIVAL – interview with Festival co-director Fadia Abboud

“They come from the Arab world, but they are also about Arabs in the diaspora, because we’re here and we’re making films as well. Our perspective very rarely gets seen on Australian screens, so it’s very important for us to include those in our festival.” This year’s Festival has the theme Revolution, Romance and Reality, and deals with some of the recent upheavals in the Arab world.

“It’s not that we go out of our way to look for a theme,” continues Abboud, “it’s kind of like they show themselves. “People will expect it [a powerful opening night film] from us this year,” elaborates Abboud. The film was a victim of a repressive and deeply suspicious regime that puts severe restrictions on the freedom of filmmakers.

There are also films from Australian Arabs. Arab Film Fest AU (arabfilmfestau) Arab Film Festival - Riverside Theatres - Film. The stories, culture and heritage of Arab people worldwide will be celebrated with a collection of local and international shorts, documentaries and features at the Arab Film Festival.

Arab Film Festival - Riverside Theatres - Film

"We've got a range of different styles of films," explains festival co-director Fadia Abboud. "The festival isn't just Arab arthouse. It's the cinema that people watch every day in their homes [as well as] documentary, animation and more. " 'Revolution, Romance, Realities', the theme for the festival, has created a platform for a programme that spans everything from simple and poetic shorts to the real-life experiences during the recent Egyptian Revolution.

Opening night kicks off with a screening of Sarkhat Naml (The Cry of an Ant), with a guest appearance from director Sameh Abdelaziz. The festival, which runs for four days, has been curated as eight sessions, most comprising a feature-length film and two shorts. SBS Films - Arab Film Festival 2011. SBS Audio and Language : Arabic : Highlight: Arab-Film-Festival-Australia. Arab Film Festival Australia. Back to art projects Arab Film Festival Australia Project partner: Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) in NSW Location: In 2011, the festival will be held in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Arab Film Festival Australia

Celebrating the filmmakers who don't give up. Son of Babylon is one of the films that will be showing at the Arab Film Festival.

Celebrating the filmmakers who don't give up

When he wanted to make his controversial film about present-day Cairo, the director Sameh Abdel Aziz needed to be creative about obtaining a film permit from censorious authorities. ''I had to call on favours from many, many friends in the film industry, directors and producers who gave me their permits to film [including] under the guise of shooting a commercial for a laundry detergent,'' he says. It is a delicious irony, since his film is anything but a whitewash of the Egyptian regime. The Cry of an Ant , which will open this year's Arab Film Festival, is billed as the first film to respond to the Egyptian revolution that led to the ousting in February of its president, Hosni Mubarak, after 30 years.

Advertisement For weeks leading up to the revolution, Abdel Aziz had been locked in the editing room. ''When I came out, there was a revolution on the streets,'' he says. ''I didn't tell anyone I was shooting. Arab Film Festival Australia. Arab films will continue pushing limits. Arab Film Festival – Australia. Arab Film Festival 2011 at Riverside Theatre - Film events - Concrete Playground Sydney.