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Animated. A la rescousse des animateurs scouts - riche !!! American Field Guide. The American Field Guide site has been retired from and is no longer available Produced in 2001 by Oregon Public Broadcasting, American Field Guide was an early experiment in online video for PBS.

American Field Guide

A unique local-national partnership, AFG presented a curated collection of over 1400 outdoors and recreation videos, produced by nearly 30 local stations around the country. Orienteering Course. My main motivation for writing these pages is to let people have the same nice experiences I have had when I have been, well, nowhere... Places you see just by coincidence. The compass is an indispensable tool to find your way home, or to go nowhere. Foreword This tutorial is intended for individuals and non-profit organizations, and may be printed out and used free of charge as long as my name is on it. I hope these pages will help people enjoy and learn more about our beautiful earth.

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